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In this video,i share with how i was 3 times falsely accuse and how i handle it for my win.

Everyone has in one way or the other been accused of something untrue, is that correct? It either you are accused of theft, lied against, character defamation and many more.

Being falsely accused can take a deterrent turn mentally, professionally, emotionally and legally.

The word accusation is a charge or claim that someone has done something wrong or illegal. How then do you take action to repair your reputation and inner wellbeing?

As you manage to fall out of false accusations, you have to learn to manage your emotions.

Most often than not, we allow our emotions to overpower our level of ability to stand strong to defend yourself.

Before I continue with my false accusation stories, I will like to know what you have been accused of that wasn’t true? How did you defend yourself? How did you respond when you were falsely accused?

How do you manage accusations in the workplace? Did it emotionally affect your personality or profession? Can you charge someone for making false accusations about you?

It rather unfortunate that most of my accusations are work-related, I don’t know why but I am now convinced that it just because of my strong personality that scares or intimidates even my superiors. I just hope am right.

My first accusation was selling a common gift bucket and squandering the money just because I was broke but now, I am wearing a new shoe. That well plan silly accusation, right?

The second accusation was my sister’s husband accusing and reporting me to his own wife that, he was having an affair with me just to throw me out of the house because my presence doesn’t make him have his ways of abusing and manipulating my sister.

Thirdly, I was accused of being a prostitute, just because I was seen standing by a car in the evening waiting for a friend.

Now the question is, how did I defend all these cases or deal with this accusation.


False accusations are mostly draining than you think because you keep asking questions like, what did I do wrong, did he or she hurt me that much to accuse me falsely, I thought he was my friend? These questions mostly don’t get answers and due to that reason, you need your inner strength and that only comes from the strength of your emotions.your victory depends on how you deal with your emotions. How do you verbally defend yourself strongly than breaking down?



Your ability to defend yourself from false accusations is key, some people confront the accuser verbally, some fight the accuser, some keep silent, some take legal actions and some use their accuser’s own words against them, especially when you know you are ignorant. Commit your accuser to the lord as the spiritual Christians will or say.in fact, when I was and falsely accused of being a prostitute, I knew my time in that church and school was over, so I didn’t bother to defend or argue about the case because a bigger door somewhere was about to open and that was my faith, indeed it was bigger than I even imagine. Months later, we were called back to resume work but I refused because I had a better job with awesome benefits. In as much as you know God is able, still, defend your image and integrity to clear assumptions. know what defensive mechanism works for you.


It’s disheartening how people allow their strength, integrity, and self-confidence to

go down the drain when falsely accused, beloved, you are far greater than your current or past issues.

The truth always gives freedom, it liberates you from arrows of your attackers.hold on to the truth and moves on, honestly, I have learned that, in as much as people think you are ignorant, they partially and not fully trust your ignorance.sometimes the people you draw inspiration from because they support and believe you can let you down. So being falsely accused is a solemnly individual journey.

Thanks so much for passing by, will love to know how you handle false accusations if you have been a victim in the comment section.

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