Nana Ekua Ntsiful, I am mostly described as the crazy driver. THE ONLY CAPPUCHINO SERVER ON THE RIDE. Lol because I have a severe drive to accomplish task, being the first of three beautiful hippie girls, I took all the task and responsibility, and I guess that how  the crazy drive came about.

I was raised in a small town at the roadside where vocation or higher education was less of priority, hard to find a role model to look up to.

I started carrying stuff on my head and walk 7 miles to sell as well as chasing cars on the road in the name of selling.

The beauty, the ugly and the fun not to consider my success and failure.

It took me seven years to fight my illusional dreams of becoming a nurse, I run away from home to the city in search for me.well you can imagine the sexual harassment, job search, hand to mouth living, sleeping outside, and free to add more if you can relate.




But through it all, God has been took me a day to discover the real love, passion and my destiny as a TV producer, director, and writer.

Its will be my greatest accomplishment to have you my lovely readers to build this journey together to share lifestyle, personal life experience, food and amazing personality that will blow your mind and to inspire you .

Don’t hesitate to stalk me on my platforms.

Thanks for passing by and see you again. Until then cheers to #capuchinoaddict.

Love yall.



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