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“Go back to God when life get tougher because he doesn’t look at your past or judge you before he helps you.” Mum

“You are more than what you know you to be, you are more than enough don’t forget this” Mr Avenor.

“If you don’t hear from your boyfriend within  24hours you don’t have a boyfriend.” Salasie

“Step into a space where you can endeavor to become the best form of yourself, while instantaneously accepting yourself exactly as you are. It a place for the optimists, the go-getters, the imperfectly perfect.it for you, that human being blossoming to progress.” Blogger.

I love all this advice but one of advice that clicks anytime I come into contact with human beings as far as relationship is concern, is from my sister.

she said put yourself first in all that you do, never forget yourself and that not selfish because nobody gives you what they don’t have in excess. So it either you give 100% or 0% trust and have it all to yourself because without you, there is no



She went further to say that, you only blame yourself of all emotional hurt because you allow you to be hurt.

You don’t even trust yourself but you trusted you heart into someone’s hand, you made someone have full control over you while you can’t have same.

You know you more than anyone does, you sell your weakness whenever anyone predict you correctly because your weakness is your strength and vice versa.

In this life,there just two people am eager to know because such people takes their own life into their hands and rotate it the way they want. These people give

  • 100% trust
  • 0% trust

100% TRUST

I call this category of people the benefit of the doubt givers. You will have no reason to say they didn’t trust you to operate in your full capacity.so they give you 100% of their all but here is the problem, they are mostly seen as fools but yes, they are strategically fool and not completely fools.

The 100% trust givers deduct their trust gradually from your actions with background checks and close vigilance,by the time you are done with them, you can never repair the trust.

These are people you always wish you had done something different when you had the chance to be close with, because they are givers and go all out with everything within them and when you miss their leniency, hardly will you find one like them.


These people hardly get hurt, surprised at anything or worry about others actions because they are already wearing safeguards.

They don’t give you the benefit of the doubt, they don’t expect good but ready for the worse.

Your lies, betrayals, disappointment and every terrible dark trait you have is their experimental theory of research.

They are always coming back to you even when you backstab or hurt them. Never think they are fools they just have nothing to lose because you can’t get under their skin while they give you none of their trust.

They don’t necessarily nag or beg for attention, they hardly show love, strong outside but have soft spot only home sensed people observes.They practically give you what you give them.

Finally, she asks me, so where do you belong? I laughed and said I belong to the 0% trust.I thought as much. She smiled.

There is a great deal of lessons learnt here

  • The world was created before you but the choices you make in life becomes your world.
  • Pain is inevitable but how you chose to handle make your world weak or strong.


Am leaving you with advice from Tyler Perry. He said and I quote.

I put everybody in my life in the category of trees, some people are like leaves on the tree and when the wind blows, they move anywhere, just unstable and that ok because most people in the world are like this.

They are just there to take from the tree and give shade every now and then but don’t get mad at people like that because that who they are.

They are never going to be nothing, that what they were put on this earth to be what they are, A LEAF’

Some people are like the branches on that tree, you have to be careful with those branches too because they can fool you.

They will get them and make you think they are good friends and  are really strong but the minute you step out, they own them, they will break and leave you high and dry.

If you find 2 or 3 people in your life like the root at the bottom of that tree you are blessed because they are kind of people that won’t go anywhere.If the root weren’t there, the tree wouldn’t live.

A tree can have 100million branches but there are only few roots down there at the button to make sure it gets everything it needs so when you get some root hold on to them but the rest. let them go.

So i ask:what is the best piece of advice you have ever recieved?

Please dont hesistrate to share with us your best piece of advice ever recieved in the comment section below and untill we meet again please hit the notification button for future notifiacation on all our post and let get personal on whatsapp by clicking on the whatsapp icon.

Peace ✌️✌️✌️kuks.





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