Have you ever wondered why some people feel depressed, confuse, and go quite at the feel of growth and don’t want to be celebrated on their birthday?

Last year was one of the shocking moments in my life when I woke up and realized that was 30 years old. Beloved, this was so because the last time I critically looked at my life, I was just twenty-one years old. The thought of nine years speeding by spun my mind like working elective maths, physics, and chemistry all at a go. I started asking myself these questions.

How did I get this old? What have I done all these years? What do I have at this age? Have I lived the life I was destined to live?

These questions actually bring us to why some people claimed they don’t like to remember, hear, or even be celebrated. This is a result of the feeling of unfulfilled, or unsatisfied. How do I celebrate growth when what I have accomplished is nowhere close to what I wanted in life.

On my 30th, I reflected on my life when I was nineteen years old and desires I had and where I wanted to be at certain ages:

  1. Have a nursing degree at age 24
  2. Be married at 26
  3. Be done with having my children by 32
  4. Specialize with a Masters degree at 36
  5. Done with going to school at 40
  6. live the best of life at 40


Sometimes as humans, we plan our lives like budgeting and shopping monthly for housekeeping but we forget that consumption will change when we get visitors staying over for a few days.

Our decision to craft and mold our plans on how we want our lives to be without consulting our maker ( GOD) is the genesis of our frustration, confusion, and depression when our accomplishments don’t correspond with our expectations.

This whole emotional crush has symptoms similar to:

  • The feeling of life uncertainty
  • Unfulfilled
  • Clash of dreams and aspirations
  • Confusion of career pattern.
  • Loss of a dear one or a tragic past.


How do we get this far? Well, I have always been driven and determined to do a lot of things in life forgetting about the “what if?”. What if the accomplishment wears me out and my family life and health suffer? We sometimes don’t think about this or we completely ignore it.

 Attaining excellence and doing quality work is important to me so I go the extra mile to get things done. However, I have learned, in recent years, to look after myself as well. I have learned that putting oneself first is important in many accomplishment-drive situations. 

The world and society today attribute happiness to acquiring material things at all costs instead of having life itself. Beloved, life is of great importance. We are nothing without life. What is the use of your accomplishments without life?

What is money, certificates, mansions, cars, and all that we hope to achieve in life without life?

Parents will sacrifice a lot, in the name of leaving a good legacy for their children, but rather leave them broken and in unpleasant situations when they die very young and leave the children.

This is not to say that money, life accomplishment, or having dreams and aspirations are bad but my point is that seeking life and living life well is also very important.

The past is gone. Those you sacrifice your happiness for will wish they move on with their lives than continually grieving when you are dead or no more. 

MY LESSON ON IS THIS: to always remember that life is precious. I don’t have to do more than necessary to prove anything to myself and indeed to others. I will let things be after I have put in my very best.

AND TO YOU READING THIS: note that you being alive is more than enough accomplishment because, with life, there is a second chance.

I guess by now you understand why, that friend, partner, or someone you know doesn’t bother mentioning their birthday or celebrate it at all? You should count your blessings and appreciate your existence.

The big question is, What part can you play to help them see the other side of living life and celebrating it than dwelling on their lack of accomplishing some key desires or targets?


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