Sex is love, is that really true? Hmm, that is what majority are saying though. On a Saturday morning, you decide to take a stroll, to exercise your body. Your face towel probably fell from your shoulder, suddenly you hear ‘ hello dear’, and turned around only to face a fine gentleman,   He hands over your face towel to you, and with a sweet voice, he said “your face towel fell from your shoulder”, you extend your hand to take it and with a smile on your face you say ‘thank you’ and leave, he also goes his way.

The next Saturday you wake up, freshen up, and decide to go for jogging again. On your way back home you meet this same gentleman you met some few days ago, you greet him and he responds. You decide to continue your jogging, and then he finally says ‘can I speak to you for 2 minutes? He introduces himself and, you should know he wants to know your name also, hence you don’t wait for him to ask, lol. You also introduce yourself to him. That’s where the two minutes extends to a longer conversation, finally you both exchange contacts. He says can we be friends, and you gladly accept.
You decide to leave, and then he adds in a very sweet voice ‘can I escort you home if you do not mind’ you refuse him, but he insists, you know some guys right? Charlie, you can’t refuse this fine gentleman, just say yes, you don’t even know where this voice is coming from, ha. You then say yes with a smile, you know what I mean right? The conversation continues, first time conversation, lol. You love to jog in his voice, you respond yes as usual with a smile. The conversation continues thereon.

Hmmm, were you crushing on him? Hihihi. He didn’t even refuse, he follows you inside. He sits in the hall as you go to the kitchen, poured fruit juice in to two glasses. You give him a glass of juice, and you take the other glass. After taking the glass of juice, you escort him to the gate and finally wave goodbye, he says we will chat later in the evening, ‘eii there norrr’.

In the evening, after the normal shower, you lie on your bed to read some few online messages you have received, you were waiting for that special message from that special fine boy, I don’t know whether you have already developed feelings for him, but I can say you were crushing on him bad, bad, bad. You feel like typing hi, but c’ mon that’s not possible though ‘hahaha’, you feel he should rather approach you first.
Around 10pm you have already given up, and you were finally dozing off when your phone beeps, you wake up immediately, if mummy had called you to help her out, I bet you would pretend you were sleeping, you take your phone and say hi, you respond back,the conversation continued till it was 1am. He says good night sweetie and you broadly smile.
This friendship continues, you go out to the cinema to watch movies, he visits you very often, as time goes on he sends you to his house, at this point, I can say you have developed a very strong relationship. Whether it is friendship or boy- girl relationship I can’t tell.
Friday evening he comes to your house and as usual you were having a conversation, the “I don’t know what happened” you were staring at each other very closely, then he draw near you, you could feel his body touching yours, perhaps you liked it because you didn’t resist him, he went on to kiss you, you respond back, and boom, you were naked. You had eaten the forbidden fruit. The bed sheet was stained with your blood, you were a virgin.
After the incidence you could not face each other, you were kind of ashamed, you look at yourself with disgust , he leaves the house and you go to the washroom to wash yourself. The friendship\ lemme say relationship continued, he told you along the line that he loves you, you were not too sure to enter a relationship, but you decide to give it a try. It was fun and interesting, you ate the forbidden fruit again and again, and probably you really enjoyed it.

Some months later, you realized you are pregnant, you tell him and he says he is not responsible. Hmmm, which prove do you have to even prove yourself, forget about DNA test, it can be done after the baby has landed into the world. You can’t face the world because, you had developed a big belly, mmmmh, that’s not the problem but you know people will mock at you. Some months later you hear your guy is getting married. He marries and leave with his ‘Abafresh’, your life has become very miserable. Single parenting, you know what I mean; your parents have disowned you now.
Yeah, you have to take care of this baby, and in order to do that, you need to get money. You meet one or a few guys who decide to help you but you know in this world nothing is free. They also have a share in the forbidden fruit, mmmmmh, and then some days later you fall sick and go to the hospital only to hear the doctor tell you are HIV positive.

I will end my story here, but the question is who is going to marry you even if you are able to survive, I have heard stories about AIDS being curable, but I’m still wondering if a doctor can cure HIV. You’ve lost a precious gift, YOUR VIRGINITY!
My advice to the youth especially to the females out there, you are a very special creature. You have to keep in mind that your virginity is your dignity. At least wait till you get married, keep that precious gift safely for Mr. there anything like that? It is good to enter into a relationship, but you must cultivate the spirit of self control. Breaking your virginity before marriage brings about disgrace and disrespect. (in most cases” Strive to uphold your dignity. The fact that he says he loves you doesn’t mean you should allow him to eat the forbidden fruit. Always remember sex is not love. The guy can move on in life ooh, it is only some few girls that are able to catch up in life.
Oh yeah, some guys may say if you do not have sex with me, it means you do not love me, and if you do not give in, they threaten to break the relationship. My dear, let them go, it means he is not worthy for you. Always keep this in mind that whenever you allow a guy who is not yet married to you break your virginity, he sees you as a cheap girl. So even if your relationship leads to marriage, anytime you are far away from him, he suspects you are in a relationship with some other guy, because you easily allowed him, he thinks you will allow any other guy.

Keeping your virginity till after marriage also proves how willing you are to obey God’s commandment. Imagine your daddy buys you a gift and wrap it in a gift box, plan to give it to you on your birthday. Because you are eager and curious to know what’s there in the box, you open it before your birthday. How will daddy feel, he will be disappointed and feel very sad since you didn’t wait.
That is how God feels when you break your virginity before the marriage. If you make it a priority to please God, you please the right people. To the fine gentlemen out there, it is very difficult to detect if a guy is a virgin or not, but always remember nothing can be hidden from God.

It is not always one’s fault when she can’t keep herself until marriage, life comes with a lot of challenges and regrets, if one can’t keep herself until marriage it could be for peculiar reasons, we cant judge people by their actions all the time because we are not perfect ourselves, just learn to correct your mistakes and make life better in whatever situation you find yourself.