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Over twenty couples, singles, and co-hibernators—married and unmarried—lived in the two-story building where I grew up. The good, the bad, and the ugly of life’s buffet of abuse—including physical violence—was served up to a diverse group of people with varying character traits and life experiences.

I came across women whose physical abuse had evolved from an unacceptable situation to a brand-new norm. Love had clearly lost its feel; bruises had taken the place of love’s scars, and tears now echoed like a lovely sea.

Not forgetting the “We have got everything together couples,” the truth is that not all marriages or relationships are as terrible as we think, but my bordering question has always been, “Who trained those men and women enjoying the full scale and blessings of life and marriage?”

Fear and a plethora of questions crowded my mind like wild winds. I always wished to help those women, but my inability to support them resulted in my having “ghost listeners,” to whom I could imagine myself telling the stories of the women who were subjected to atrocities around me.

After receiving a diploma in TV production and direction, I knew I wanted to use my love for storytelling to change the world and have an impact on my local communities.

I started out as a freelance writer, crafting compelling personal life stories people can relate to on blogs, YouTube channels, media productions, and UNFPA Ghana.

The desire to connect with people and change lives is at the heart of my own experiences and passion for storytelling. At that point, I became aware of the effectiveness of content marketing and social media. Using platforms like LinkedIn, blogs, and Instagram, I found a way to tell stories that not only entertained but also informed and inspired my audience.

As a Google partner and content creator, Nana Ekua Ntsiful now assists men, women, and brands in sharing their individual stories with the world. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, we can Amplify untold narratives, reshape perceptions, and empower humans through authentic storytelling to create a more empathetic and connected society.

Whether through blog posts, social media content, or journaling your life, Nana Ekua Ntsiful is passionate about using her storytelling skills to help you succeed, create an impact, and change harmful practices and gender norms that reduce the dignity of women and girls.

I believe that every story is unique, and I am excited to help you tell yours. so, let’s connect and start sharing our stories!

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