STORY TIME:He Detest Makeup But Thinks Fornication Is Normal


Hello you!

Welcome back to my beautiful, ugly, and annoying life.my life is beautiful because I get what I want by just calling the universe to attend to my needs besides, that what the universe was created for right?

It ugly because I cant teach you how to make a million a day but I can teach you how to make yourself important by loving yourself first over everything and hold on that is self-love and not selfish.🤫🤪

And it Annoying because I have gone through a lot of life chapters that you can pick one or two lessons from my life stories or experience, and hey that doesn’t mean you will not make mistakes but it may help you make silly, regrettable and proud mistakes that will guard your future biography.🥳🥳🥳

If you are kool with this then get cotton buds and clear your ears because you are going to hear, see, and feel more of me so welcome back to my blog. Ding-Ding! Ding! Choose one 🍏🍊🍌🍉🍇🍓

In today’s blog and sharing with you how I met this cutie but mentally retarded guy who thinks we can have sex but I can not do makeup. how selfish? I don’t remember how I met this dude but I know we became kinda close and use to chat more, he looks kool to be hanging around with but my problem is how he always makes me feel bad anytime I do makeup. He Detests Makeup But Thinks Fornication Is Normal.


Me Without makeup

It is sad how men praise their bad desires and detest others from what they are passionate about. Life is all about doing what makes you happy, to be honest with you I don’t fancy doing makeup every day and besides, I  do makeup only when am shooting videos.

You look beautiful without makeup, he always says, but the beautiful cloud crumble down when I do makeup, I have tried to tell him or explained to him several times why I do makeup sometimes but he doesn’t get it and still voice out hurtful words. This guy is hardworking, intelligent, and all but how will you deal with someone who doesn’t adjust to what you do or love? So my question is, for how long will women live their lives in accordance with what their partners want and not what they want or love to do? He Detest Makeup But Thinks Fornication Is Normal

Having premarital sex is normal but you detest your woman when she does makeup? can someone actually tell me, if this is a fact or fiction? There are a lot of women living but dead in their own matrimonial homes just because some creature called man he got married to has seized all his degrees and Ph.D. in the cabinet just because another man will see and toast her when she works. Beloved that is an insecurity with the sky as his limit trust me.


Me with makeup

So woman, don’t lose your powers or self-esteem just because you want someone to accept you or love you. Be you and do you.the right person will show up when you least expected it.

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