how do you lose weight and maintain weight loss?

Open any weight loss book or visit any website on weight loss and you will be surprised what pops up, extreme mind-blowing diet plans from the ketogenic diet, OMAD(one meal a day) IF(intermittent fasting), juicing, herbal life nutrition and what have you. It really gets scary sometimes right?

Now the question is:

  • How do you achieve your weight loss goal when you have no idea about it?
  • How do you even maintain the weight you have struggled to lose?

In today’s article, I am going to take you through two ways to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

To lose weight in a layman’s language is eating clean and exercise yeah? You are one thousand percent right but what we keep missing is how to keep the diet plan and the scary exercise popping up every day from fitness gurus to lose and maintain the weight.

The truth is, there is no one size fit solution to all permanent healthy weight loss. What works for someone may not work for you since our body responds differently. When I started my weight loss with my sister, she uses to lose 1.5kg while I lose 1kg. trust me, it was very discouraging but I didn’t give up.Finding a method that works for you requires time, patience, commitment and some experiment with different food and diet plan.

My sister responds well with a ketogenic diet while I respond better to having freedom in planning my own weight loss diet plan. Being free to simply avoid fried foods or cut back on refined carbs helps me to succeeded.so don’t get too discouraged if a diet that works for someone looks smiley at you and don’t beat yourself up when a diet proves too stubborn for you to stick with.

This two tricks helped me to lose and maintain 50IBs.


Remember, while there is no quick fix to losing weight, there are extremely different steps, try on, reading and questions you can ask to develop a healthy relationship with food. I have tried ketogenic diet before but I didn’t like it, eating once a  day didn’t work for me, going to the gym didn’t work for me because I couldn’t go every day but intermittent fasting, walking and jumping rope at home worked the magic for me but hey,it might not work for you.dont kill yourself. Now, trying to discover what diet plan or exercise works for you can take a turn on your inspiration to discourage you if not focused and mentally psyched up.so I mostly advise 100% mentally prepared before you even plan to start a weight loss journey.



In order to lose and maintain weight loss, one must be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge on all  “ H’ and “W” questions.

  1. What blood type am I and what food is healthy for me to lose weight?
  2. Is my health history going to restrict me from some dirt plans and exercise?
  3. What diet plan works for me?
  4. What is my body type and what exercise is good for me?
  5. Do I need a lifestyle or a nine-day wonder?
  6. what inspires me to lose weight?
  7. Do I need any weight to lose the community to keep me going?
  8. Is this weight loss journey solely for me or to please someone?
  9. How can I achieve my weight loss target?
  10. Who do I consult if I face any challenges?

This and many more are exclusive questions I wish I had researched, discover and learned before starting my weight loss journey ten years ago but I walked my way out to lose and maintain 50IBS in a year.


Ultimately, a diet is only right for you if only you can stick with over time. In order to lose weight and maintain it, one million times the confession of a lifestyle will be your savior. The one thousand weight loss failures of which I was the number years ago is due to a lifestyle.

Remember, there are some diet plans that are scientifically proven not healthy over a year example is water fast over 40 days, ketogenic diet over twelve months, you can stop and continue after some time but not a lifestyle. But low carbs, intermittent fasting, one meal a day can be developed as a lifetime way of life. I gain almost 4kg after the Chrismas season because I went a little out of my lifestyle but thanks be to God I fell back to my lifestyle easily because it has actually been part of me almost a year.



Developing a lifetime style helps to curb emotional triggers to overeating and achieve a healthy weight loss and maintenance.I sometimes get emotional triggers to overeat and I do eat but the good news is that my lifestyle doesn’t even permit me to keep unhealthy food in my fridge so anytime I open my fridge I see probiotic Greek yogurt which has no sugar and no carbs.so even if I am overeating, it a healthy food.

I hope these tricks on how to lose and maintain weight loss inspire you never to give up on your weight loss journey.

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