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This is actually my favourite part of this site where practical lives from various diversity are is too long and never short because there is no short cut to life.


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AND PAUL SAID.And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

This context was use by Paul when he recieved unimaginable gift from the corinthians.To show appreciation for all the kind gesture,he prayed for them.

Hey lovely people

With great humility and joy in my heart I want to present to you my new MacBook pro. hurray!

There were a lot of things I had wanted to write about on my birthday but trust me, I don’t really know why I was stressed and frustrated during my 30th birthday to the extent that I didn’t even want to do, say or even cut cake on my birthday.

I am one crazy girl that birthdays are my touch notch event I don’t play with it.

I can literally cut cake as early as 4am before going to work.If its weekend then hallelujah.

My birthday was last week Friday on the 22ndNovember but I was literally down that my sister was even worried.

My feelings were ridiculous, lonely,stressed and confused. I wore black on my birthday just to forego people’s attention on my birthday but unfortunately, I was on a whole television for all day.

I had wanted to be myself, have myself and do my own reflection of God’s goodness in my life.

It wasn’t as low key as I plan but God really surprised me.Take a minutes and image God using someone you just met from nowhere[stranger] to manifest a wish of almost half a decade to life through a stranger.Delay!they say is not denial.He makes all things beautiful in his time.


So, prior to 2 weeks to my birthday, I lost an amount of 150 was magic because from my sisters’ room to mine was just the next door.

I remember dropping it in my bag [that if I did] but until now I don’t know where the Cheque varnished to till now.

Rewind to 3 weeks before my birthday I met someone in a flight and we indeed spent a lot of time talking.[40 minute].We exchange numbers and he even dropped me at my hotel on arrival.infact the whole conversation was faith and God’s goodness.We kinda both shared similar testimonies from how God change our lives from grass to was magical.

Someone might say: maybe he is interested in me, far from that.

Long story short, on my birthday he gifted me money to buy laptop, I had wanted to buy camera since am a content creator but I was advised by my sister to use every gift for it right purpose and am glad I did.

My whole birthday was surrounded by this wishes below :

  • Camera
  • Mac book pro
  • Wi fi router

And building my inner peace.I have not literally recieved salary since 2014 beause i have been in school and all the jobs I have been doing are voluntary services.This reminds me of how faithful the word of God is”the bible say it the blessing of GOD that maketh riches and not hardwork

To God be there glory am left with the camera to complete my heart desire but I know God has got me covered because he has done what is unimaginable.

There is one question I use to ask myself, why does God deal with me in such a weird way. I posted the missing money of my face book account and believed a miracle. Indeed faithful is he who has called us and he will surely fulfill his promise in my life.

I was gifted this Turbo Net from a friend I met just two days.I dont really remember the genesis of the conversation,but it was like someone we have known ourselves for years so when he found out of my birthday,he said I dont think anything will best perfect your birthday than this Mtn Turbo Net due to what you do as a content creator.

The excitement of this testimony was not requisite of my wishes or what I had but just to inspire someone of God’s goodness.

When I misplace the money, I was sad and as well assured because this is not the first time God has surprised me on my birthday. I hope this article goes a long way to inspire that one person who is believing God for a miracle on his or her special day.

May God surprise you as he did for me in Jesus Name.AMEN!

There is nothing we have that we did not receive from God. 

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Mat 7:7-8 (NIV)



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First of all, let the disclaimer drum roll now. Okuuurrururr!!!!

Please am a young woman with good mannerism, amazing sense of humor, beautiful, strong and yes a little sassy and craziness.

Yes, I know what you are thinking!

Well kuks, you know in our  African setting, if you tell me, you have been single for almost 5 years, it either you are sick or you need deliverance period.

So I have been meaning to ask you these three questions

1: Have you been ignoring the men? OR 2: Have they been ignoring you?

I scratch my head a little and go like, that really a profound question, in fact, that a big question, very profound.

So inorder to avert myself from all mental misunderstandings I give practical explanation.hahaha

So sis, I love men yes I do. Take it or leave it. But to tell you what?

I love who I am now, surprising huh?

Take it from me, there are a thousand and one reasons why I stop dating.

But kuks…….no more kuks again dear. Save the questions to yourself, hopefully by the time I tell you my advert reasons you will join my team. Optional anyway.

Well! I have always loved myself growing up just because I have literally seen it all.

The truth of the matter is that no marriage or relationship excuse can best mold what life presents to you other than examples.

Am, sassy, crazy, chocolate baby beau, have curves but no big breast as I

My confidence was always in my secured place.

To tell you a secret, every lady show her part that she is so much confident to show,

If you dare me to ask princess shingle why she’s always flaunting her tapoli figure.

you can relate if you are a Ghanaian.

Entrepreneurship is in my vain so working to get cash was my priority but I didn’t like my mum, not to say my mum was bad but I always want to be extra. Hahaha and you can testify that extra from my body.

You don’t want to know my love story, to tell you the truth I live in the intellects of a man, but the body of a woman.

So I can do crazy and unimaginable things. In detail, I have done a lot of crazy things that you don’t want to know.

Don’t be too curious sis?






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I respond to the name Nana. I don’t think my age is important for now. I would like to share my experience of how I was being raised by Pentecostal parents… Yeah growing up in a Pentecostal home. lol, funny right… There are many churches out there, we have the Methodist church, Presbyterian Church, C.A.C, Church of Christ, Roman and many others, and each of them has a principle that guides them and also how members of the church are supposed to behave. As a Pentecostal baby girl, I would share with you how I was being raised.
Many people are found talking about my church most times, people say our rules are too strict, others say members have no freedom, and the ish or let me say the bossy of all is about our dressing. Ha! Whatever the case may be I still find Pentecost to be the one of the best amongst the rest, no need to brag, but I am talking from my own point of view, you can also brag about your church no hard feelings biaa. Ok so enough of the bragging, yeah, yeah. Let’s start with why I’m here.
I have been a member of the Church of Pentecost since I landed into the world, at day 1 to 4years I entered Sunday school, where I was taught a lot about Jesus, and also the Bible. Though I was being taught by my Sunday School teachers, with no doubts I can say my dad taught me more, in fact, he is the reason I am still upholding to Bible principles till date, not forgetting mummy, but Charlie my dad did the majority of the work.


Let start with the early morning devotion, Dad use to wake us up around 4:00 am, yeah I used ‘us’ because I have a kiddie bro. I was around 10 years at that time and I’m 5 years older than my kiddie bro so you can imagine. Since my bro was younger, sometimes my dad allows him to sleep so they do their Bible studies later in the evening before he goes to bed I always get bored when Dad comes to our room at exactly 4:00 am to wake us up. The frown on my face dier I won’t talk about it, I wish you were there. I get bored and I know that my daddy can see, but he’ll ignore. After dad has managed to wake me up, I wash my face and we start our Bible studies, before our Bible studies we have to pray.
Dad likes it when we kneel to pray. My dad can pray for like 10hours you know what I mean, I remember I sometimes sleep whiles he’s still praying, and when he ends his prayer and he’s expecting his personal assistant to say Amen, hahaha I’m in London koraa, he will talk saa but he will stop and we will start with the Bible studies. Sometimes, I can even go to the washroom and come back to find my dad still praying, I will just kneel quietly like a good girl. I got used to how dad prays, so sometimes I can go to the washroom, not to pee ooh but sleep and when I hear he is about to say Amen I will run quickly to kneel. You are wondering why the washroom, yeah it’s because when I’m in the washroom and I’m sleeping and in case dad finish praying and doesn’t find me and he calls me, I can give an excuse I’m easing myself….Oh, Mercy…But Charlie it’s no fault of mine at all, you know how it feels when you wake up at dawn….I’m in the dreamland then all of a sudden dad comes and just end the dream, ah.
Let’s move to how the Bible Studies is done, dad knows English is a bonus once you go to school, you will be able to speak English, so his focus was on how I will be able to read and write the Ghanaian Language which is Twi. The beginning was not easy at all, I will make a lot of mistakes, dad corrects me, sometimes I repeat the same mistakes and dad gets bored if you are a teacher you should know what I mean. Sometimes he even shouts at me when I make the same mistakes, and then I start to cry, so I’m unable to read, then in anger, he tells me to go and sleep, me too hwimm I leave, Me sef I want to sleep, you see the thing. I guess you’re suggesting I should cry always, but sometimes even if I cry I’ll still read, that’s dad for you. Gradually I was able to read and write the Twi and when it’s time for Bible studies, I can rattle the Twi language, after reading about 3 chapters in the Bible, Dad will tell me to take my time and read because the Bible is not like my textbooks, oh Charlie, I can get bored saa, but I have no choice than to read over again. The reason why I read fast is for us to finish early so I can continue my sleep, but reading over dier, by the time we finish answering the questions and all that, it’s already morning, hmmmm daddy, yeah he sets his questions after each study for me to answer, sometimes I don’t pay attention so I’m unable to answer, so dad starts the study all over again, Mabre oooh, hahaha. So for me, at age 10 I knew a lot about God’s word, so I’m not surprised I was the best student in R.M.E when I was in Primary/J.H.S and also C.R.S when I was in S.H.S. I even contested for Bible quiz for my house when I was in S.H.S and my house is always first, through Bible quiz I was awarded too, so dad’s training helped me after all. But apart from Bible subjects, I was very good when it comes to academics, and I realized all that is in the Bible is true. (Joshua 1; 8) That was just by the way.

I think I am done with this chapter let’s move to dress, ha! As a Pentecostal princess, I was not allowed to wear just any dress, Miniskirt, bareback, crazy jeans/ tattered jeans, etc. I’m supposed to dress very decently, you know what I mean. I’m always found in trousers, till date I’m usually in trousers. Wait let me make something clear, I wear trousers not because I was forced or not because of any church principle as people have been saying Pentecostal ladies are not to wear trousers, but because I didn’t like dress and skirt but I still have to wear. Says who in my house, trust me I didn’t were trousers for the whole 21years of my life, Yeah if dad wants me to be decent I find it most appropriate to belong skirt or dress and I will literally preach anyone who wears trousers. I remember when I wore ‘skirt skinny’ to town, the skinny was brown in color, and dad saw me from afar he went for a funeral, he saw only the skirt probably not seeing the skinny because the color was the same as my skin. He just called me and asked me to go home immediately and change. He left the funeral and came home to tell me never to wear such clothes to town. Mum is also the same; she loves it when I’m in a decent dress. My auntie was a seamstress and trust me, I always get bored with the things her s sows but what can you say apart from wearing it.

Friends were also another chapter, Dad and mom doesn’t like it when I visit my friends, they believe that me seeing them in school is enough and also I’m not allowed to go for parties. In short, I was always indoors. Dad had heard stories of boarding house, and he knew he won’t be there to tell me to stay off this particular friend, so he told me “please put God in all you do, be careful of friends, make the Bible your only friend, and told me to keep these two texts in mind that’s Psalm 1:10, Proverbs27:11. Dad also gave me inspirational books. I wouldn’t talk about guys; you should know, yeah I was being cautioned to stay away from guys. I believe my dad’s heart skip a beat when he sees me with male friends…
Movies were also another chapter, dad is very selective when it comes to movies, he doesn’t allow us to watch movies where people expose themselves(nudity), such movies do not conform to teachings in the Bible and my church as a whole. I am human yeah, so sometimes I go contrary (don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about pornographic movies, I did when I grew up anyway) I will be watching 4 play and the rest then boom when I hear dad coming, I change the station fast, I was caught one day, when the remote didn’t work when I tried changing the station, mmmh from that day dad hid the remote when he’s leaving for work and give it to us only where he’s in the house…. Hahahaha, you’ll be wondering if dad is a pastor or elder in church and mum, a deaconess, NO!! They are not, but Charlie they don’t joke when it comes to Bible principles.
Also some songs were prohibited in my home. Although my mum shop was close to the bar, Yeah you should know, till date the music I love and can sing are all gospels, but hey I couldn’t close my ears when highlife is being played in the bar. I know people in my church sometimes listen and sing Sarkodie, Shata wale’s songs, they even have those songs on their phones for that I can’t judge if it is right or wrong, but for me, with how I was being trained I don’t listen to such songs. Dad always encouraged me to be good even if he’s not around because, I am living not to please him and mom but God, so I should think about my surname before making any choice in life, since making the wrong choices will not only affect me but my family as well.
Its bias when parent say keep yourself till marriage, which is biblically right, you listen and keep yourself till every guy in the neighborhood knows you and probably run away from you if that fellow is not morally upright.
Then the same parent start nagging and asking when will you get married, some Pentecostal parent can even go ahead to say it ok, you can have sex before marriage when they are desperate and you are not. Lot of us are still keeping on to that and dying silently but I quite at age twenty one even though I didn’t plan it.
Ok so I’m done, I think I have touched on almost the chapters of my Pentecostal lifestyle….. Though you may find it kind of strict, Charlie it has really helped me. My parent’s training has always kept me on track to date. In my Pentecostal home, pleasing God is the topmost priority.
Today, I can even have sex and still go to church considering the relationship I have with God, but still, the conviction of how who and where am coming from has kept me celibate till now after five years.
Honestly it boring, exciting, annoying and painful sometimes but the most valuable part is the solid foundation of the word of God in you that straighten your part whenever you fall short.
My advice to the youth living in a Pentecostal home is that, enjoy every bit of it because you only know how valuable or boring you have lived your life when you grow.
Keep the faith, listen and keep the word and enjoy church activities.

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Never compare yourself to anyone,
Some people may take days to reach their dreams,
Others months or even years,
Never wish to be like them because all fingers are not the same.

No matter how long time may seem,
Always remember life is an express road, and overtaking is allowed,
You are not in a competition with anyone,
With perseverance and determination, you will get there someday.

He is rich and has attention and so what?
She is beautiful and so what?
She is a fair colored lady and so you want to bleach? Hmm
You are also beautiful in your own way,
Oh yeah she was my mate, and she is now in the university, and so what?
Do you know what he or she had gone through before he got there?
Do not envy someone’s grace if you do not know the pain he had gone through.

Just be you, the road might not be too smooth, and it might be rough,
But you need to strive very hard till you also achieve your dreams.
Never commit the mistake of saying I wished I was him or I wished I was her,
Be yourself,
If you do not appreciate yourself, no one else would.
The best is still ahead of you.

And so what?


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They say patience is a great virtue but silence is not golden (KAUI DANKU) neither is tolerance easy. There are people we accommodate, others we consider and some we just front strong face for.
It hurt to the born, sometimes teary, other times feels like giving up.
Am not a superwoman neither do I want to put up a strong face with people that kill silently?
There is no collapsing relationship or marriage that can vet on the fact that the red flags lalipoping now which is jeopardizing the marriage today were not seen at the beginning of the marriage.
Woman are naturally overprotected and defensive creatures but they are the most precious creature that God is keen about, so don’t take them for granted.
She might have been vulnerable or desperate for dippy reasons but they are the most dangerous beings that whatever you do to them comes back to you (karma).
It saddens my heart and soul when you meet people you care about and do all things possible to adjust to each other on the grounds of love but you are never appreciated but rather look a fool to them, just because no matter what they do, you still care about them. It’s so crazy huh?

This is some basic things I have tolerated for almost two years of our friendship and am kind of proud of myself.
DISCLAIMER: it’s not easy so don’t try to tolerate the below mention if your maturity level hasn’t grown up to my stage.

He said what sapping is for important purposes, not just texting anyhow demanding reply’s, so he drops a sentence after texting him a whole week.

He’s always busy doing one thing or the other if he makes time, he leaves early, oh which life be that one?


If he offends you, he asks for reasons why he should apologize, eeeiiiish sister!

He doesn’t show up in a mutual plan date and claim he had an emergency on his way out to meet you leaving his phone in car, that means no appearance and he doesn’t call back in days to say sorry unless you bring heaven and earth down on your own to reach him and his excuses…OMG and you are his…….?

You wait for him for two hours without apologies but leaves in five minutes when you are late……please can you tell me who is that?

You give him a surprise visit and gives you attitudes but complain when you don’t pass by when you in his area, oh sister stop talking, I can’t bear this again.

You are so anxious to help him, check up on him, find out how his day went or how did the exams go and he never cares to say thanks for checking up on me.himmm

When won’t call to let you know whether he can come or not when he says I will pick you at 7 pm, you better start moving for your life?

He’s the first to ask how your schedule is during the weekend or the days but never show up.

He can switch his mood for months without picking our calls or replying our text messages, sister stop worry yourself because of he careless about you!

He is always aggressive on the topic concerning women and claims all women are the same. His sexual orientation or experience is terrible. He needs psychological help.

He spends time on his birthday with people he claim they are never around when needed them except for having time but gilt those who care about him, the schedule you are the last minute on his birthday and trust me for gold, he won’t show up or call to conceal the appointment, who cares about the plans you have for him?

Oh, his victim mentality is killing, he does something he needs to apologize but turn it around like you rather the worse one, man this is typical psychological and emotional abuse.

You get an accident or fall sick to hell with you expecting a visit.

Nobody is totally worst because he’s sweet when around but trust me, love is a beautiful thing. I have always believed that love is love when someone you care about reciprocates how you really care about him or her. it’s not necessarily sexual or romantic love or just friendship love.

Love only loves when you still love even when you are hurt.
Its heart bleeding, emotional torture and draining, but in all I still advise you love unconditionally.
I have grown out of his behavior to be one great and strong woman I never dreamt of becoming just because I gave up countlessly but I still overlooked and still care.

I might not know how he thinks or feels about me, probably I don’t deserve his respect, love, care, and appreciation.
But one thing that encourages me most is that he will one day if not forever remember there was one fool he knew that tolerated me.

That won’t give me world best women tolerant but never give up loving or caring for people who care less about you, it might be your calling.




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Hi lovely people, it a new day full of greatness and am here again to give you tasty soul pancake that will brighten the corner where you are,aaaiiii PENSA members where you at? lol

Am overly honored to share an inspiring story of a young lady who sees the lightbox at the end of the tunnel and never allowed the immediate darkness of her struggle overpower her.

Be inspired and share your comment down below continue the train.ENJOY.

 The day I thought I had finally reached my destination, but boom I was disappointed unfortunately I couldn’t reach. I was downhearted, I cried, I lost appetite. I wished it was a dream, but unfortunately, I was facing reality. All I could say was; “life has not been fair to me, why me?” But as time went on encouragement from my loved ones healed my wounds gradually and brought me back to life. I was actually refused a visa application.


Though growing up has not been easy though, but the most important thing I have learned in life is to always push hard and never give up no matter how tough the journey is. I put God first in everything I do and my dad’s advice has kept me on track till date. He always says; pleasing God should be your topmost priority, if I’m willing to please God then he will make my life very beautiful. Anytime I face many challenges, I always remember my dad’s advice. Wherever I find myself I   try to please God. I know for sure that if God is on my side, it doesn’t matter who is against me. I know and believe that even though the journey has not been smooth, God will never leave me. I have been through a lot but I still hold on to my faith, I know the Lord will bring me to a successful end. My mom has also cautioned me to be careful of friends. They can influence me positively or negatively. I am going to make my parents proud, someday, I will get there. That day I will shed tears not because I am sad but because I have reached my destination. Before I take any decision in life, I don’t think about myself only, but my surname since it is the family’s name. Whatever decision I take can either honor or tarnish the image of my family.

My dad’s advice prevent me from backsliding, mom’s prayer keeps me moving, brother’s encouragement gives me hope, sister’s achievement makes me work harder, and above all God is my ultimate strength.

Never give up;

In life, one might face I lot of challenges, but always strive hard, never give up.

The road might not be smooth always, but try not to give up.

People you know may have moved to the top, never compare yourself to them, very soon your star will also shine, even brighter.

The disappointment will come your way, but stand firm.

It is good to fall, but make sure you rise again.

People will mock at you, others will betray you, but always remember, you are strong therefore giving up is not in your dictionary.

Mistakes are meant to be done but learn from your mistakes.

Life will seem unfair sometimes, but always remember not to give up.

It might take weeks, months, or even years to reach your dreams or achieve your goals, but always remember you are a strong person and therefore you are not ready to give up till you finally get there.

You will get to the top.

Nana Adwoa


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Hello, lovelies,
It another lifestyle corner with yours crazily kuks, today we are tackling a sensitive issue or topic I think it’s worth briefing with you guys, get closer darling it might help you or your friends at work, wink!
Fortunately or unfortunately people go off, moody, frustrated and stress most often at work and you go like waaw, today is not really fun at work, why? Because of those, we laugh and play with are possibly in the spirit, lol obviously not but just inspiring negativity kills positive vibes.
Could it always be home or family issues?
unaccomplished or unfulfilled dreams or past?
Betrayals and disappointment?
Let me refer you to the worlds number one and first billionaire OPRAH WINFREY.

Even if it is, we still lose our balance to differentiate our feelings from home with how we feel at work. Mixtape I guess? My short period at work makes me rather pity some people especially when they worry and stress themselves to death without profit.
According to my observation, before I forget, our elders have a saying that, you can’t kill two birds with one stone, so separate work from home issues but hey it, not porridge to be stirring, you need Buckingham palace roles and order to pull through.
Now on the real business on what you actually eager to know.
Aside from family, relationship, children, etc, Some colleagues or friends get madly moody or frown when at work. Sweetie pie don’t be or better still get some hot pepper with boil egg of which I know you love it and free yourself with this bondage.


AM THE ONLY ONE DOING ALL: the champion Attah, Mayweather, all knower, this are the name they call such people. Darling, you are stress, moody and frustrated because you have proven so, with rejecting people’s idea or hard work. Obviously, you are a victim of proving negative relevance, your team members are tired of you that why you are stressed and frown doing all the job and dying.
What should I do then? Million dollar question, dear, human relationship is very vital in the cooperate world and the earlier you learn to improve your communication, teaching, appreciating others skills the better.

INTIMIDATION: This is my most difficult stressful factor I have seen people go through in cooperate places like mine for instance, the chances of a film student getting job and rising to higher level is impeccably massive than someone who studied agriculture, but darling on a more serious note you are at the wrong environment, the earlier you jeopardize your carrier or your hobby by learning from people, the better than feeling intimated, stress and moody.
Watch out for the continuation of the next story.

NEGATIVE LIFE OF RELEVANCE: This stress generated attitude is more energy killing than any other. In my field of expertise, some people unreasonably do everything just to be seen or to be recognized than equipping people to help them out. You are strong with high energy level today so you are directing, switching, producing and want to prompt? Darling is good to be multitasking but hey! all days are not equal you might need that help, your negative deceit of wanting to be relevant by one person could possibly blow out in a mass number of people or better still the whole world when you believe, inspire and equip people around you to work together to save the stress alone.

SELF CONFIDENCE: I have got myself kit Kat bar so before I continue with this particular point, let me breathe, take a bit and a sip some water first because it was one of my self-struggle as a plus size girl in the cooperate world where different sizes rob your faces every day. lol, let safe it for another blog yeah? God! Now self-confident, lack of it for that matter is common victimizing stress in my office. trust me some people even lose the little they have just because they are affected by this insufficient self-confident people because they inspired negatively, hindering people’s talent and capabilities due to their insufficiencies. You are a victim, right? No big deal next time help build someone’s confident, possibly you will be inspired to gather self-confident momentum.

“WORDS: can be like x-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.” ― Aldous Huxley, brave new world
This obviously is one of my favorite quotes. The bible says good and bad are in our tongue, how well you plant it, generate more harvest. But some people around makes as mad, stress us, moody, you name the rest….just because they are our supervisors, leader, bosses. If you had to change your words towards your subordinate, you would have helped someone to increase productivity.

LACK OF APPRECIATION: I am not actually moved when you appreciate me or not, you know why, am not perfect, I try my best in the little I do, let me know where am wrong and I will correct it myself and appreciate myself. I have come to a point in my life where people practically lack appreciation for what they do, so why will they say well done when they are practically doing more than you without being appreciated, but is that how the world should be? My dear don’t kill yourself, live life to the max if you are not appreciated.
I can go on and on this case, but I will advise you stop frustrating yourself on expecting much from people, there is all new level when you are appreciated, motivated and see through the pivot of where you fall short on the above discussed and heal yourself. I hope this little piece can go a long way to distress and free your frustration in any way possible? Please don’t hesitate to share your experience with us in the comment section because I love to hear from you.
Have a bless Friday!!!

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My life seems slow?awwww am very sorry for you.honestly,before i sympathize with you,let me ask you this question.please with all due respect is there any thing you have learnt so far from this slowness in all aspect of your life?

You cant say no?especially when you have principles or morals.

Morally in my local dialect,there is a saying that “when god takes his stone,he doesn’t throw it fast”

So tell me in the comment section if you have not learnt any thing at all from this slowness?

Let me tell you mine:

My mom will say,you are growing so what your plans about marriage and i go like don’t worry in his own time.then she will start comparing Auntie Mary’s daughter who is married and I remind her of Auntie Afia’s daughter who rush into marriage and went mad after a year of emotional,verbal and domestic abuse.

I can go on and on.

My dreams of becoming a  nurse was shattered after long years of applying.

Everything of my dreams practically collapse right before my eyes and many more .

But through  it all,i have learnt to trust the process and embrace it.




I wish I can say this or write this article again when I have achieve my ambition as a blogger,TV Producer/Director but I have not gotten even close to what my mortal intelligence want my handwork to achieve.
Can I say,am having a slow life like what you saying or going through?
Most often than not,we go like,
God what is happening to me,my friends are getting married,all my classmate have accomplish our childhood dreams of becoming a nurse and married.I have tried nursing application for fifteen times in six years.

The people I sat in the same class are driving big cars and am always getting cold from smelling ampit of Trotro mate,honestly some  Trotro mate e realy have to do something about their smell, anyway .
I can use my life as an example,we are three girls,my younger once have two kids each when I was still a virgin.
I was a nanny taking care of others kids at the stage in my life when I was suppose to start taking my life to the next level.
Do you still thing your life is slower than someones?pulse and listen,go round observe and ask.You wil be marveled.
What is the rush darling?
Simply embrace the process.

A twenty four years old friend shared his emotional experience with me days back and that actually inspires me to write this article.I was very thankful to God for two reasons when he told his story,he said KUKS,I have made a very big mistake in my life and I don’t regret it.First positive effect of mistakes,I wanted a car and my brother advised me not to buy because he will buy me a car in good time,but being an entrepreneur and having money coming into my account,I ask myself what the heck?why should I wait for my family to buy me a car in their own God knows when.

So fast forward,he deposited money for a car and in few weeks,the car thought him a great lesson.Did he even learn enough lesson?he allowed himself again to be duped again in a car that barely cost 40% less than the  amount of the car.

The car never moved in a day without a fault, not forgetting that,his money got locked  in the first deal and again the second deal. kuks i have literally loan a lot of money to my friends that they have not even paid and now am stranded.

One lesson he told me he has learnt is that,he nearly had an accident with the second car and had to trek to his destination to borrow money from a good friend of his and all his friend could do for him is to buy him club and meat.He said MAN i don’t need this,all i need is some money to tow my car from the roadside to the owners. but guess what his friend said,I DON’T HAVE MONEY NOW.

So i ask him,why were you rushing to have all that?he said I THOUGHT I NEEDED A CAR.

One good reason to me base on this story  that made me happy is that he is just young and in such cases,it better you face such things at a young age to learn before it too late for I advised him to thank God and not to be sad.

Another observation he made himself was that, you see your love ones when you are broke and depressed.this is a guy who actually like high  grade girls but when he encounter this,no high grader was available to help than his poor junior high school ex girl friend.


I have practically been delayed in literally everything in my life,but honestly that what my physical skull thinks but i promise you,you have no idea of how i have matured in all aspect,if not for anything,my five years celibate life has thought me what book or no man can ever make me understand and believe in.

I might not know which part of your life you are  facing slowness or stagnation,but there is one thing i know for sure.”ITS ALL PART OF GODS PLAN’

How will i inspire you today with this article if i had not gone through and embrace all the slowness,stagnation,disappointment and betrayal.




Am friendly,let get to know each other.











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celibate since 2014

Hey lovelies,
Trust me the chino smells awesome to know where to start from, am sipping “cappuccino” lol am all hot up but we will caption this anyways.

Today am sharing something delicate with you guys, however, I want to know what you think of celibacy?
Well, in my opinion, Most of celibacy encountering’s are for spiritual or religious obedience and health purposes.
To some religious rules, way of adding value to their personality, Building self-esteem but I kind of currently realized that it was just for self-competent and self-love.
In my previous article about losing my virginity, oh it rather about coming. I will explain how it took me a long time before losing my virginity. I was rich in my own way.
Growing up as the first child of the house I had to set examples for my younger once to follow but I guess they actually had their own agenda to break it before me.
In 2014, I experience some challenges in my life and career that lead me to depress and devastated.
I lost a job I presume God gave me, but fast forward five years today, God made me realized that, his plans are not mine and they are always for the good. So I told God that I need a stable life without any sexual relationship, I didn’t practically have this mentality of having sex or going into a relationship because of money and trust me, I was richer and confident without a man. So to say.
In my love life, I have never experience the love that I wanted apart from the one I crazily sacrifice, yes I did sacrifice my true love with useless traditions(pardon my language), I guess that will be a story for another time. let me know if you want me to share it in the comment section.
Fast forward, God answered my prayers and gave me a testimony without sweat and every Christian will say it was the doing of the lord and marvelous in my sight.
From that day, all my needs were miraculously met, it was from that day I promise God to stay off all immorality.
Lovelies, I have never regretted this journey with it related issues if you know what I mean people. Do you feel me?
I experience the love that was hard to get from mere men from the family God gave me.
I have uncounted a lot of amazing gentlemen that my decision has drifted their purpose, possibly not of God.
I can be here blabbing and say that God has been there throughout every step of the way in my 5 years celibate journey. IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON BECOMING CELIBATE, THIS IS MY ADVICE.

DON’T WATCH OR BE ADDICTED TO PORNOGRAPHY:I know what pornography is, way back from secondary school because am a biology student but watching it wasn’t my thing until my curiosity for finding my real orgasm sport(don’t ask me where?), some people don’t have orgasm no matter how or ways they have sex and self-masturbation can help diagnose it, but don’t trade it for sex. Addiction, as I understand, is a situation where you do one particular thing continuously for satisfaction but regret afterward. Yes, regret(personal definition). The chain for addiction is satisfaction-regret and loneliness.
It’s a big struggle and challenging when you get addicted to something so seek counseling if you struggling with pornography or email us to speak with our expert.

DON’T TRADE SEX FOR MASTURBATION. God in his own infinite intelligence knows that companionship is the necessity for human life that is why he added sex to human life, not when you are not married people, that is fornication. So kuks, Are you saying you have not fornicated before and you are holy? Am sorry am not holy, I use to be sex champion but mighty hands just rescue me. I have come across men who enjoy their women masturbate in front of them and some those who frown against it. What am I saying here? Simply don’t batter trade sex with masturbation when you claim celibate.


AVOID TEMPTATION BY NOT VISITING MEN: It was through few hours visit to a trusted friend that jeopardized my twenty-two years old self groomed virgin self. I don’t believe it when they say women are weak and vulnerable, they are not but some of us just surrender when it comes to sex depending on the situation and if you are that emotional as some ladies give in to men lies when they claim they can’t control themselves because they love you and will have blue balls and pitifully give in to their desires. I practically understand that stage and you have to mature out of it.
If you know you are like that, then advise yourself from the kingdom of God is few meters away. lol, Stop visiting men or boys.


The world navigates in the rule of “give and take”, yes give and take, even God gives us life and inhabit our praises, so how much more a mere man.
Men smile, waste time, waste money and gift out for a trade of sex. Sometimes they don’t even communicate their intentions verbally but still, get women to open up sex to them.
The earlier the better, speak out your journey to anyone you intend falling in love with, yes you can practically make up your mind to love someone because it all starts from the mind.
Be vigilant to those who claim to understand who you are and what you stand for as a celibate but still push you to do what you don’t want to do all in the name of love, some love IS foolishness.


This should have been the first thing to consider just at the mention of celibacy.
The struggle is real and you need a metallic mindset to stand. Sometimes you fall in love with someone who doesn’t believe in what you believe in and that is one of the greatest challenges when you chose to be celibate.
I have been there severally and I as ask God why? I have dated someone who later got married to someone else just because you have decided to get married before sex.
There is a wise saying that, “woman! Don’t remove our load of jewel just for a man to contain but you rather need a man with a heavy hand to be able to contain who you are.

On second thought, I realize, I value more than just sex and marriage.
The hand that will value and adore the inner woman in you and the lustful physiques that will pass with time.
THE WORD OF God is the strong weapon (Hebrew 4:12)
Fear not, for I am with you.
Don’t be afraid, for I am your God.
I will make you strong and help you.
I will support you with my right hand that brings victory. Isaiah 41:10.

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Hope yall doing great,As  the title demand,life update, so I decided to share with you guys what latest in my life.I want us to share with each other what happening in our lives so let hookup and connect.






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