Popular Ghanaian broadcaster, television personality, women activist Oheneyere Gifty Anti writes on her quarantine experience upon reaching Ghana


HRH: mummy is coming

Meanwhile, mummy and all the others on the last BA flight from London last night were taken straight into compulsory quarantine!!!

Well, it was quite a sight last night. No one. Absolutely no one was allowed to go home or see relatives who had come to meet them.

The Minister for National Security and his deputy, BNI director and other security operatives, the police, military and health professionals were all at the airport to ensure that no one escapes.

You arrive, they screen you, you go and pick up your luggage and wait for your turn to be bused to the hotel.

This morning, I opened my door and the military guy on the floor said, ‘Madam please go back inside”. Well, I was just looking!!! 🙄😀

Anyway, so, they leave the food at your door, knock and leave. No human contact.

The only human contacts are the fully PPE clothed health officials who come to take our samples for testing. Quite an uncomfortable process, though very necessary.

Ghana is taking this seriously and we the citizens must take it seriously too.

It’s not fun to be under compulsory quarantine but it is very necessary!!!

Take care of yourself and let’s be kind to each other.

Life goes on. Don’t put your life on hold. Live it but remember these are dangerous times, so be careful.

Follow all the protocols. Wash your hands, sanitize etc.

Stay safe and help save other people’s lives.

It’s a tough time for our front line health professionals. Let’s make it a bit easy for them by doing the right thing.

And oh remember, anyone and I mean anyone can get the virus. So please don’t stigmatize those who have it.

And don’t be afraid to report if you show symptoms of coronavirus. Early detection will help save your life and that of your loved ones.

I am Oheneyere Gifty Anti, and I am in compulsory quarantine!!!

Ghana means business. Let’s Support the fight.

Let’s Pray for Ghana.

Remember, I am a woman with a super crazy Faith in God. God has given us wisdom. Let’s apply it.

she concluded.

In her update on self-quarantine by OGA, as she funnily calls it, this is what she said with her fan’s comment on her update on coronavirus compulsory self-quarantine.


kuksonline will share with you on her subsequent update to see how she’s doing and how the Government of Ghana handling Coronavirus self-quarantine.

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