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It’s your favorite girl kuks on kuksonline. Welcome back to my online community where we share practical experiences that awaken the sleeping potentials in you. We all about owning our good lives, business and our happiness as the captain on our own boat…
Not to brag but your sister has traveled in all 10 regions of Ghana in less than 50 days with a lot of amazing experience.

However, this article is purposely for people who love to travel in Ghana someday and how you can also get this opportunity.Oh my God! I love traveling, regardless of where we are going, being it in Ghana or outside. Who cares if it is the next town of the same region, I careless, am 100% game with overwhelming planning and packing excitement? so, let call this exciting traveling chapter in my life traveling wasn’t for pleasure but for business, hope I have not burst your bubble? So, in this chapter, we will digest, 

 ·       how I got this fully paid trips.

·       what you need to know before you take such opportunities or jobs

·       my personal experiences 

·       what I have learned and the benefit in subsequent articles.


Wow! Something just pops up in my mind and I want to ask you guys, do you guys believe [I or you} will someday travel 10 countries outside Ghana? To me my answer is yes because, it so much possible, little did I know that this can happen to me here in Ghana. I guess this was possible because I have no kids nor husband or boyfriend {believe it or not} lol. It all started on the 14th November 2019, barely 18 days to my birthday. infect I was praying for a miracle to raise funds to buy MacBook on my birthday. Initially, it was a laptop but it suddenly revised into MacBook. {God was at work then; Level was about changing}.

 So, my role model ask my plans for my birthday and I told her, all I wants on my birthday is MacBook.she proposed this legal medical abortion training which was supposed to be held in all the 10 regions of Ghana and you can’t imagine how I jumped at the voice of {will you be interested}

So, on the 14th November 2019, I started the journey in the central region of Ghana with a doctor, midwife and 30 field midwives.

The purpose of the training was to train 60 midwives in every region to provide safe, legal medical abortion in Ghana and my job was to ensure the smooth running, facilitate, coordinate and the payment of the participant. The last training ended in the upper west region of {WA}.

All too soon, this is how I got all trips paid to travel all 10 regions in Ghana.

Yes, just like that. travel and see indeed.




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Hello and welcome back to my online community where we own our good lives, mind our business and our happiness.If today happens to be your first time on my blog please give this article a thumbs up in the comment section and let give you the kukslicious welcome.

So in today’s article I am going to share with you 10 ghana made side hustle you can do to earn some cedis with or less money or skill and am going to share with you my personal journey so far.

The background story, I have not really work for a fixed salary since 2014. Yes, sis. But before then I was a teacher in a public Christian school with a heartbreaking salary fewer than 400 Ghana cedis. If you didn’t know, now you know. I have always been doing my side business since age 12.

Side hustles are my trademark so I didn’t really fit in a fix salary job. Honestly, I love to have my space and not to be pressured so I try as much as possible to create my own job, I had my own eatery as young as age 16. This brings me to my first side hustle in the city of Accra.

CLEANING SERVICES; So whilst teaching I came about a cleaning idea for the busy parent in the school, trust me the skill of cleaning starts from home and there is no well-structured school for cleaning, so you can clean without skills or money. Start gradually and make your way to the top.Yes, some cant clean bathroom but you can washcloth or shoes without a challenger, hear me well, there is something you can clean very well that nobody can beat you to it.i love cleaning, my nose is always a thief as I usually say, the slightest smell or dusty corner gives me cold so I have to make sure my surroundings are well tidy while teaching, I suggested this Saturday cleaning to my student’s parents and they bought into the idea and wala, I started making money. This cleaning thing became huge that I now had to employ others to help me do it and it was fetching me more than my teaching salary so I had to quit my teaching and focus on cleaning.Forget about what people will say, people will say crazy things when you start but until you get enough to borrow them, they will shout up.



AFFILIATE MARKETING: eeeiiii kuks what a big grammar, so affiliate marketing is simply recommending others to buy goods from others, so in simple terms, you are selling others things for a commission or profit depending on the contract. for example, I have other people’s advert on my website that attracts some commission to my account when anyone seeks their service from the advertisement on my website.



BLOGGING. In Simple terms writing anything from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, motivation and many more on the internet through your own website. For example, I have a website called which was birth from my epic youtube failure[story for another day].i love to be on top of everything I do, wanting it all glam and perfect is kuks for you but life is not all glossy, sometimes you have to start it anyway and make it to the top so you can have a success story. so when google puts ads on my site and when people click and visit the adds, I automatically get some cent, google gather these coins and pay me when I get enough to be deposited in my ad sense account.



BUYING AND SELLING. when I started my internship, my sister was supporting me financially, thanks to her but at some point in time, I realize I can’t put all the burden on her of which I still do, so I started trading my weekly allowance with quality ladies and gent wallet and purse in my office. I love quality things with name, you cant buy me a pair of a shoe without a name.okurr! due to the quality of the things I was selling, people were buying. I literally added small profit because I needed to sell so I can get my principal money and my profit in order to get money for fuel if am driving my sister’s car or using commercial cars. Business was good, later on, I started ahema slippers{@Ahenemavibzgh on stagram} because I was producing a local show so I will give my presenter some to wear and give me a mention which attracts more customers. Am I not smart? Look around you and find something someone needs but finds it difficult to do themselves and render that service for extra cash sis.



CHILD CARE: if someone had believed in me to teach kids or take care of kids, I would have said ‘tofiakwa'{God forbide}because I was very impatient with kids and the way I use to see people in the city pamper and spoil their kids was very uncomfortable to me in the early stage but gradually I came to understand that gab between my era and that of today and trust you me, whoever I am today is due the favor and blessing that comes with taking care of others kids.i will recommend child care if you are new in the city without anyone or anywhere to stay, consider child care or nanny job because you get paid, free food, free accommodation, and other free benefits if you diligently put in your best at work. Don’t let pride take the journey to your success from you and say ‘how can I be a caretaker or nanny? Who knows if that where your breakthrough can come from?


Take chances, focus and never give up, you can make it too. I am a proud caregiver who have travel almost everywhere in ghana, slept in lot of five-star hotels, been to places by airplane, known big people in higher ranks more than someone in suit and tie, educated and drive nice cares without a tag of a caregiver or a nanny but a’ daddy bee”.

I know the title was 10 side hustles. But I don’t want this article too long so I will continue in part 2, thanks so much for reading to the end, you are indeed kukslicious.

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stop wasting time with people who only give you their spare time

Don’t beg for their time and attention anymore, the more you ignore me, the more I get used to being ignored, if you stop calling me, I will stop waiting for your call, if you stop sending me text messages, I will stop the habit of checking my phone all the time and the more you stay away from me, the more I will adapt to staying away from you, one day I will learn to live without you and move on. I don’t have to waste time on someone who only wants me around when it fits their needs because no one is really busy, it all depends on what number you are, on their priority list beloved.

2020 is here, hurray, my house looks bright because we had a new painting and renovation. Awesome! my wardrobe is still on point because I dashed out all that needed to and organized all I wanted, it was stressful though but don’t you think there is a bitter pill you need to swallow that you are ignoring? The so-called self-acclaimed loved ones who only show up in their spare time? How do you declutter such people in 2020?

we have clean our homes, wardrobe and body forgetting our minds and vital things that emotionally disorganized all the hard work we put in decluttering our surroundings? It’s time for that difficult task, new year resolutions. A lot of people don’t believe in it but I do just because I do realistic, honest and attainable resolutions. Although life has a way of massaging us differently and things happen so we are going to deal with emotional sappers.
I was speaking to my sister the other day about people, relationships and I was amazed at her revelation on how people give only their spear time to you when they want to….yes you heard me right!
The so-called friends, family and “loved ones only give you their free or spare time when desired, she added with a quote.
B. Every one only gives you out of their spare, so watch it! There are a few quotes I will touch on as the year unfold.

Don’t be surprised. I had to sleep over this quote, eco it in my brain and have deep thought until something made it right this morning.
So a friend called me today after two weeks. I am fully aware of pressure and stress you go through when planning an event…he did not even tell me he had reached his destination, meanwhile, I told him to brief me on the happening, before I continue, I want you to know that 2020 is a year of divine favor for me and I don’t know if you…
So if I need someone to prioritize me, love me, care about me as claim then I have to deal with my maker not the people who give me their spare time when I bearly don’t need it. long story short he called me this morning but I didn’t pick up, I didn’t pick the call not because I am angry but because I don’t need his spare time at this moment or fact, I was sleeping comfortably reflecting on Gods goodness in 2019 in my life…
Many women or even men give priority to people who only give them spear time.
There are some people in your life who even text back yearly or reach out when they have a spear time.
Until that spare time comes they ghost you…
It is rather sad that we end up investing more energy into such emotional suckers because at one point in time they pretended they cared enough.
We put more priority on them because we didn’t see what they were trying to achieve..
What they mostly plan to achieve is to put you in that dilemma of emotional roller coaster…when you climb up, emotionally expecting them to be at the other side of the hill, to cheer you up, they suddenly vanish…leaving you in a mentally and emotionally confused state.
Don’t go mad early with what am about saying, beloved, they don’t see a glimpse of what is happening or the emotional distress you are going through….
In my candid opinion don’t even ask them why they suddenly stop calling, text or why they have suddenly appeared in your life because you rather add salt to injury when he or she is BS. Know how they react to remarks or rebukes before you dare ask such questions.
Hands up if you can relate?
We are in 2020 babes, we are not going to flip our eyes over people who only give us their spear times and come back all pretending like you are their priority.

All nonsense in 2019 just got barred last night, in 2020 we are not going to rush to pick calls from people who ghost us when they feel their stress is worth swallowing themselves and come back all ok, pretending there was no course or any issues .we want to be part of all their journey,being it good or bad with effective communication and committed energy. Besides life is all about sharing the good, the bad and the ugly with people you love or you care about right?We will only listen to what they say, encourage them as our humanly right and focus on ourselves.

We will not waste our precious energy on such people who only give us their spear time…we cant kill ourselves.. can we?
Babes look sharp in 2020, being it a man or woman..remember this quote again. A. you owe no one and no one owes me….. Except they owe in specific areas by choice.

Can you imagine that this same person shows up after a long pulse and play the victim?”Eii last you don’t share a lot about yourself, eerie you have dwaged me.Can you imagine this, the same people that have pushed the pause button still ask such a question.
The reality is that they know what they have done but it just time for them to return with their spare time and demand the same flow from you as before.
Think through this carefully, why give your precious time to one that can only give you their spear time…its energy-sapping.
Take care of yourself, have time for yourselves and what you care about.
Don’t give your precious time at your expense but whenever you can, reach out whenever you can just for the sake of building relationships.
Put a premium on those who put premium on you.

You shouldn’t be always available for someone who doesn’t even ask you how are you doing.your life will be better when you realize that, it is better to be alone than chase people who don’t care about you.

Don’t be someone’s downtime, spare time, part-time or sometimes .if they can’t be there for you all the time then, they are not even worth your time.


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I don’t want you to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, caring about you, coming to be with you or staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone, when people can walk away from you, let them walk because your destiny is not tied to the person who just left.

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It’s your favorite girl kuks on kuksonline. Welcome back to my online community where we share practical experiences.We all about owning our good lives, business and our happiness as the captain in our own boat…

 In today’s article, we are talking about how to help people walk away from you when they want to. YES! “HELP THEM GO”
There are people who can walk away from you and hear me when I tell you this WHEN PEOPLE CAN WALK AWAY FROM YOU, LET THEM WALK.TD JAKES. I don’t have a hoop or the ability to make others shout, but when people want to walk away from you, let them walk.
I don’t want you to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, caring about you, coming to be you or staying attached to you.I mean hang up the phone, when people can walk away from you, let them walk.

You don’t hear from them, you don’t want me, you better leave me alone. you better run out of here, don’t let my voice fool you, there’s ain’t nothing wrong with my head.

The bible says, they came out of us that they might be made manifest that, they were not for us, for had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us.1 john 2:19

People leave you because they are not joined to you and if they are not joined to you, you can get super glue, man glue or whatever glue you can imagine you can’t make them stay so let them go.It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, it just means that their part of the story is just over, and you get to know when peoples part in the story is over so that you don’t keep trying to raise the dead, you have to know when it have to know when it is over. let them go because your life is not tied to the person who just left you. so here me well nothing just happens. if they walk away or left you, its no accident, if you tried to let it work and it didn’t wouldn’t work, it no accident.Accept it as a will of God, clap your hands and watch your face, do your dance and keep going.

I mean I have got the gift of goodbye and it intense, refuel and reloaded in 2020 because I am about to welcome great personalities that will bless, favor and accept me for me.  it’s the tenth spiritual gift lol. I believe in goodbye.its not that am hateful, it that am faithful and I know whatever God needs for me to have, he will give it to me and if it takes you to add too much sweat, then I don’t need it, I will be both lackadaisically and fearlessly let you go. Stop begging people to stay.

And I want you to get this soo deep into your spirit that whether things go good or bad from day to day life, you are armed with a message that nothing just happens. LET THEM GO!

So this is how I am going to help you go: am sorry I held on to you, I am sorry I tried to let it work, am so sorry I gave too many excuses that we will work one day but today is your liberation day, AM LETTING YOU GO.

 Thank you so much for reading my articles and believe it has been beneficial, please give this like! share and comment down below, until then, love yourself and keep prospering.






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Hello, kukslicious!

Hope yall are doing good? Welcome back again to my online family where we share practical life experiences to inspire ourselves. if this article happens to be your first time please comment down below and let give you a kukslicious family welcome. The other day I came across TD JAKES sermon on youtube and it has been a blessing to me so I decided to share.

I want you to think about everything good or bad that you have been battling with. just remember that nothing just happens but feel free to say it again but before you say it again the second time, I want you to understand that the steps of the good man are ordered by God and he delights in his ways.
I want you to think about the things in your life that seemingly make no sense. I have practically experienced a lot over the past years, some are painful, hard to bear, some of the things you are going through now may be frightening because you have uncertainty and anxiety about what is going to happen out of this and I want you to bathe your soul with this words that your life is not chaotically confused or distraughtly composed or misbobulated but the fact that everything in your life has been carefully orchestrated by God who is the conductor over the affairs and the event in your life and I want you to get this so deep down in your spirit that whether things go bad or good in your day to day life that you are armed with a message that, NOTHING JUST HAPPEN.TD JAKES

I had a terrible accident early last year and me surviving it without a scratch was a miracle which in return also brought tremendous blessing in my life. There is something about going through loses, pain, misfortune, and adversity. There is another level all together about going through things that happen in your life that don’t seem fair to you or make sense of the madness in your life.
Since you can’t change what happens, you should be able to think that, there is something greater that is going to come out of it.

It’s what TD JAKES  call bringing closer, to bring closer to justify that, I didn’t go through this kind of pain for no reason. I need to feel like there is something good coming out of this.
If I can’t do that, then I feel like am being victimized, sorry for myself and not free to move on in life and not safe for going back to school, remarrying, following my dreams, moving from that toxic job because I have not resolved issues with my past and am not ready to go forward with my life because am still tied up from where I come from and that where some of us are now in our life.
My 2 younger sisters have 2 kids each and I have none, my classmates are living their dream jobs and am still struggling to find my life. Everyone is receiving salaries but am still working for free, infect am lost in my own destiny but I have come way too far to testify that, nothing just happens” Somethings I get too curious:
I need to know that some demon is getting loose in my life.
I need to know that the demonic influence of my enemies has not taken over my life even though I know that my life has become prey to wickedness and carnality.
I need to know that all hell is not broken loose in my life that satan hasn’t snatched the steering wheel from God and he is driving my life to hell.
I need to know that God is not through working it out and that sooner or later, he’s going to do something in my life that makes sense. I desperately need to know that, NOTHING JUST HAPPEN.

The bible says, the women around Naomi shared tears and pains together but Naomi knew that whatever she is going through happens for no reason. she said, am going back to where I came from, am bitter but I am still going back home bitter and frustrated. At that very moment, Naomi knew that nothing just happens and that encouraged her to take that bitter steps and when that happens, they fell on Naomi and begun to weep because Naomi had left a significant impression on them, In the midst of the pain, Naomi started reasoning with them saying, stop crying I have options on what am going to do, if I marry today and have children, what are you going to do, will you wait for them to grow and marry them? she asked.

Some times we need to come out of the game that the clock is against us because nothing just happens. My Aunty sent me packing from her house because I had a better job than her kids, I lost that job after she asked me, I got a job again with a better accommodation benefit. NOTHING INDEED JUST HAPPENS! God had to take me out of the house, out of that job and plant me at a better place where I can get both jobs and the accommodation together meanwhile I was heartbroken when I lost both.

There are people in our lives that we hold dearly, hope and believe from their actions that we will spend the rest of our lives with but unfortunately we lose them or they let go of us painfully.let them go because your life is not tied to the person who just left you. nothing just happens. if they walk away or left you, its no accident, if you tried to let it work and it didn’t wouldn’t work, it no accident.
Accept it as a will of God, clap your hands and watch your face, do your dance and keep going because nothing just happens.




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