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Relationship Chatroom


heal the breakup

Hello kukies

It’s a new day full of GOODNESS and Gods blessing. The weather is a bit cold here this morning in Ghana and am here enjoying tasteless apple Cider vinegar for God knows why, lol.
You are most welcome to my webpage,#relationshipchatroom, On this page we get acquainted with issues and concerns with love and share ideas base on our practical life experiences to encourage and inspire. Remember! We are totally individual from different CULTURAL BACKGROUND, BELIEVES, and understanding.
“One trick to easy life I have to learn is to keep my heart safe and keep to myself what I believe in and add up what necessarily beneficial for me”
I will proudly say with conviction that I miss boys in my life growing up because we are three girls and being the elders of them all, I had to live leadership by example.
Growing up, I was attracted to matured people than young men actually and that thought me a lot about men, I mostly feel like I didn’t mature gradually because I mostly rout with men.
Over a decade of my life MEN complain why they start a beautiful relationship with ladies and in less than a week they lose interest.OSANA! I might be one of those girls who easily gilt off guys at the slightest “ish” attitude and deem it a blessing to share because sharing actually is caring, my seven-year niece learned from kindergarten, lol
So this my personal tricks for healing yourself from breakups.

CRY! SHOUT AND EAT: I positively might not know why God added tears to human life but I think it was for the better, a lot of people argue with me when I ask victims of breakup to me, crying heals.In my few years of existing I have cried so so many times, oh no not always shedding tears for breakups but just to heal the pain and get tired of heal with tears and don’t mind those who say” it fine, it is not fine because am hurt” believe it or not, we turn to cry even more when we are told to stop crying.

SET BOUNDARIES: It’s obvious that some of us, inclusively, we break up and still want to talk ourselves to death, no! no!dont stalk as much as we stalk them, we also refuse to set those boundaries mentally, God In his own infinite mercies created memories to be part of humanity for several reasons, so do how we can manage what we want to remember and what we want to put behind us.
In most cases, so of our exes try to check up on us whilst we are sobbing our agonies or troubles,m dear!if he didn’t choose you to be with you, don’t choose to accept his or her sympathy.set that boundary.


HAVE A SOBER REFLECTION ON YOUR LIFE: OPTIONALLY SEEk for counseling if possible but I personally think you can do this because we are smart and brave.most often than not,75%of breakup has something to do with ourselves but we chose to ignore it.
I know someone who got married to a man who raped her, yes you heard me right, was she a fool?no, she was at her life stage she felt, she needed a man in her life.but the question is, was that man the right man at the point in her life? what reflection do you have in your life right now?is it the education that you need now, or a career or self-love?
Use this breakup for our good. start doing what you love or passionate about, reflect on your part of the relationship you think you were offline, analyze your mistakes and work at it.


CUT, BLOCK AND DELETE: I am one person I don’t take chances with people when am not comfortable because human beings can be poisonous, they will suck the hell out of your heaven, block, cut and delete them.self-healing is vital in breakups. its permanent and not temporary.this is the time of our life you need time for yourself to live and not time to watch your exes status or Instagram stories to spy on what and who they are with.erase them if you don’t stand to lose anything.

CHOSE SELF LOVE AND LIVE LIFE: I can recount my life and say that, I have not to experience breakup before but I have loved people who inturn never loved me back and that’s the beauty of life and love.
In the year 2014, I decided to choose self-love, celibate and enjoy my life with all that I can offer myself and not what others can offer me. besides, what can a man do for you.i won’t say loving someone is not good but loving yourself, without doubt, is the key or room for allowing someone better to love you.
I have not regretted loving myself without a relationship for over five years now.
In this years, I have found my real self and passion, my confidence level is higher, my competent level is massively elevating daily and the urge and the love for myself keeps upgrading.
So after that unbearable breakup, love yourself and chose to live!!

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Relationship Chatroom



Hello super lovely people,its your one and only online stalker,positive stalker tho,lol.

Welcome to the amazing blog site ever,yes I self claim it  in Jesus Name..oh yes.

Its #relationshipchatroom ladies,so i have been recieving a lot of messages on selflove and how to super love oneselve without turning back,so there you go lovelies.



So I call it #womanpower.Ladies that is your power.however way you are treated is how you carry,see or relate with people,so how do you see yourself?

How do you make people see you.

What reaction do you get when they see you?

LADY!!! all the answers are in you loving your self.

Growing up,I was so much fat,big or plumb…decoratively.but one thing  I discovered fast at that age is loving myself to attract same love  from people.

But before then,this is what I did.

you can’t gather your struggles that makes you feel less of inner love until you identify and gather them inorder to strategies ways to overcome.

I want to be loved by all but my size was my hinderance,yours could be physical,emotional or physchological.

Gather them and stratagies how to overcome them.

Even before identifying them,seek help with dignity and gratitude.

There is always a topic for discussion as well as a case to understudy.

What could be your painful experience that you can go like “now it over,you cant get me or look down on me.”

Permit me to say “pain is painful and unforgetable,use them,channel them positively to inspire yourself  to move on and never giveup.

My field of losing myself love was my weight,yours could be looks or any other at it to your widest imagination to build yourself.

I practically had to fast 15 hours sometimes  in a day or week.

For good three months, I was off carbohydrates  for 3months now and counting.

I have gracefully lost 10Ibs in 3 month and i feel my confident level is super amazing.

What do you love to do?what drives you?

Ladies don’t sit for someone to take you out before you can be happy,busy yourself,find something you are  passionate about,be financially incline and build yourself with what you love doing.I am passionate about writting,crazily business minded,love blogging,I don’t really like being idle to think about my pains or losses.

Be driven by your passion and make good use of time.

Let our level change,upgrade yourself,loss that weight,do that makeup,change that wardrobe.

Branding is very important,I remember anytime I post pictures or videos in my whatsapp status or social media, I get massive likes and followers,that the power of branding.

Those who dislike you will see you in shame and bow their heads.

That guy who brokeup painfully with you because of your size or looks will see you and marvel.

NOTE:If he didnt listen to you when you were crying and wanted to talk to him, dont look back when he comes back begging.

Shoulders high,chinup,levelup and rule your POWER zone.

You deserve to be loved against all odds.Take charge,rule and never let your self love go off you.

“The only investment a woman can make or legacy,she can leave behind is investing in her own and only self ,the power of loving herself ,not forgetting her pains,stuggles and broken hearts  but naturing her experience into positive energy to rule her woman power.



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