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Tinder Chronicles: Kuks “FORAY” into Men’s Jungle.


Hello there!


Who is it? 

  Am Nana Ekua Ntsiful. 31 years old and single since 2014,13th November to be precise. Haha! please allow me to sell my market.✌️🤪

Hold on a second. what are you marketing, please? well, if you care to know, am marketing my relationship troubles on the internet for free.

Bam! look, you smiling right? you people like free things ooo.


My best friend Rose likes the internet gist so I was thinking you will love it too.

Really? Go on. Thank you for understanding. 👍

Life and its dynamic experiences oo. lol. yeah! That answers your bothering question, right? What question? why were you single for six years?

Oh yes, I was about to interrupt you on that.

In this episode, am going to take you through my journey of trying the Tinder app to find friends,

and who knows?

Hmmm, children of today! go on. Thank you.

So as I was saying before you interrupted me, I personally know that am;

  • A strong-minded woman
  • Crazy
  • Focused
  • passion-driven
  • Someone you can’t change my mind if am not ready for something.
  • Visionary
  • Sassy and playful.
  • Self-love is addictive but not selfish

Look upon the wall, there on the floor
Under the pillow, behind the door
There’s a crack in the mirror.
Somewhere there’s a hole in a windowpane
Do you think I’m to blame?
Tell me, do you think I’m to blame?


When was the last time you ask your friends about their opinion on WHO YOU ARE?

Guys intrigue me, hold on! it’s not what you thinking lol.

But, I think my love for men is because we are just three girls. I have always wished to have a biological brother, although I have stepbrothers. I didn’t grow with them.

However, I love building friendships with guys, hence my discovery of how they see me.

Some say am :

  • Industrious and every man will be proud to have me as his wife. well, this is so and so!
  • Too smart to outsmart: so true
  • Too addicted to self-love. More than right.
  • Too confident: not always but most times.
  • Too egoistic: this was news to me but I will work on it.
  • Sweet, Intimidating, caring, and strong personality, Kofi replied unapologetically

Who? Me? Oh, how?

 shockingly! That is what my male friends think about my personality.

That’s fine, right?

 Agree or disagree? I totally agree with what people think about me. sometimes there is little truth to what people say about you.

Just don’t challenge or defend yourself.🙏  In most cases, others’ opinions about you don’t really matter. however, a little attention wouldn’t hurt.

It is up to you to vigorously access yourself and discover your true personality and do the necessary adjustment and sis, that on PERIOD!

Enough of me let’s dive into the beginning of my TINDER DATE CHRONICLES. Shall we?

Tinder is an American geosocial networking and online dating application that allows users to anonymously swipe to like or dislike other profiles based on their photos, a small bio, and common interests. Once two users have “matched”, they can exchange messages.

 As Pentecostal as I am, I decided to have a meeting with God based on the way forward concerning my birthday and destiny on Monday the 9th of November 2020.

Yeah! I know that was weird, but hear out here. my birthday was on 22nd November, single for six years” and my body no be firewood. Bruf!

Something will, may, might, and surely KILL, not only men but also some women. haha.

A lot of people don’t even want to hear me say, am single, and when I add “six-year”, they shout, and their facial expression is like the sound of COVID-19 and Donald Trump. lol

Please don’t smile at SELF-CONTROL or ABSTINENCE because those two are bitches lol, pardon my language.

Well, I was about to turn 31. I think you can relate. if you are in your early thirties. Maybe am alone but no problem.

Yes! That’s what I did. it’s habitual lol. I embarked on a 3days dry water fast for weight loss and spiritual purposes.

Have you experienced a moment where you need a distraction? else you might lose self-control?

On the 11th of November after my guitar class. I decided to get myself busy else I might eat to spoil my fast which I was so determined to accomplish.

So, I downloaded the Tinder app and since that day, my self-exploratory journey has begun.
Mind you, I wasn’t new on Tinder but that was some years ago. I don’t remember if he was the first person to chat with me but am sure he was the first to ask for my number. Gladly did. well, the thing about giving your number to strangers for me is that you can practically block the person if you desire. Who else is also not stingy with contact?

Have you tried to be a copycat where you tried something done by someone to see if it works?

That is exactly what this dude did and maybe I also decided to try. Curiosity! My friend got married on Tinder so I also want to try my luck, he remarked.

Truth be told, I found his vulnerability intriguing, ok, so, I also told him I was bored and needed destruction.
We talk on Tinder and graduated to WhatsApp without a certificate.🤪🤪🤪

Do you have a lot of people hitting on you? he asked and to me, that screamed” Father Bernard” INSECURITIES”

Eeeeeeeiii women! What have we done? oh nothing, carry on. haha! well, on the other hand, his question sounded harmless. He opted to leave Tinder the next day, and true to his words. The next morning on the 12th Nov, he suggested we meet in the evening when he was late.

Fear is proof of unrealistic imagination brought to life. Leslie Brown

I cubed all my fears of meeting strangers, took that leap of faith with him to a nearby beach, and bought some drinks and sausages. it was a memorable outing. Sharing, they say is caring so, I invited him to our little vacation the next weekend.

I was a little uncertain about his coming but his demeanor didn’t portray someone who could attempt anything silly.

Exactly the kind of thinking that ended the girl next door with a bastard child.  Don’t underestimate any man.  Capability is in their genes, just saying ooo. In fact, you didn’t hear it from me. So, why were you scared?  first time after years of no sex: oh now you know and so……in fact, am the silly one here to think that way right?

Did he behave on the first day of our being together in the room? yes, he did and actually opted to leave respectfully after a good chat.

Please offer him a clap offering for me. Thank you.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I wasn’t too waived because it was his first time. I guess the first impression counts.  what a clever guy.

Can he behave the next time? Fingers crossed. but I have a question for the guys. Please, what is your thought processing like?

Sleeping with a lady you have not discussed anything intimate with or even ask to date or ask to be your girlfriend?

Ladies, why do you also have sex with guys without any definition of your friendship?

let’s continue the discussion in the comment section and please don’t forget to click on the notification for an automated prompt in order not to miss any future posts.

Also, click on the WhatsApp icon, and let’s get personal.

Until I come your way again next week, it has been humbling to share all you need to know on my Tinder date with you.

Remember you are your own happiness.



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