Hello cutie yes, oh me yes, of course, you! Well, I am ok so don’t get too much of yourself now{flated}, can I just have a conversation with you about why men GHOST LADIES”, yeah yeah I know you said yes. But hold on, there is no equality activation or gender disintegration here. I just want to know why men ghost ladies after a short period of talking or chatting ok?

Oh ok sure let it go. honestly, I think you are flirting so can you please wake up from this dream and be serious for a second?

Yeah sure, let me hear your propelled questions? thanks but first of all may I know what men think GHOSTING  is?

Well to my own understanding ghosting is a total or partial silence deprived by a man after a few conversations with a girl, if he doesn’t really jell or have that chemistry or simply put when his expectation is cut off unexpectedly.


Hold on Mr gentleman, did you say expectations? yes! I said that.really? oh my God.please pardon my curiosity but why, how OR when did men have expectations for meeting a woman?

Good question my lady,you see women of today are more social media incline with who they are and how they should look on social media to the public so a boy and a girl meet on social media, talk for a little while, the boy asks a girl out on a date and boy meet this pretty damsel he liked in the picture but looks different in reality.

Boy didn’t meet his expectations and believe he has been lied to, so he stops talking to the lady again.

Meanwhile, the lady kinda likes this boy but dude has decided to chopped her blocked and the girl starts worrying why he ghosts her.

Seriously, yes seriously! so if I get you correctly, don’t you think this is not fear? How?  Because am not sure he just wanted to be with her just because of her picture or didn’t your papa advise you not to just focus on the looks because they are always deceit?

Yes, Papa did but remember men are moved with what they see so you can’t blame them, so who should the girls blame then?

what do you think is the reasons why men ghost women after a short encounter? in this article we digest some reasons why that dude ghost you without reasons.

Blame yourselves, one thing that women don’t get right is, we have boys and we have men, hold on and let me explain ok?

Great all ears listening, when I was a boy, all I wanted was to be with pretty girls from rich homes, Coca-Cola shaped, beautiful eyes and didn’t care about how good she is inward because my focus was to shag and move to the other girls because I was a fresh boy, you know what I mean? Lol

Nonetheless, I was super amazed at what I think I wanted in a woman when I became a man, grown, and matured. my priorities changed.

I had seen beauty just so you know they are for ashes now, my qualities in a woman has long changed since the last intensive talk with my mum.

So this is what my mum thought me and I believe this will help you from being a ghost by a man. Oya go on:

  • Be with a woman who is herself from not meeting her to meeting her for the first time
  • Ask her not to wear makeup on the first date to be sure you love the woman behind the beauty of the makeup.
  • Be consistent with your communication with here before you meet her for the first time and observe if there are any changes after meeting her, then you will know if he really loves you in person.
  • Care for her with truth, honesty, and don’t change after meeting her else she will think you are inconsistent.
  • Mind what you say and keep to your words because some women are smart and can detect the truth from your words or hold on to you because you keep to your words.
  • Set your priorities right, because women want to be prioritized and number one and nit just giving them quantity but quality time.

From this conversation with my mum, I reflected on my past to do the checks and balance on why io ghost a lot of girls, so if you are a girl and you have been ghosted by a guy then consider this as a boy advising you to site up and check yourself with the above mentions in order not to be a ghost by any guy.

Keynote, remember some men are douch bags and assholes so don’t beat yourself too much because one unserious boy ghosted. If you check yourself out with what I have mentioned above and you think you are clean then my sister that guy doesn’t deserve a woman like you.he is a loser.




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