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  • Why does “I have lost myself mean?
  • Is it normal to lose yourself?
  • what if I lose myself?
  • how do I begin to find myself

The perception or recognition of one’s characteristics as a particular individual, especially in relation to social context is simply the identity of one’s self.

How conscious is your today from who you are a few years back? This is one of the critical questions you keep straining your head with the past few days, am I right?

I want to assure you that you are not alone in this,we{myself and God} are with you so don’t worry because together we will overcome it.

I will do my readers disservice if I don’t share this series with you, in fact, I have kept this topic for a very long time asking myself if I can share this experience properly since I saw my beloved sister go throw this self-loss because of a relationship she could have prevented a long time ago.

I just finished eating a sumptuous Jollof with shito and beef, after eating this food I look back at myself and ask when was the last I had sit-down carbs like that? not to say I don’t have food to eat but my blood type doesn’t permit me to eat too many carbs like what I just finish, anyways it might be smaller than  you could normally eat but it was a big deal to me.

In early 2019, I made this strong decision to cut down my weight by checking my diet and exercise. honestly, I did extremely well with over 50ibs in a year, fast forward today, I have gained back almost 20ibs in just a few months.

so the question that am I asking myself is HAVE I LOST MYSELF?

3 years ago, things began to turn a drastic turn in my sister’s life due to the toxic relationship she was enduring,she laughed outside but cry inside, so I one day ask my she is bound to continue losing herself to someone who doesn’t deserve her love? so she asks me the same question, HAVE I LOST MYSELF?

Reflecting back to the reasons why I have kept this topic to myself because I have not personally experienced total self-lost, bounce back at me.i feel like God telling me its time to help someone out there.

so count yourself blessed if you come across this article because salvation and liberation has come for you today.

Most often than not, women are highly victims when it comes to losing self-identity or self-concept because your self-concept is a collection of beliefs about oneself. Generally, self-concept embodies the answer to “Who am I?”. Self-concept is distinguishable from self-awareness, which refers to the extent to which self-knowledge is defined, consistent, and currently applicable to one’s attitudes and dispositions.

Especially in marriage, relationships, raising kids, etc. women feel more of giving themselves out to make sure that their kids, husband, and any other person are perfectly ok than their own wellbeing. we are all victims but today I want to ask you this few questions:

  • What happens when you break down mental, physical, and emotional that you can’t do anything for the ones you love?
  • who takes care of those you are sleeplessly thinking off every day when you cant think again?
  • who takes care of you when you no longer have the strength to care for yourself.
  • how long will the man you are dying for, keep your memories when you die of anger and bitterness?

Remember! someone first loved you and still loves you unconditionally and his name is JESUS.



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Every woman dream of her own perfect guy, tall,dark or fair, rich, good job with a big fat bank account,luxurious cars, consistent with communication, intelligent, ready to learn, and the one who picks problems through my words without necessarily asking. he sees my worse behaviors as a learning process to better himself to face our lives together because love is two incomplete persons coming together to fill each other’s void. No woman wants to settle down with a man who preaches and paint women as gold diggers forgetting their mums as a woman. with all this perfection in their head, do you also know what happens when she finally finds the dream perfect guy?

Every man sees himself as a good man and vise versa but the truth of the matter is, a good man finds a good woman intriguing, blessed and happy unless a friend of his doubt what he is experiencing due to his past experience but when a good woman finds a good man, she solemnly unbelievably doubts what she is experiencing and consider it to be too true to be true. Women go through a lot of things when they find a perfect guy. The school of thought on who a woman or man really seems outmoded but still holds the strongest belief which seems not to wash off. The controversy of men are bad…dogs…trash and women are gold diggers, difficult to understand..worrisome and you do the additions.
The above mention of sex misunderstanding is all based on acquaintance, experience, and perception which of course convict people to conclude whatever they say or think but can you guess what women do when they find the perfect guy?

Good men also find it intriguing when a woman has the all-round package and qualities like self-dependent, industrious, respectful, and ego pampering.
So if you have a perfect guy who treats you well but still feels unhappy, there is a possibility you are having this problem when the man overbears the qualities you aspire in a perfect guy.



what some women do when they find a perfect man is mostly ridiculous.A lot of women deserves or want a man who calls her baby, kiss her as he meant it, hold her like he won’t let go of her, doesn’t cheat or lie, wipe her tears when she cries, doesn’t make her jealous of other women but rather makes other women jealous of her, he is not scared to let his friends know how he feels about her and let her know how he feels about her but these same women will doubt the credibility of the man when she sees all these perfect treats doubt if he’s real and gets scared by asking if this is really true? this feeling sometimes makes women scared to open up more to perfect guys. if you are a guy and you observe this situation, the only solution is constant assurance.




some women do unbelievable things when they find their perfect guy. Can you actually blame her when she feels underserve of that love you are showering her? the answer is no because some guy you ignorantly know gave her a piece of trauma, betrayal, abuse, disrespect, and some to the extent of losing their self-worth, self-love. some women feel underserved of their color, size, weight, or their educational background. over the years, the fear of underserved among women of color especially has prevented a lot of women from enjoying their right to be loved making her feel worthless of how she is been adored by her own kind of perfect man. when this happens in your relationship, the only solutions are consistent words of affirmations to make her feel deserved and worthy of your love.



why do you think a woman will sabotage her own self when she finds a perfect guy? the word self-sabotaging simply means deliberately damaging or preventing yourself from achieving something great for yourself without recognizing your passive-aggressive interaction style. This gets in the way of you focusing on her great qualities and holds yourself back from potentially becoming who you are meant to you met this tall, dark, nice muscles in your dream car, he approached you and make his intentions to love you but your self sabotaging self tells you, how can a farmers daughter marry the minister’s son,it impossible so you stop picking his calls and ignore his messages.To stop sabotaging yourself, you need to figure out your patterns of behavior and then find creative ways to counteract them and form new habits.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s article is going to be a little bit personal and real. I really wish I can cross my legs on my bed and align my laptop on my lap but I guess my 53 inches hips can’t sit on my legs properly so let manage the stretched legs.

I am that productive girl who always wants to be on top of her game when it comes to my profession but I really suck when it comes to relationships.

Let do some background dating history ok. alright, I let my guard down at age 22 years and I don’t care about whatever you going to say because I did more than well at that age.

I had dreams and aspirations but you know life happens, Fast forward three years later I was done dating. I was spoilt and pampered didn’t know how the next person is going to treat me. wink!🤫

I have had pretty interesting date thou, well not all that Rosie but I cherish all my experiences.

I am a free-spirited person and anything that hold me back from doing what I want or say is an obstacle and that why I chose to be celibate.5 years down the drain, I have learned a lot about myself, from personal growth, self-development, self-love, and self-control.

My absence or celibacy journey has actually opened my eyes and heart to what I wanted for myself in life when it comes to relationships because that is where the case is, I can really tolerate some crab and that what people think it crazy.

Life experience with men and people around me has been an eye-opener for me to truly access and position myself for what is ahead of me as far as marriage is concerned.

I  never get bothered with what others do when it comes to my emotions and I think that action was developed from where I grew up. I grew up in a two-story building with a lot of tenants, marriage and single, cheaters, honest, and womanizers. I saw a lot of fo things that made me psyched my mind on humans in general as young as age 12. I saw good women that served their husband’s side chicks ignorantly, good and responsible men loved with their all but never get loved.

I know perfectly well that, my life is far different from what I saw growing up as long my destiny concern, although it made me see more self-love that really foregoing myself.


Honestly, womanizers fascinate me because they are very smart, they know what to say and do at the right time that sounds a bit crazy but take it or leave it, its the truth.
I grew up to be that girl that loves challenging herself to defeat anything she valued, cherish, and that my integrity and pride, that really sounds like a guy right? Yes, I think so. I have a little masculine ish in my bloodstream.

Ok enough of me, the main reason for this article is to share with you why some women are scared of loving because am also a victim AM I REALLY SCARED OF FALLING IN LOVE? Ask yourself again if you are still not sure.

I love the experience of love but all my plugs turn of the moment I sense love in someone’s eyes. This is mostly men Delima and so do women too.

  •  The fear of being hurt: of course I have been beautifully hurt but the hurt I have seen people go through in the name of love is shocking and unbelievable.
  • The fear of losing something that once cherished: nobody wants to lose what he or she is enjoying or make her happy. I lost my best friend last year and I lost appetite for friendship again.
  • The fear of unknown identity: Everyone knows his or her name but not their identity SOMETIMES, Where you are coming from, where you are going to an individual, who you really are and how you feel plays a major role in defining once choice. This is mostly a critical stage in the life of a man. until he is fully convinced to give himself out, everything marriage, commitment, and love are other matters to him.
  • The fear Of trust: I believe life is dynamic and so are humans, people grow, things change for good or bad, but the most important thing is to be the best trustworthy for yourself and it will be reciprocated.

with the above mention and many more are fears that prevent others from falling in love, but someone may ask why should you fear to fall in love because love is a beautiful thing trust me but in one way or the other this fear has shaped me to reach some potential level in life but I still believe there are amazing people out there who are honestly waiting for your acceptance to show you more than love if you only let them.

My past or your past was just part of the script to guard times to get rid of that fear and open your heart out am on the paths of working on myself  and we can do it together if you can relate.

#STAYHOME#STAYSAFE. See you on my next time but don’t forget to turn on the ALLOW notification to have prompt anytime I post an article. PEACE OUT.

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Let me Gist you! but before then just answer this question for me. Are women really being paranoid, nagging, impatient or just telling the truth? Are men of today romantic enough to make a woman fall in love via dm messages? Has any man swept you off your feet in your dm before?

The social distance and this lockdown issues have really vibrated a lot of noise on social media, some men are complaining women love or like money, some women are complaining that some men don’t know how to start a convoy on messenger.

So am in this group called “TELL IT ALL“, a vibrant young men and women group that allows both sexes to share their feelings and misunderstandings and welcome all sorts of opinions from both sexes. Men don’t like to call cheat neither are women showing their front teeth to women love money.

In all this misunderstanding, remember that we all have a role to play in making each other happy than always finding ways to be communicative and controversial.Every woman feels secure with a man that puts their needs into perspective and that the trick both sexes are refusing to embrace, understand and learn.

So in this article, we are going to suggest certain tricks that are welcome in the woman’s dictionary that can make them feel secured than attacked, keep in mind, women communicate differently. Example: when a woman says she is hungry to a man, she meant to say I will be glad if you buy me food, but when a man says I am hungry, it means, there is food but am feeling lazy to go get it. These tricks below are believed to sweep a woman off her feet to like or fall in love with you based on what over 1k comment from women suggested on how men should behave in their DMs.



7DM TRICKS TO MAKE HER FALL FOR YOUFacebook has made it easier to get countless information on people through their personal profile, like name, marital status, place of living, educational level, schools attended and many more. A lot of women get offended just because they feel, some men are not serious or smart and I use to think so too.

This is because, a white man will show up on my dm and talk about how my career is developing as a blogger while a black man will send me hi, hello, what do you do for a living and many more, meanwhile that same person has been liking my business page.

Honestly, I don’t feel like asking questions that are not found in one’s profile will look more annoying than going to the extreme of asking the person” what is your name and what do you do for a living while all this info are there in the profile.



7DM TRICKS TO MAKE HER FALL FOR YOUEvery woman’s number one priority is to feel safe and secure with the person he is charting with, someone commented in tell it that, someone got pissed with just asking how are you.

There is actually nothing wrong with that question, but what comes out next could be disastrous.example is a guy asking a girl how are you every day and they lady telling him how his day went and bounce, come back again and ask that same question how are you again?

So the woman says my day has been boring just being home, and the guy goes like can I be your singing teddy bear to sing for you and send her a video to a bear singing.

Judge this, who will this lady feel secured with? Remember, everyone has his or her own love languages and that alone, makes her feel safe with you because her needs are met.



YES!!! How do you feel when you ask someone to write about herself and after writing them, you look through and ask some questions you have answers to, put yourself in this situation for a minute, am naked so will get something to wear and be right back?

Am back, let continue, how is the feeling like? Oh, you see. So you hit a ladies dm and ask hey girl wosop with you? And she goes like I am really bored at home. trust me to be the happiest gentleman on earth because she has a problem that needs to be solved and when solved, she becomes happy.

At this very moment, she loves to be out of this boredom and a funny sung with a terrible voice can even hit her gigs to laugh out loud than asking her personal questions like where do you stay and what she does for a living. women actually get annoyed when you beat around the bush than going straight to the point to give them what they love to hear. When they are feed with what they really love to hear, they voluntarily tell you more about themselves and get curious to know more about you. did  I make sense here?





Every woman wants to be with a man who has a great sense of human and not that guy who finds issues or faults with whatever joke she put across. approach her with something she can be laughing about, there are countless friends who met on social media because of their great sense of humor, so instead of asking what do you do for a living, try saying, do you mind pounding you fufu or preparing you your favorite food tomorrow? Knowing perfectly that you don’t know her favorite food and that can crack her up.






Every young girl want to be involving in someone’s life and being consistent makes one feel like he or she’s literally part of your life, don’t be that guy that makes a woman feel comfortable chatting today and go on a  sleeping mode for a week and come back acting up like all is well, men actually like doing stuff like that, they can just go off without notice or explanation and come back acting all find guy, brah! Someone somewhere has taken over that space you left. remember it quarantine, people are bored so every guy is looking through his phone for prey to suck on SO the slightest mistake, she is gone forever.



7DM TRICKS TO MAKE HER FALL IN LOVE99% of women process gifts as their love language, so don’t go promising her money while she hasn’t asked for it and when she reminds you of your own promise, you start ranting like all women like money.there are intelligent women out there who make out how a man’s personality is just by his choice of words.for example, a guy I met on Facebook promised me of some money to get some grocery for the lockdown, I told him not to bother but he insisted. A week later, he told me I have passed his text because he was looking forward to me asking him of the money he promised me himself, can you imagine that? Honestly, I gave him my piece of mind, there are guys who rant around ladies all in the name of texting them to see whether they like money or not, beloved! Women like money and men like women so stop saying what your mother and sisters have been doing and just keep to your wordS



7DM TRICKS TO MAKE HER FALL FOR YOUSo one guy sent a snapshot of a guy and a woman who met on Facebook, dated, got married and had a baby. Interpreting it like he was there when the guy was giving her time when he was supporting her need when he was observing her love language when he was surprising her with a little gift even when he was not close.

I have come across a lot of people and can say a lot of people have made a lot of difference in my life.i have received a lot of support from people I have not seen personally, but has gone a long way to make difference in my life, so don’t just say sorry when she’s bold enough to say she is hungry, she doesn’t have data or she is not feeling well.

Find a smart way to find what restaurant around her and surprise her with food, get her that 5gh cedis data you can afford, get that your friend or brother to send her the drugs she needs and check up on her if you are out of the country.

Don’t do it for a woman, do it for your mum and future generation and she will forever keep that memory of difference.

Good luck!!


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So I was speaking with a girl earlier and she remarked eeeeeeiiii Nana! I said yeees do you know chief hasn’t even asked me how am going to survive this COVID 19 lockdown or what I need? I responded: who is chief? that me actually being sarcastic. Nana Paa you dey shock funs oo.I have been out of dating for 5yrs so I have lost terms, I chipped. is the chief your father or uncle? I asked. The truth of the matter is that he’s not done taking care of his family so who are you to be his worry?

If the good man you claim you have taken from a bad woman; mistakenly realized that his wife is not really that terrible as he”the good man” made you believe. Than rapture has taken place for you. Consider yourself in hell now.

Good men are scarce. .where scarcity means what…? I use to believe in this phrase but COVID 19 has changed the game of English language on that ..1🤣🤣🤣



Some young girls have comfortably been taking some women’s husband from them just because they loosen up a little 🤣 It a lie, brother|sister! which prophet told you that? ” good woman“, thank you and carry forward.
If you intelligently took a good man from a careless woman, then tell me where is he now at lockdown.
Where is he now at self-quarantine? Where is he now at this very moment.
Keep in mind; a good man might hurt the bad wife to the moon and back but will never wish death for her. Oh, your intellect didn’t process that…., right? awww sorry.
At this very moment, the good man you claim you took from a bad woman is still with her, there is no excuse for you”madam good woman.”
At this very juncture, there is no scarcity of good men in town as your illusion perceived.
In this locked down and quarantine moment, all the scarce men are put to use by the strategic implementation of COVID 19. Amen to that. I am sorry to hear that your economy is gradually out of intellectual psychic patronage.
The Akans use to say “nothing is permanent”…indeed nothing was and is permanent. Your time may temporarily be shut down and who knows sooner or later it might be unlocked again but here is my fear for you. A prayer for side chicks and guys too is needed because your end will not be: the end of COVID 19 but rapture for you.

There is a saying that…no woman is cheap just because she opens up her heart for a man she loves. But if your case is vice visa then you are the cheapest commodity COVID 19 has to produce because everything is expensive now in this season.

Because every conversation ends up with “when the lockdown ends” and I just pray that bad woman changes for the better and the good man you claim scarce ..get his right heart desire or senses back.
Trust me, you will understand why there is no scarcity of good men own by bad women.
I know you agree with me but the little lies here and there that the so-called good man is spoon-feeding you are still making you feel deserved or wanted
Oya! Good luck. But remember! The only thing some men don’t ask for help is sex…apart from that, they need help everywhere … don’t listen to the bad paintings he has been decorating your mind with and go hunt for your own man. if men are scarce in the market as you say.
I wish you good luck if you see reasons with me and have a change of mind and heart….. but if you still think good men are scarce and the only option is to take good men from a bad woman….
Then pray hard for COVID 19 to end because at this moment; only COVID 19 can determine your faith.
I hope you have had fun reading this article as I enjoyed it too.
Please like, share and subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to allow the “ALLOW POP” to have first-hand articles on
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IF I WAS A BOY, I’D BE THE BEST SORT AFTER WOMANIZER WITH GRACE? lol, what will you do if you were are girl or boy?

If I was a boy, I will roll out of the bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go, drink beer with the guys and chase after girls. I’d kick with who I wanted n I’d never get confronted for it because they stick out for me.

If I were a boy, I think I could understand how it feels to love a girl, swear I’d be a better man.

I’d listen to her because I know how it hurt when you lose the one you wanted Cause he’s taking you for granted And everything you had got destroyed.

If I was a boy I would turn off my phone and tell everyone it broken so they ‘d think that I was sleeping, just to be with her.

This is what Auntie Beyonce will do If he was a boy but now I think it my turns to live like a boy for a day so let do this.

If I was a boy, I will definitely be the best and awesome womanizer  Guinness book of records ever record as” that womanizer ladies still want to be with because of these 5 qualities. Although I don’t want to be a womanizer or have a lot of women floating on me, my awesomeness will call for it

First thing first I will

5 things i will do if i was a man


if I was a boy, I will listen to my lady like Mtn call center respondent, be polite, romantic with a respectful voice and attentive ears even though they won’t solve all your problems, have you wondered why most rich men’s wives cheat? It simple, their hubbies are often not attentive to listen to their rubbish so they just get carried away with some broke naga who is smart, list to all their problems without solving them and still, she gives him more money to solve his problems rather than hers. Do you know the secret to a successful marriage as a man? Allow your wife to release 2 million words when she is angry and listen than shouting her up.#youaredoom?.Don’t call it madness it normal with women as same as cheating is normal with men.? 


If I was a boy, I will understand my woman because they don’t sometimes know how valuable they are until they are reminded by men. A whole stadia of women can praise a woman, but she will only understand and believe herself when it comes from a guy. Women do unimaginably great when they have great partners for support. Shut up it a curse by God?



Be emotionally available as a lesbian(Emphasis ‘as’). I am not in any way patronizing lesbianism but lesbians are two women with equal goals and mindset of love. they understand how important it is to be emotionally dependent on each other?.so if I was a boy I will always be available even if it just a second because I know how women value their partner’s presence when needed✌️


Do you have a partner? If yes then what is your partner’s love language? Do you see yourself? Lack of observation so you don’t know. Love languages are an act of service, gift, physical touch, quality not quantity time and words of affirmation. With these tricks and implementation, your love life will be like a scent of the fragrance in every lady’s nose. the truth of the matter is, women don’t actually need all the time in the world and am number one.yels?.Women actually want just a little but quality time with their partners’ little WhatsApp saying good morning sunshine is all they I will give my woman little but quality time if I was a boy


I hurt to say money but every woman gad deem likes money. Money answers all problems but doesn’t solve all problems, don’t get it twisted. Now the truth to your curiosity of that rich girl in your community following that dirty but cutie and broke guys is not because of money but because the guy is available emotionally, understands and believe in her, he listen and knows her love languages so stop envying and follow my leads, sit back and relax while the girls keep floating on me.?so I will give my girlfriend money without her asking if I was a boy

Hey, y’all! This has been my enjoyable article for 2020 and thanks to T.I.A page for this awesome “what will you do if  you were a boy.hope you love it, please don’t forget to like share and subscribe to my blog because I post on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND ON FRIDAY. let me know what you will do if you were a girl or a boy in the comment section. If you don’t see my post on these days then I am enjoying love and life

please like, share and subscribe to my blog. See you on Wednesday and remember you are blessed with all heavenly blessings. PEACE OUT!❤️?


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Is it normal to have doubts after break up? Should you avoid your ex after break up? How do you know is it really over? What should I do immediately after a break-up?

I know there are billion and one questions that need answers right now, to sympathize with you I have been there, I broke up with my first love after a whopping four years of finding his way into my life. sometimes people say men who persist in loving someone may not be genuine, but trust me mine was awesome.i was physically, emotionally and psychologically secured but we broke up because our younger siblings(my sister and his brother ) feel in love and we had to sacrifice our love to make them happy just because of some tradition, yours might be disappointment, betrayal, cheating and many more, still I can feel your pain. In all, kick that wall, bruise that finger, cry your heart out but don’t do these 6 things after a breakup.

don’t  ignore or force the pain to go

I call it “defensive mechanism”, this attitude is mostly common with so-called strong women or men of which I am a victim, we turn to ignore the pain by consoling ourselves with all the bad things he \she did to us and ignore the good part of the person. William Shakespeare said life is a stage, we create our own characters and roles. when your characters don’t live to expectation, we create new roles to fix or change them by analyzing the situation, finding a solution and moving on to the next chapter of your life.alot of people are carrying luggage from one breakup to other just because they didn’t allow the pain to go gradually for healthy mental state after breakup, deal with pain, don’t force or ignore it.

don’t be idle, socialize

If you want to overcome breakup easily don’t be idle but rather socialize, idle minds are the devil’s playground or workshop. Idleness is the only refuge of the weak mind, make yourself and your mind busy, listen to motivational messages, join friends on a picnic, outing or not kill yourself because life is too long and lonely to be idle, have some fun for yourself and not for anybody because every chapter in your life either add up to future blessings or take something bad away.

don’t waste time on revenge, invest your energy to better yourself.

Turn what the devil meant to be bad for your good if he or she left you for a graduate, take a step further from where he or she left you. Period! I have seen people lost everything after a breakup and ten times multiple gains what they lost. some breakups sometimes are meant to make you stronger, prosperous and healthy. don’t give them the pleasure to see you losing weight all in the name of always thinking of your next move to destroy him or her, channel that revenge into positivity.

don’t listen to love songs

Anyone who listens to love songs after breakup automatically wounds his or herself trust is life, it brings back memories of the life you have lost, therefore causing you more pain and heartache. ? love is a beautiful thing, don’t get it twisted, but instead of listening to love song, listen to inspirational messages.

don’t block them

Opinionatedly, everyone has a way of handling pains so feel free if blocking your ex helps soothe your pain.but what is the use of blocking my ex while my close friends still keep them, thereby seeing my ex on my friends feed? think about it. in the game of love, anyone who block the other is bitter and looser. who even knows what the future hold? there might be a second chance?.unblocking also helps you to appreciate the lesson learned from who you were and how you have matured to be…honestly, some people will curse the day they actually met their ex after 5 years of a breakup when they are on a different level in their lives. don’t block them, let them see who you have grown to become today.

never say never, give love a chance

have you listened to never say never by Justin Bieber? go check it out, never say never, fight till forever, whenever love knocks you down don’t stay there, fight back. A lot of people are still crawling and hiding their loved ones just because of what they said when someone broke their heart, the table always turns, being it good or bad, watch what comes out of your lips when hard times knock at your door.give love the chance when you find one after a breakup. funnily, people who enjoy best love life comes after terrible heartbreaks and is a beautiful thing so enjoy it.

I have really enjoyed myself sharing this article with you and I believe you will in one way or the other help you see the other side of love and enjoy it. please don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to this website if you like to see more articles like this.


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Hello friends

Should keeping your partner’s apartment be criteria or test for marriage or wife material? Today’s topic is very intriguing to me though it is common with African men. If you are a man and you have this shallow mentality, then am sorry things are falling apart for you. You dey joke! lol

Dear young men, your personal hygiene is not another man’s daughter’s responsibility. Your girlfriend is not responsible for keeping your apartment clean nor taking care of your laundry or kitchen. Stop excusing your failure at being human as a test for one girls-quality..

So a guy called A.Eric k @twickta  tweeted that: Part-time men, looking for full-time women, men are joking.

My beloved men…. please remember we are in a new era where machismo equality is striving for growth.

Addendum: I don’t believe in the viewpoint of ‘what men do women can do better’ because God is always right putting men over women.

Gone are the days, when women stay home wives, doing the domestic chores and taking care of kids and firstborn(men)Things are changing and will continue to change, whether we like it or not…stop misleading yourself. It is tremendously good for a woman to know how to cook, clean, take care of her home but trust me, there is more to this basic quality than what we see freestanding. Have you considered how people sham to be good women and outdoor their real character when they become the Mrs.?I remember a guy who wanted us to go out one day…He invited me to his house to help him clean his house. Before that request, he had made a silly aphorism about a girl his friend was dating that he yakked his friend out of the relationship because…. the lady refuse to clean and wash anytime he visited. Why must he fill his laundry and expect her to come and wash them? I catechized. Honestly speaking my top-notch quality in a man is intelligence, but I guess his dumb self-answered “why shouldn’t she do that, is it because she is a woman and you think she is obligated to do that? My beloved men, these 20thcentury women are way too intelligent to know who they want and which man really want to settle down.women of today are not that dumb as our ancient grandmothers impressed it. This is actually a wakeup call for men to sit up and change the game. Domestic chores are the basic requirement of every woman, when a woman cooks, clean and all that, but what happens when she can’t handle the pressures of hard times can’t adjust to changes as a married woman.

Can’t support the man physically and psychologically.

How resilient is she emotionally when you are feeble?

A lot of single men are still searching for women beyond their maximum reach, size, class and standard.

If you want a woman to treat you like a king, first treat her like a queen.

Men! if you want to receive the full blessing that comes with finding a wife, then always consider a woman as a disable gift that you know God has given you and as you cherish it, God will cherish your handwork for your unborn generation. Receive womanly insight is Jesus name.

Hope this article finds that one-person, who need a message.








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What women really want from a men best(1)


Here is the challenge with women when it comes to what women really want. They say they want one thing but their actions speak otherwise, needless to say, it can be confusing.

Well today, we gonna get all cleared up by showing you how to read between the lines.

You learn the method to know exactly what a girl wants in a guy.

Let just dive in, but before then I want you guys to know that, these tricks are base on my experience and that of other’s experiences that are approved.


we know what it takes a keen ear to hear what a woman says. i wonder how hard it is for men to understand how valuable the little thing guys do mean the world to women. Listening close to what the ladies say and deciphering what she wants. It just one of the many tricks to get girls to chase you.that because all women want a man who knows how to listen,it shows how he simply cares,the power of small gestures goes a long way to a clear path to meet a woman’s heart. the power of unimaginably small staffs goes a long way to soothe a woman’s kind without asking for and win your three-points with the little things you do with the information you have learned while listening.



There is a saying that,the devil is always in the details,it always the reason to get in the moment ..the truth of the matter is that women engage guys who talk much but rather pay attention to the once that observe, men who catch runway(that intriguing gestures that blow the woman out of the clouds)instead of being a nice guy rather block the obstacle feeling ready to set the moment on your side. she talked about what on her birthday and, you kept quiet and got her the watch. That the moment a woman will ask you where have you been all this while? women were born to be surprised.


Being able to bench 250 pounds, build a house and fix your car doesn’t make you a man. A man’s inability to hack up simple means unsecured to women, women want to have a feel of that soft touch of a man, trust me it sexy sometimes.

Men who don’t hide their feeling, make changes, have morals and values, show his sensitive side regardless of what others think, has the passion and share his joy with others, men who are not scared of being vulnerable, intimidated or leveled down. don’t use some hearsay of women to make them feel less of themselves. A friend of mine showed me a trick that, telling a woman that “women like money” breaks their winds to even ask what they need, all in the name of being a gold digger.

If you love cat love it. if you want to cry, please do.


Stay true!great advice or the greatest? It takes years to build trust it just a second to lose trust. some men lose themselves when a girl show interest in them. This seems common now, but it will surprise you how men lose sight of who they are when it comes to staying true to themselves when a girl shows interest in them. they lack the principle to stay true to the challenge and the princilple a girl shows interest in them, including a girl who may or may not, likes them; don’t use a bunch of alpha male body language tricks unless you can make it part of your personality, dont be bony and cloud, be yourself as true as possible.

remember intelligent girls like me keeps records of what you say today and can relate to what you say in the next year, just to compare and catch the truth from what guy say because not all girls are dumb as you think , pretending to be who you are only leaving you a life long of loneliness.


someone will ask what is mentalligent? intelligent simply means one’s ability to learn and understand things easily according to Wikipedia so menatelligent is a man’s ability to learn and understand and that my topmost lookout when it comes to qualities in a man. I believe mentalligent is a total package of a good man because any intelligent man communicates exquisively,pay attention,learn and understand a woman.

Although some men may have good communication skills but lack intelligence.A man who is intelligent pick his next step or line of action from the mere word a woman says, he thinks deep before he replies a woman, he not bossy, he believe in the right of a woman, he knows a woman liberate her pains just through talking. As a matter of fact, I can write a book on”MAN” intelligence because that only thing that softens my heart.

DISCLAIMER: you might agree or disagree but this is what I have gathered and observed from m experience and that of others. Please feel free to drop your comment, experience, and suggestions and might drop part 2.

thank you so much for you time .PEACE OUT







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THOSE WHO HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, LITERALLY HIDE NOTHING. But is it true there is always nothing to hide? Obviously not. Kids even have secrets.
So will you share your laptop, phone, social media password, or email password with your partner or will you change your password when your partner sees it?
I was expecting a serious call for a job interview, my phone rang whilst in the shower, so I couldn’t pick it fast, so I ask my husband to get the call for me, the call ended before he got to the bathroom so I had to mention my password for him to return the call for me, the next day, he picked my phone and realized I have changed my password and he became very upset.
How do you handle the misunderstanding that comes with changing the password when your partner sees your password and you change it afterward?
What is a password anyway?

Sharing password with your partner has its own merit and demerit, but remember the genesis of all healthy relationship is trust, most often than not, the idea of password and its shareability comes up if the trust is not the foundation.
• You are merited to be on check, who comes and go off your phone OR social media. Since you are consciously monitored by your partner, possibly to keep you in check from cheating maybe.
• Your ability to share your password also shows how transparent you are in the relationship.
• Sharing password also helps in terms of emergency when you forget your laptop or phone in the house and you in need of important message from your phone.

But the question is? Is sharing password really the newest trend for successful relationship or marriage?
I don’t mean to misuse the word of God in vain but let take a critical look here, Jesus said I and my father are one without knowing when God will order the angels to sound the trumpet other than interceding for us human, the main focus here is secrecy, password, code.
Believe me or not, “a child will die even when he’s in the pope’s pocket”, same to a man or a woman who by all reason want to cheat on a partner.

• One of the major DEMERIT with sharing a password with your partner mostly is a misunderstanding of what she or he sees provoking or misinterpreting, the pressure goes high, tantrums rip up unnecessarily,
Be a disciple of God and keep whatever you doing with your password to yourself.
Nobody intends to cheat, there is always a reason for everything. But honestly, I don’t agree with sharing a password with my partner because we all human have a deep secret.

No matter how sincere or honest you can be in your relationship, there is some secret best known to you and you alone.
Beloved password is secret and so shall it be.
Be like Jesus and stop fishing for what is not or might not be healthy for your heart.
Due to password sharing, someone’s marriage is on the divorce scale, because the man keeps accessing the wife’s phone constantly, counting the number of times his wife’s boss calls her phone, due to this same phone assessment, he wanted his wife to stop the job that even survives the family, the man has now realized how “foolish” he has been, because he can’t even pay his own kids school fees for over seven school terms of separation.
In my opinion, don’t attempt sharing a password with your partner whether you trust the person or not, that just privacy, for a safe, free, fair and healthy relationship or heartbeat.

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