September 2019




A few weeks ago, it was reported that Stonebwoy and his manager Black Cedi had fallen out due to misunderstanding between the two.
Dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy has refuted claims that his wife, Dr Louisa Satekla is not the cause of the confusion that recently hit his camp.

It was allerged that Stonebwoy’s wife may have been the cause of the confusion because she had been involved in the running of activities related to the dancehall act’s career.
However, in an interview, the ‘Ololo’ singer dispelled the claims.

“She is not my manager and she did not cause any confusion between my relationship with Black Cedi,” he said.
if you follow our tweeet on the said date of the interview in hitfm with Andy dosty on day break hit,stonebwoy made it known that,his wife has nother to do with his career because she is not his manager but what she does behind the scene is more than what his manager does.
stonebwoy also made it kown that,”he will move mountain with anyone who contempt with his wife.
Stonebwoy has also announced that his former manager Black Cedi is now his agent; anyone who seeks his services can do so through him.
He has however not disclosed what exactly happened between the two,it like a war without a reason or reward.
kuksonline will followup and bring you the update.

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Agyei Nelson Yaw, better known by his stage name AJ Nelson is a Ghanaian recording artist who has shared his disappointment on ghanaians inability to embrace his kind of songs.
Ghanaians sleep on his songs,’they see you and ask when are you releasing a song and i go like dude i just release a an album.

Aj who recently released his ‘Africa Arise’ album explained that though he put enough energy and money into the making of the album, Ghana’s didn’t embrace it, and that sometimes bring him down.
the croner artiste has release songs like same girl,power to the people.

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Sarkodie, the BET best flow nominee has finally spoken about issues concerning Obrafour’s Pae mu ka documentary shoot which has generated a lot of controversies on social media recently.
According Sarkodie, the media is trying to make big issues from what Obrafour said because he personally doesn’t see anything wrong with the statement he made.
“I personally went back to listened to Obrafour’s speech and i didn’t hear anything wrong with what he said about me”

He made this known at the just ended Glitz Style Award over the weekend with showbiz Now presenter Ibrahim Ben Bako.
I was at his launch and dinner all the time so if Ghanaian can put the two together they read meaning from that,as usual the media want to make a big deal out of it.
it is also alleged that,Obrafour said,he invited a lot but not all of them showed up and that doesn’t mean Sark’s absence did make any negative influence to the document.
its also alleged that Sark has gone back to record his part of the documentary.

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Ghanaian music duo Dope Nation is set to release their first 20 to 25 track album early next year.
The duo made this confirmation in an exclusive interview with IB at the night of the Glitz Style Awards over the weekend.

The twin who happen to be making hit in a short medium and breaking waves,did not specifically point out the number of songs but he made is clear that,their new album will soon hit the make.”if we verse koraaa,before the end of this year”
he jovially concluded.
the “confam and zanku” hitmakers are officially signed to lynx entertainment now so Ghanaian are not really surprise of their revelation

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Society awaits your 30 years with a man or at least a kid or two in an African setting. Majority get privileged to fulfill those purpose demanded by society. But how do you face your thirties without a permanent job sometimes, a man to show or a kid?
Don’t panic, it normal. I have got you covered.
Really! You better get out there and get yourself a man, when at all are you introducing him to us? Who is Mr right and when is he coming?
In African society, it a crime or it’s spiritual, how sad to think of that. It is worse when you are jobless or not independent, they can literally make your life miserable to the extent of making you feel useless, insecure and lack confident being single at thirty.
But the question is? when did being single at thirty becomes a crime?
Shouldn’t one live life at her thirties when not marriage?
A woman is a diamond until the pressure of heat transforms her to something unpredictable charcoal.
Someday, I will be thirty with confident, secure and articulate, yes that what I will be in my thirties. I have seen a lot of marriages collapsing because of the pressure of numbers and what society thinks is the right thing to do “pressure” you to marry.
Trust me what my eyes see, my mouth can’t say all but I have this few tips on how to be secure, confident and competent at thirty.
So without further due, let dive inn…

SELF LOVE: According to kuks dictionary (my meaning to self-love), self-love is an intentional, self-conscious effort to constantly be in the right frame of regarding your spirit, soul, and mind of loving one’s self regardless. The word regardless can never be compromised when self-love is displayed, regardless of who you are, how rich, married or single, successful or not. All you need is self-love.
How can you demand love from other people when you don’t love yourself? Have you wondered why people get everything in life but still not happy within themselves? They have simply disregarded the essence of loving their own self without apologies. Everywoman front the part of her body she feels secured with, how can a woman hide all her curvy “ass”, breast” when she knows it her spotlight to attraction and happiness? This is same as loving yourself.
Self-love is infectious, trust me. Some men even attribute a woman who is loved by herself to be full of herself of which is not the case. They are simply insecure of themselves base on how you appreciate yourself because their job to make you feel that way. They feel more of a man when you depend on them for love. (it a secret)
What at all is love if you personally don’t love yourself?


SELF OR PERSONAL BRANDING: Have you wondered why every company topmost priority is branding? This is because customers mostly focus on what in the outside before considering what is inside. The same thing applies to you. How do people see you, how do you present yourself? How you present yourself alone can suggest the type of people you attract. As a single lady, your way of life or energy alone can detect how lonely and insecure you may be. The first impression matters darling, tightening the brand, your appearance, and body language is the major key.
Look your best elegantly, walk your personality and talk with confidence and maturity.

CAREER STABILITY: Career stability can also be financial freedom. Are your finances secured? Are you doing something for yourself? How creative can you be to attract monetary freedom? In most cases, more pressure is exulted on single people just get help from me, but is that the solution? My dear men now want industrious women, financial stability brings self-confident, competence and mental freedom.

EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STABILITY: Malleability is the problem of a lot of single women, they are easily convinced or influenced. The slightest mockery of being single makes them feel like they are the only single person alive with unnecessary tears.
You have to be emotionally and psychologically stable in order not to allow anyone to intimidate you. You need to understand that, men are not toffees in the market or dress you can just pick up anyhow anywhere, try it on and decide whether or not to buy. So in Gods own time, he makes all things beautiful. Your time will come but until then live life.

SELF CONFIDENT: In my own experience, your self-confidence requires both knowledge and self-courage. When fear is too strong, the genius is suppressed. I strongly urge single women who are hitting their thirties to take a risk, to be bold, to make their genius convert that fear into power and brilliance. It works for some and terrifies others, I have come to realize that, for most people, when it comes to the subject of confident, and they will rather play it safe.
I have had to answer field question like how like: how do you maintain all that confidence, why should I bother developing my confidence? Why should I become confident and I answer, just to have more options? You can be smart but not confident, bold to step out but not confident to walk, you can be knowledgeable to raise your hands up but not confident to express yourself.
Mastering your self-confidence add up to your options.


BE SECURED IN AND OUT: I consider insecurity as to my greatest fear when I personally diagnose in others, insecurity makes people less appreciative, more complaint, overpowering, jealous and overprotective sometimes.
Everybody has a particular part of his or her body that he or she is insecure off, fear or they try to do things or become who they are not, just to cover their insecurity. But I always ask this question: for how long can you keep up with your insecurity? People live a pretentious life.
Single women, you need a man with big hands to handle our heavy jewel so don’t drop them down to make it lighter for them to carry just because you need a man to marry you. You will end up reducing yourself, thereby losing yourself.
Most often than not, people change their attitude to give some perceptions of who they are not, and I go like, for how long can your insecurity make you keep up with pretend?
Instead of hiding your insecurities through what you are not, rather channel your energy to another part of your life that you find your most security.
This article is dedicated to all my thirties single ladies out there.
Thanks so much for reading to the button, your comment, contribution and suggestion on my blog means a lot to me.
It will be my humble and single honor to hear from you.
Thank you.

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