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The World Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
In the beginning, the world we know was in a void, shapeless and dark; devoured of all possible life-sustaining conditions. The Almighty God in His wisdom and power commanded light, form, and order into this world. He again breathes his Holy Spirit to hover the earth, possessing and bringing it to life. In the beginning, animals and plants were the first custodians of this earth, our air space, and water bodies.

Out of love and for the purpose of order and dominion God created you and I (Man).
Man is God’s creation as well any other things breathing on earth but Man was created differently and for a higher purpose. A man was made in the image, likeness, and power of God with a touch of love, therefore, Man became ruler over the earth and it’s inhabitants and this is God’s plan from the beginning.


Today the world has revolved and evolved in many ways. Times have passed, seasons changed and Man grew more hungry for the quest of seeking knowledge from both Creator and creation. Throwback to the beginning when Man was created by God; The Master Architect of the Universe yet He gave man also the spirit of Free Will to live life best to our discretion but with the guidance of God the Father. Fast forward, Today Man’s quest for knowledge and power has opened doors, if not Secrets of the world.

In present times our free will as Human Beings has made us intelligent and supreme which makes us almost forget the source of our life whereas Man now sees themselves as “God” and that The Creator is no more relevant in matters of His creation.
The world we know today has been thrown into shambles; Nations rise against each other, Some are killing others just to gain power over many, Diseases and plaques breaking out wiping out God’s most cherished creation; Man. In all these dark moments God hasn’t abandoned us to suffer and perish in the world he created for us.



Nonetheless, He has given us free will and expects us to discharge it to the best interest of the world entirely.
In the year AD 2020, Man has fallen again, Man couldn’t possess the earth to make it prosperous as the Creator would have it. In the stubbornness of Man’s heart, we neglect our Creator in all these tragedies in the world.
He’s the Alpha and Omega and he alone has the healing power upon his creations yet we still insist on doing it on our own.
In the world today we are battled by many forces and they come every day in different forms and energy. This time we’re crippled by the Coronavirus which is wiping out Men from the face of the earth. Remember God loves us unconditionally for us to think He has neglected us to suffer and die; lest we forget he created Man granting us Freewill and Wisdom and that what the world face today is the fault of man, not God, however, He’s there to redeem us when we call on Him. Amidst the horror of these Pandemic people of different Nationalities, Race, Class, and ideologies have been sobered and overwhelmed. Each day passing by most of us alive today have been reconnected to a higher power for help and refuge. The whole world has not been in a normal state in these few months. The fear of a short but painful death has brought Man to the realization that we can’t do this on our own, especially at the point where Medical experts prescribe rather prayers to the infected persons because at this moment there is no cure for CoVid-19 except by the grace of God.
Human activity all over the world is almost coming to a shutdown, it is as though we are being wiped out to be replaced by another batch of humans. Today in many parts of the world, governments have ordered for lock-down of cities, businesses and social gatherings which brings human activities to a halt and in confinement rather animals on the land, in the sea, and of the air are reoccupying the space just like it was in the beginning; This brings to mind that maybe Mother Earth is healing herself from all the atrocities we have caused her. For the first time in a long while the world has become a quiet place as it was in the beginning. This is the time we need to slow down, reflect and appreciate Life as we are still clinging to it, bearing in mind that death is inevitable therefore it is pointless to wallow in fear and anxiety.

The earth is cleaning up and unfortunately, some of us will be brought down in the raze while some live to tell the story, either way, we both agree we are not in normal times and we can not live normally as we used to so long as Coronavirus remains incurable. Why worry about what you have no absolute control of. As earlier recorded in the creation story; God created us in His knowledge and with Wisdom which is needed today as a guide in living our lives in these uncertain times by observing all preventive protocols spelled to us by our health experts who are working tirelessly around the clock to make vaccines for the cure.

This question keeps coming to mind, “How careful can you be”! .This pandemic has hurt our hearts but it should instead open our eyes to see and appreciate the love of God rather than trying hard to hold unto life; The life which has been rented to us and can be taken away any day without our consent.


Tomorrow, when the sun smile on us once again, Man would have gone through some positive transformation. People will now appreciate the little things in life, treat one another with respect and love. We will now know our survival as humans can never be sustained by power, influence, wealth, political stands nor social class. Inequality will be wiped out hopefully and every Nation in the world will be one another’s Keeper because we now understand how neglecting the basic needs of others can turn around to affect everyone. We will begin to see the world as the global village it is with open arms to accept one another with love, respect, and appreciation. In the light of tomorrow, after most of us are gone and resting, our children will take up our mantles and lead the new generation into a world free of hate, atrocities, plaque, suffering, except the fear of God.

We have lived and survived eventualities others couldn’t and we stood to tell their stories, tomorrow we may not have the chance to tell our own experiences of today. The best we can do is to let each day of our remaining life count, show mercy as the Father has for you, express Love without holding back and give generously expecting nothing in return. By this, we make our lives peaceful and the world a better place.

In conclusion, this is another phase of life that shall also pass. Just as Jesus Christ had his sorrowful moments in the Garden of Gethsemane before His crucifixion; We also have our Gethsemane moments in various ways. As Jesus did, this is the time to cry and call on God to help and strengthen us to carry our crosses. God never abandons His children in times of grave or danger, although Christ suffered till His glorious death God was always with him all the way till His resurrection as He is with us this day and forever.

For our fallen brothers and sisters we pray for God’s merciful judgment and peaceful repose of their souls.

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