“The mind they say is the first point of your success, no matter how you want to succeed in life, build your mindset first.”

Hi lovelies, it another day with yours truly Kuks, your online positive stalker.

So what good today people? Am back with another article.

So over 90 days, I have lost a lot of weight that people can identify physically and spiritually, lol.with a bunch of questions which are hard to answer some times.

What have you been eating? what gym group do you join or exercise do you do and many more? but let just start with my fitness essential.

Over a decade now, I have been struggling with gym and dieting and what have you. I strongly believe there is a way for weight loss for everyone on this planet unless you don’t your body type, blood group and what best works for you.

I lost seven pounds in 2012 and I gain back and more in 2018 but promise myself to move forward and not backward.

I have lost 15.2kg in 90 days with going to the gym and this is what I d used in the house.

  • WATER BOTTLE: I call my bottle my bestie because I go everywhere with it.water is important and dehydration in weightless is the key so don’t joe with it. my bottle contains 1000ml which is equivalent to two pure water(you will understand if you in Ghana). I literally take a maximum of four a day which is equivalent to four thousand ml a day. Taking too much water help to suppress your hunger, flush out all the waste from your body so drink! drink! Drink


  • WEIGHING SCALE: I bought my scale from the game shop at the Accra mall.its was a little expensive but I don’t regret buying it because  it able to read your BMI, read your calories, calculate body fat and can also tell you what calories you need to take in a day. i highly recommend the CAMRY SCALE.

  • DUMBBELLS: I remember my first 3 kg dumbbells, they were so heavy in my arms, but in less than a month I lost passion for it because of it light in weight. you guys know I have crazy arms that I think I will that me a decade to lose weight there. I think so far it has been amazing so get dumbbells if you can relate#sturbornarms.
  • FITNESS BALL: OMG!funny enough my fitness ball only step down when am lying my like my partner in prompts me to roll it in the form of exercise for my abs so I can exercise every day (before I go to bed and when I wake up from bed).



  • TUMMY TRIMMER: I have had tummy trimmer whey back my senior high school days. I was discouraged when a friend told me my tummy will be bigger when I stop using it .but trust me,common sense should let you know you can’t maintain anything in life if you don’t adjust and consistently do something.i have always frown at big tummy since childhood and thank God it not that extreme, although I don’t have a flat tummy but am always proud of what I have.


  • SKIPPING ROPE: my first ever love. the only exercise equipment I knew growing up was skipping rope and it one of my favorite. I may choose not to exercise in a week but not skipping. due to my consistent skipping, I develop a way to skip without using the rope because I shamefully love exercising while am least one hundred to two hundred.

  • PRESS UP AID: hahaha! You cant laugh people, I don’t know the real name of this equipment but since it aid and support your hands when doing a press up, let maintain it that way. the only press up I use to do is just three yes 3.but today I can do more than 20 press ups.

  • ARM PRESSER: Another equipment that I love but I don’t know the let call it arm presser. I am all in for anything my arms because hmmmmm it won’t disgrace me.


  • EXERCISE MAT: The last but not the least, I recently bought my mat because I use my big towel to lay on the floor to helps prevent our sticky self from the floor due to sweat.

So here we go, this is the fitness essentials that I use in my house without going to the gym. Hope you guys enjoy this article? Please leave a like, comment and share down below because that inspires me to do more.

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So you weigh 106.3, wwwaaaaaw….do do you carry all that luggage? No, I don’t, I think you do because you lack carrier.
Oh, what did I say wrong? Nothing darling. Nice day!
Hahahaaaha|isnt it annoying sometimes when people look at you and complain or pass comment like can’t you see, your stomach is big, eerie you growing fat oo and this mostly come in when you start to lose weight, how irritating.
I have personally struggled with weightless for quite a long time now. Since 2009 when I completed senior high.
My growing up was a bit challenging with food because my mum was a cook. I work hard so do I eat hard. I guess I would have maintained my weight or loss weight if I had gotten the necessary help.
In 2012 I lost over7kg with a weight of 104kg of which was my heaviest weight ever known .fast forward to 2018 I was 106.3 but was able to maintain and lose 2lbs.
Early November this year I made a decision to eat healthily and exercise. That was when I found herbal life, one day someone from nowhere hit me up with herbal life product for free. It was astonishing, just after a day, we hooked up and he handed me a full package.
My life started to take a turn from that day without carbs but even at that,I was still doing my chicken, tilapia and sausage but was still exercising.
I have not lose too much of the weight but am so impressed with my way of thinking now, what I put in my mouth and my energy to exercise twice a day.


KNOW YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU WANT(PICTURE) : I had always tried losing weight and I have succeeded and same time failed completely, my failure comes from what people say and how I want someone to pop up from heaven to say loss the weight for me with all the provisions I need, I didn’t know how my body has become and what I wanted because I felt I have gauge a small waist, not that really big tummy and am cool with it, people see you and go like Waw. Now I know why they say such things because they see what is covered outside and not what is really inside.
know what is inside you and how you wake up to see your body every day. One day I ask my sister to take a picture of me to see my body and trust you me, I couldn’t exercise that evening because I was shocked by the body in the pictures.


BUILD A STRONG MENTALITY: In the early stage of my journey, I realize that my mind is basically where I can bring my imagination to visualization. That is actually what you learn as a film or television student. Your imagination accelerates you to dream and your dreams bring you to visualize what you dream about. I made up my mind not to lose weight but to create a lifestyle that my generations can follow, not a three days water fast or egg diet thou they are important but I wanted to find something I can mentally be strong enough without any doubt or shaking uncertainty. Build up your mind in a way nobody can talk you out.

DON’T IGNORE THE NAYSAYERS: but be inspired to exploit them. In most cases. we lose our dreams and aspiration with such people.Y our breakthrough is achieved with(naysayers negative vibes). the 42 laws of power by Robert Greene says that your enemies, on the other hand, are an untapped gold mine that you must learn to exploit. Use the nay Sayers as your diet time reminders, weighting watchers and weight loss observers. Nobody wants to prove a point that the nay Sayers or negative vibes. make good use of them.

KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE, EXERCISE AND DIET THAT WORKS FOR YOU: this is where I consistently battle within the beginning of my journey in 2012, I lost 7lbs with literary little exercise and watermelon. Some people in my team lost more than 10 pounds but their body never showed any sign of weight loss but rather lost weight but Kuks alone lost just 7 pounds with the massive sign of weight loss, it was from that moment I divorce the scale and focus on exercise and good eating lifestyle. In my journey, I also realize that knowing your blood group also help tremendously because it helps to determine what you eat and how your metabolism works. Carbs were the hindrance to my progress so I stop eating carbs from November 2018. Trust me carbohydrate is basically in almost every food or drink but your effort to stay out of heavy carbs is the key. Eat according to how you not take in what you can’t burn as simple as that.
SOMETHING SHOULD INSPIRE YOU(PICTURES): In my journey, I battle a little with who and what I draw my inspiration from? @Obaayaa89 is a Ghanaian who has really inspire me more on my journey because she lives in Ghana as I live in and practical experience what I experience but one thing I find a bit challenging is the exercise and diet plans because what might be her success story might be different from mine. But I finally found my strong vampire with my own shocking photos. Those 2018, December 19 really got me hard to see the different view of my body and that inspires me more than any other thing.


EMBRACE YOUR CHALLENGES AND TRUST THE PROCESS. Finally, I realize that the challenges are undeniable, embrace them, don’t intentionally fail but don’t stay there when you fail. Work more when you feel like you have failed or cheated. You can only fall back from our darkest moment when you have a strong community or social media that you can share your journey and what you share, a life out of a million will be inspired and that fulfilment will pay you back to continue your fight.

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