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What is fear? – a feeling triggered by threat, danger, or pain. Most of the time, we humans tend to over-dramatize a situation and develop inner fear that hints at our insecurities and lack of capability to get by it.

Somethings are tall, good, perfect, excellent and some short, ugly, bad, and imperfect. In my quest to yarn for somehow good to perfect while am not perfect myself (can you imagine?) I have learned in a very hard way that, when you look for perfection, you will find it but trust me, you will run away from exactly what you wanted or looked for because sometimes, some perfections are too true to be true.

Overcoming your inner fear as I tittle this article simply means avoiding your own fears to be scared of them or better still preventing yourself to be scared of your own fears and face them.

Who approaches fire knowing perfectly that he might get burnt? Nobody! the same way I will opine you not to welcome any qualms.

How can we then welcome our fears? A typical example of one thing am so scared of doing and I have been dead scared off for over six years now, visiting a guy I like or who likes me.

Every girl knows that visiting a guy involves two things, to be respected or to be forced to do what you might possibly not want to do (sex).


I have serious sex experiences and that washed me off for almost seven years and now I want to break that mountain befalling me but how and where do I begin from.

Having unconcern sex has been my fear obviously,

  • You might be scared of commitment.
  • Losing your guard.
  • Falling in love
  • Or perhaps scared of being used, but beloved there is no such thing (it all in the mind).

As humans, we can’t hide but run, and even with that lute, it just temporary, so why don’t we rather face our own fears than running?

Haha! How easy does that sound? Yes, you can only break loose of whatever you are scared to do when you do them and I urge you to take charge of the outcome and run with it positively.

So on the 18th of December 2020 I decided to curb my fears and I visited a total stranger, well we have talked for almost a month and seen each other ones, I super liked this guy so I decided to go on a 7 hours trip(well some do 18hrs so mine was a peanut) to visit and I can say, regret is not yet recognized maybe later who knows, he is human but for now, am speechless.

This brings me to fearing your fears again. An example is a guy or a lady looking for a perfect guy or significant other. he meets this guy or girl and he or she is blown away and, take it or leave it, you will feel like,

ok, pulse!

Is this human?

No, I need to take it slowly and understand if this is true or pretends.

Do you see what am talking about? We are still scared even when we get or by share, consequences get what we wanted.

Fearing your fears is not running from it but avoiding yourself to allow those fears to be feared by you.it becomes easier when you take a simple leap of faith to act.

The secret of fearing what you are afraid of and mastering ways to avoid those fears is simply practicing the habit of I don’t care boss (you can’t do all your employees’ job but you still sack them even when you know he holds a vital key in the company)

The “I don’t care boss” put herself first in any situation and master how to take charge of his actions and move with the flow. knowing fully that his mistakes today can never be the same as tomorrow because until she encounters those mistakes again, she will be the boss to command his future mistakes.

So, I encourage you to share your fears and take charge because, if you are scared of being broke, you don’t wait to spend your penny before you look for more money to start again, rather you prevent getting broke.

I can’t say it that easy and simple because, I have a walkthrough this for years and still battling, but maybe this article is here to confirm to you that, it time to avoid being feared from your own fears and face it with hard punches. Who knows, that breakthrough might bring you what your life needs to turn things around for good.

I believe in you and know that your baby steps to wash away your fears are seriously going to bring something beautiful and we will surely share with you guys.










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