In this episode i share my long awaited weightless drama with you guys acknowleging the fact that weightloss is hard but not Impossible.


Persistence, perseverance, endurance, hope, intelligence, and many more are qualities associated with the human being, hold on, is that correct?

I hope not, well everyone can be naturally processed to have those qualities but how to use them is the headache.

You agree with me, right? Good girl, the truth of the matter is that there are different aspect of individual life that really needs some changes, adjustment or even some corrections, am sure that why some people use their money to change what they don’t want on their body.

Here is where the problem is, while others are easily using money, contact, and other means to change their life, what do we, you know now! {hand to mouth}do to change what we don’t want.


There is one thing in my life that is too hard to do but not impossible. Tell us, sis, hold on a sec. Ok, am back.

You know we are in serious times, corona, lockdown, quarantine, eating and sleeping.

Can you be honest and tell me what is the common human struggle staying home 24/7 in this trying time?

Deep thinking is not necessary here mum, because your mirror reminds you, everyday sis. Oh my God, I have really gained weight xoxo, look at my stomach, my arms Geez.

In this article am sharining with my 50 pounds journey,how hard it is to loss we but still not impossiblei

weightless is hard, see me see food.

Then you lay on your bed and plan what you can do to change that extra pounds or kilos and as TD Jake said, there is no problem when you know the solution.


Oh, that one, please don’t go their sis. I have looked at myself countlessly and promise to go to the gym after lockdown, hopefully it ends soon.

Sister stop lying, Ghana has been out of lockdown in months, are you still using that as an excuse?


Honestly, why is weightless so difficult? Oh, I started asking this question more than a decade ago.

Tried losing weight, succeeded, and failed again, believe me, that a sign of an achiever.

Hmmm weightless is more stressful than baking cake because you struggle more while baking but you hardly eat more after baking, ask your granny if am lying. lol



Weight loss is hard and that has no court lawyer or judge to defend that, especially when you don’t get the right knowledge, right body exercise, and right food diet for your blood group.

You have possibly lived your pension payments in the gym, eating what your next-door neighbor ate to lose the 10 kilos in a week, that gym buddy or weight loss role model’s body is peopling so you doing the same.


Thank you and clap for yourself. Continue your broadcast that weight loss is hard and surely it will be hard for you. Take it from the girl with the world’s biggest book of weight loss drama.

I have gist for you sis, but before then, I want to give you just one secret to change this weight loss is difficult sermon because everyone is tired of you preaching it every day.

The simplest ways to see changes, improve on your weight loss or to be consistent is simply your mind.

My dear, everything is hard in this world, nothing comes easy darling, you will have to be ready to endure the disappointment, you are going to fail and you are not going to be inconsistent but with your brain being tune to the default setting and thinking positive, then you owe the trophy without competition.

I couldn’t lose weight for more than a decade; I nearly gave up and thought weight loss is not for everyone and that a great just a saying to deceive and discourage yourself.

Of course, weight loss is very hard but easy to the mind of positivity.

Weight loss is hard but with baby steps you can get there, weight loss is hard but seeing and watching others journey can inspire you but nothing inspires more than seeing yourself make those changes to your beautiful body.

Some people lose weight fast, some slow, some it shows on their body and others vice versa.

Weight loss is hard but if I can lose 50ibs in a year, surely you can.

Weight loss is hard but you can, trust yourself because that all you need to do with your mind.


If you read to the last word then you are the real MVP am happy you did. If this piece inspires you then let continue in the comment section and click on the notification bell so you get notified anytime I post an article. Smash that subscribes button and hit the like button for the buzz. LOVE YOU.

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