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Starting a new job is scary. Whether you’re straight out of college or have been in the workforce for 20 years, entering into a new work environment can make you feel as if you’ve stepped foot on another planet. In order to succeed, both socially and professionally, you’re expected to learn the lingo, follow the dress code, and pick up on acceptable behaviors. That’s a whole lot to do without help. Have you ever wanted something desperately that you thought you can’t wait to have and finally get it and later panic?


That is me, no need to worry I keep saying this to myself every day. Welcome to my new job experience.

The diasporic journey of getting a job in Ghana is every youth struggle because eight out of ten youth are out of employment, hence the craving of roaming the street to seek employment. But the question is:

  • Do we get what we want?
  • Will you do what you have been thought to do?
  • How comfortable is the job to you?
  • Did you just apply for a job because you need to fit in?
  • Is it the money or the love of it?
  • How many people enjoy their jobs?
  • Is your job fun or like prisons?

This and many more are the questions we battle with when looking or haunting for a job.


We always crave for the job but ignoring the battles accompanying with

  • The responsibilities attached.
  •  Insufficiency of what we are paid with
  • Stress bonuses
  • And oh, don’t forget the new coworker who will never smile back at you.

Today I witness and made it out of my bed at 6 am, am shocked, the truth of the matter is I love to have my freedom and I had to dead think through my new normal, sorry it not corona but my new job. Thank you. LOL

Exactly half month of March 2021, I made it to my first work at exactly 8:30 am

Upon my arrival, I met a friend I already knew in the institution on my way of which I practically got lost. Yes, I always get lost coming to my new office.

I arrived, packed, and oh that cute security at the door welcomed me with my local dialect as if he was sent to give me a cheerful welcome.

Packed my car, looking corporately sharp with a curry senora dress, 6 inches black shoe and belt, gold watch, bracelet, and a matching Bouchon, not forgetting my cute ponytail hair which eccentric small face.

Majestically made myself to the reception, oh not forgetting the olden day kind of leg pushed water tap at the entrance. Very memorable.

 After two hours of waiting to be called and oriented, I finally got a call and Miss Olivia took me around to see around and I must say it a conducive work environment, seriously my favorite place is the nursery.

What a waaw! Fully furnished, please employ me at the nursery: I said that in my head. lol

Mm, I felt like giving birth instantly. Smh.

However, I couldn’t lay head at the nursery bed, so I had to find my way to my department which is the regulatory affairs department to meet the general manager and the assistant manager.

Two amazing people, Mr.A and B, am saying amazing because they were blunt and honest with me and took me through the

  1. The job summary
  2. General duties
  3. Specific/mandatory requirement
  4. Reporting schedule
  5. Abilities
  6. Responsibilities and many more.

With a bird side view of my general duties

  • Participating in the development and implementation of the regulatory strategy that supports the effective execution of regulatory submission and medical devices development.
  • Assist in the preparation of the following
  • Advertisement
  • Corrective and preventive action plan
  • New product application and renewals
  • Medical devices etc.

Waw girl, you mean this is few? Yes, I guess so. I need prayers now I think and oh focus on divine wisdom and favor for your girl because I need this prayer.

Thank you in advance.

My heart is overjoyed, aside from the inconvenience that comes with a new stage in life and it changes that am still programming my mind to endure, am also thankful and ready for the:

Picture Credit: Grammarly | @Kuksonline.com
  • Challenges
  • Environment
  • Meeting new people
  • Improving my learning and reading skills because it entails a lot of new things every day hence continuous learning.
  • Exploring new opportunities and all.
  • Traveling a lot, which is my favorite part.

New at the JUMPING stage of my life where the critical decision is required of me to either

  1. Fly or JUMP
  2. Hitting on soft ground because you JUMP
  3. Jump and fall on something soft.

In all, I am my rescue, so I take this new life challenge to inconvenient my comfort zone to attain unimaginable height.

  • I am going to do what I have not done before.
  • Say what I have not said before
  • Am going to experience what I have not imagined before.

Knowing perfectly that, this will bring the real woman I have always dreamt to be.

This is my new job experience. hope you enjoyed it?

Until we meet again next week, BE AWESOME


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