Hi, lovely people this yours truly babe, you guys know I always get your back right? Be honest now!so I have noticed your kindest worries about why your wife or bobo carry big handbags or purse to just 5 hours return journey.

Am that tidy up freak!not trying to blow my horn but I do want to see things on point, you know what I mean? hahaha

So I visited a friend and I don’t know how it happens but he ended up in my bag, and this is the question he asked me.

Your bag looks nicer than a lot of lady friends that I have seen but why do you guys carry a lot of things anywhere or at any time?

I was quiet for some time because I have gotten a lot of questions concerning ladies and their handbag content. lol Well, there are a lot of things women can’t control at some point in time, the only solution is preventing before curing. He wasn’t convinced until further explanation.

I deem it beneficial to help my guys to stop worrying and asking soo many questions about what in their lady’s bag.


So let start with a set of comb or brushes, this actually depends on what kinda hair the lady is wearing, being it perm hair or with a wig cap, this won’t be necessary when she’s braiding her hair.

Let take an instance where a guy takes a lady out in a cab or taxi without air-conditioning and her hair blows off on their way. will you feel comfortable when your date hair is in a mess? Of course not, so she can visit the washroom and take care of you have that pretty lady you picked home with a beautiful hair again.


This is one of the basic essential guys even ask from ladies, in most cases, it seems weird if you don’t have at the moment the ask for it.sometimes you go to some restaurant or washrooms and you see no such there. oohhh I remember my sister and I  stole hand sanitizer from a restaurant we visited in Accra, the scent was amazing guys, although it’s not a good habit. (don’t do it)


This set has a bit and pieces of what you may need when your nail polish wears off, nail break, just drop some polish and do some filing and hola

  your girl’s nails are popping again.


Most guys understand the relevance of good makeup transformation.omg the glow alone, but as time goes by it begins to wear off, demanding some necessary touches as my little niece will say.

guys all those slayings are for you  too, so stop complaining about the weight of the bag and just admire ok, lol


I will associate the need for this with comfort and simplicity, a lady might want to wear long hair on a date but as time goes by, she starts to feel hot under her back and begins to sweat a lot. this mostly happens in the club.

The temperature mostly changes at a club when a lot of people come in, so hairband does the magic to release ladies from sweat and even makes us comfortable to be ourselves.



We all know the honorable justice perfume makes when me some restaurant or public toilet might want you not to come out because of the smell, men should sometimes take the ladies to nice places the washroom smell won’t make them run away from them.

Most case, some ladies sweat with the slightest walk or hot this case for sure some flushes of perfume is need to feel much comfortable and alive again (good scent brings back life)


Sanitary pad should have been the first item to talk abut but it seems over the years, men have come to understand the essence of carrying pads around bcause every situations calls for it own consequences.

Most ladies don’t have a stable menstrual circle, some are less sensitive to their circle others have usual hormonal changes.

there  are lot to add but i think i dont want to bore guys,if you made it to here,i appreciate you alot.


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