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This and many more  are few questions I also ask myself when am about to venture into  a new world,what is love without sharing?lol Yeah sharing  practical life experience you can relate through writing is my passion.

Today  am here again to  share a delicate topic that am a victim, still being a victim and it saddens my heart  that someone I love like  you might also breed pain in such uncomfortable working space.

 Let talk about how to cope with the new work environment.

You have received your appointment, oh my God!the deal is great and your head keeps swelling and hearing heartbeats in your mind, yes not your heart.

God be with you if you have not prepared your mind with the change of environment, the people and “the in house culture” of the new environment.

When I was moving to my new office, I had awesome orientation with a hearsay of the establishment but I discover some strange news on the day of my interview.

I was asked why I want to join that reputable company.

The people,I answered. She replied, what has the people they love each other and live like families,I said.

She said,don’t be,deceived, she remarked.And she quote” the trees in the forest are not together but it seems together when you are far” an African adage.

After a year of my stay there, I realized indeed what he said was true.

A gentle reminder of some people you are going to meet at your new office.



3.The ones they think you are educationally inclined than them and you might take their position.

4.The ones that are simply jealous of your personality.

5.The ones that everything you do irritate them

6. And finally, the ones that are simply dumb

My favorite among the above mention is the ones they think you should learn, catch the fire and all that they have learnt in 2 to 4 years and still think you should pick them in seven days. I  call them “dumb” because their intellectual teaching skills and learning ability are on a low IQ ratio. There are different ways through which people learn and a good teacher is the one that teacher’s to his or her student understanding no matter the student learning impairediment.

Remember how many years you have learned what you are comfortably doing now that sometimes you still make mistakes. You might not be a teacher or the mother of the student who you are tutoring but remember, he or she is learning under you so automatically you are the teacher and he or she depends on you.

The success, happiness and the progress of your department depend on how exquisite, maturity and strategical ways you use for your advantage. Why won’t I consider you dumb if you are a leader and you lack  this basic knowledge.Trust me you are  better off useless  of a  leader.

When I first started work,I faced a lot of challenges but my utmost goal was to learn to be the best at the little I do. Mind you,sometimes its not about the much you do that qualifies you as the hard worker,it type little you do best.

For your information, I was considered the useless one among my group.

Someone madee it her job to make people know that am the worse when it comes to pronouncing words,

Ofcouse I had pronounciation challenge,I felt it better of keep quite that to talk and make mistakes but I didnt see it from that angle rather I invested my resources in books to bettering my english pronounciation skills.

Sometimes it not about your weekness,it about the persons way of feeding up his or her weakness with you. Take note here ,when people are intimidated about you, they try to point out your weakness to other people to prove you are not as good as they think you are,I have seen people point out what I don’t have on my body that they lack just to feel good that, atleast they are not that bad and I get it. I have seen and heard people say a good thing about me that others chipped in my weakness just to feed their insecurities

That was devastating but one thing I found solace in was that, my field of specialty is not of use, if am not around, and moreover no body does it like how I do it.

NOTE, make a great commitment to the slightest contribution and leave a mark  that can never be erased from peoples mind.” very important trick”

I remember my former boss called me a prompter specialist. Thanks to my immediate boss for giving me that challenge.Believe you me,I will forever be known for that.


1:CONQUER YOUR FEARS AND INSECURITY:Everyone make mistakes,insecurities comes in a different forms and preventions,you don’t wallow and die when you make them, you pay attention, focus and better yourself. Trust me: you can never run away from making mistakes but you can mentally manufacture a way of preventing them and that should be your focus.

2. FIND HAPPINESS IN WHAT YOU DO:ind something that makes you happy at your new office, it could be someone you are crushing on, yes sister crush on someone, please it normal to crush on someone, don’t ask who? Or simply love what you do.You can never survive or stand the test of time if you don’t love what you do. lack of passion drives away people from what they do, so be passionate about what you do and do it with all dedication.

3.BE POSITIVELY MINDED: Be positively minded to the extend that people can even get annoyed of how your positive mental constructions are tune.It takes maturity for a leader to be positive when it comes to work mishaps but is easier  said than done because people find ways to justify their mistakes and rather make people’s life miserable by being negative and all boujie just because they are the leaders. Yes, we know you are the leader and you will answer to all the queries and take all the blames, it’s sometimes sad but trust me, your only cure is team work and encouragement and  not shouting and captioning blames. some leaders are ignorant so work it out yourself to avoid breaking down.

I know there is more I can talk about on this issues but I dont want this article to be long so please let me know if you want me to do a part 2 on this topic.

I hope this article goes a long way to help a gentle soul, PEACE OUT





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