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Some things are tall, good, perfect, excellent and some short, ugly, bad, and imperfect. In my quest to yarn for somehow good to perfect while am not perfect myself (can you imagine?) I have learned in a very hard way that, when you look for perfection, you will find it but trust me, you will run away from exactly what you wanted or looked for because sometimes some perfections are ILLUSIONAL.

The reason why a lot of people can’t become who they were destined to be or operate fully of their potentials is because of fear.

Scaring your fears as I tittle this article simply means avoiding your own self to be scared of your fears or better still preventing yourself to be scared of your own fears and face them.

Who approaches fire knowing perfectly that he might get burnt? Nobody! the same way I will opine you not to welcome any qualms.

Fear is like being at the edge of the mountain you have climbed to some height and still feel like at that very moment you are too tired to continue climbing up so it either you stay there or jump.

You look down and get wrapped up in fear like KFC-coated chicken wavering in hot oil.it either you remain there forever and this is why some people say:

  • This is how I have been
  • or this is who I am due to the fear of change, they better remain there than jumping.

because they have negatively spoken to the future that is probably not there.

Now there are 3 things that can possibly happen when you decide to jump regardless:

  • you either jump and fly
  • jump and hit hard
  • jump and fall on something soft.

it called CHOICES. Lisa Nicolas once said, chose every day to make one more extraordinary decision.

If you go where you have never been to, do what you have never done before.

Say what you have never said before and through that, you can see yourself becoming the woman or man you have always never dreamed of becoming.

Instantly, your fears will be scared of.

I had serious sex experiences and that washed me off for almost seven years of no sexual relationship and wanted to break that mountain befalling me.

As humans, we can’t hide but run, and even with that lute, it just temporary, so why don’t I rather face my own fears instead of running.

So on the 18th of December 2020, I decided to curb my fears and visited a total stranger well we had talked for almost a month and seen each other ones.

I super liked this guy so I decided to go on a 7 hours trip(well some do 18hrs so mine was a peanut) to visit and I can say, regret is not yet recognized maybe later who knows, he’s human but for now, am speechless.

So i jumped and fell on something soft and even if I had fallen on something hard, it would have been a bittersweet mistake to learn a bigger lesson from.

Obviously, having unconcerned sex has been my fear and have run away from men and relationship for years’

Thinking that the right decision but until I allowed myself to be rescued at the risk of others’ approval, I jump and now am flying.

We might be battling different fears, yours could be”

  • fear of commitment
  • losing our guard
  • falling in love
  • or perhaps scared of being used by men(rape)
  • lack of financial stability
  • fear of change
  • fear of imperfection.

Another example is a guy or a lady looking for a perfect guy or significant other. he meets this guy or girl and he or she is blown away and, take it or leave it, you will feel like,

ok, pulse!

Is this human?

No, I need to take it slowly and understand if this is true or pretends.

Do you see what am talking about? We are still scared even when we get or by share mere consequences get what we wanted.

I can’t say it that easy and simple because. I have walkthrough this for years and still battling, but maybe this article is here to confirm to you that, it time to avoid being feared from your own fears and face it with hard punches.

Who knows, that breakthrough might bring you what your life needs to turn things around for good.

Because it all in YOUR  mind. so time to take a risk regardless of what others may say while getting yourself off the hook.

Scare the fear off, and become extraordinary you never thought of becoming.

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  1. kuks I HV this fear of quitting my job .
    the reason for that is, I am getting out of shape and I want hit the gym buh with the work I do I only get a day off every week this tormenting me so any suggestions

    1. Hi Sherry,

      I appreciate you reading my blog.
      concerning your job and weight gain.
      the truth is am also battling the same but my previous work was tedious so I lost almost 50pounds in a year.
      this current one makes me sit almost all day so I have gained and lost weight on a rollercoaster-like.
      I will advise you don’t stop working because a job doesn’t come easily lately but if you have gotten one that makes you active then consider it.
      so this is what I have started doing to lose weight;
      1:I have stopped picking uber home from my junction since it like a 10mins or more walk which is saving me money and also exercising.
      2:I have also inculcated drinking apple cider vinegar and lime every morning.
      3:My daily drinking water has lemon in it to help my metabolism to lose weight.
      4:I have also plan my meals not to have more carbohydrates since I site more at work.
      5:I have also decided not to easy any food apart from apples at 6 pm.
      6: I have also determined to drink 6-8 pure water or 500ml of water daily.

      Sherry, it working for me and I will advise you to try my steps above and monitor your weight for 3 months consistently to see if there will be any difference.
      However, you can send me a direct WhatsApp message by clicking the WHATSAPP ICON below my blogs OR dm on Ig @kukus_tv
      Hope to hear from you soon.

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