Yawa o:A taxi driver has robbed me too-TheKukstory

Yawa o: A taxi driver has robbed me too – TheKukstory

Come and see me oo,magye mani so( I have collected my eyes) family members.

Where is the trotro diaries champion? I know comments like; oh you too, welcome to the family, you are initiated for free and many more.

Many glorious mornings have I seen.
Flatter the mountain tops with a sovereign eye,
Kissing with golden face the meadows green,
Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy …This poem always clears my tears whenever I find myself in any tragedy and as always, it did, so don’t be pissed.

Enough of this thought-provoking poem. Can you tell us what happened? oh my, sister-take it easy wati.

Hold on sis, may I know where this poem is coming from?

Oh Yes! the Morning was calm, with birds chipping, I love the silence due to its phenomenal fresh breath. my head was all pumped up for the second day at YoLe.

Oh! What Yole?

Baby girl, can we rest that information for later and focus on this beautiful pressing morning rhythm that turns sour before the day ends like how Ghanaians disappointed Mahama in the 2018 election?🤣”

Well, I didn’t say that”

As a new YoLe Fellow, Asem ben koraa nie? ( what is all this?) Do you see why I ask about this YoLe meaning? Ok fine! so it basically a young leaders fellowship program that a particular UN agency in Ghana has innovated for selected youth to champion Sexual and Reproductive health rights.

The interjectors, are you now ok? if you don’t gerit-forgerit.

who are the interjectors? fior! You always like disrupting sweet gist, why

Guys! Guys, Please calm down, excited about my second day at work, I woke up around 4:30 am, rushed through bathing like baptism day, and dressed up like a date rush.

As innovative as I am, sensitizing my financial literacy wasn’t a lousy initiative at all, right? So I decided to change my route to explore other places, I used a commercial taxi instead of the Bolt or Uber hence my predicament.

Now, let’s analyze the new innovative attempt ok? Oya! Are you ready?

  • From my house to the junction, the cab fare is less than a dollar or 3ghcedis compared to 9gh for the same 7-9 minutes journey.
  • The saving margin was worth a book for knowledge but I guess every adventure comes with risk, which happens when you compromise unseen securities for the right of learning financial literacy.

How it started

While analyzing my options, I decided to change my usual pattern to a new one. After a few distances from my house, I stopped this taxi TISSSSSS.

The taxi driver stopped and packed in front of me with a style and ask: Young woman, where are you going? I softly responded- am going to Sakumono estate junction.

By the way, where are my spiritual sisters at? I sat in this not-so-bad taxi and the driver’s next question was, please do you know how much the fare is?

Honestly, I didn’t know, not that I don’t pick a taxi but that is not the route I usually use to work.

we got to this holy cathedral and he said, I am not going to your location again so drop and pick a different car.

All right! I wasn’t pissed.

So this taxi theft started with how much they charge as if he’s ignorant of his environment and starts a conversation while they observe if you are intelligent.

Taxi driver: How much is the fare?

Kuks: I honestly don’t know because it’s been a while since I picked a commercial car from that end.

Both: Silence

The Trick Tips

A few minutes into the journey without any reason, he asked- please alight here and pick a car because I have to use a different route.

Kuks: Mouth widely open.

Come again, sir? who does that? I was confused but I just decided to get down silently.

That was actually when the door opener wasn’t there, so he asked me to open it from the back, tried and couldn’t open it.

Mind you, my bag has been in my lap all this while stretching to open this door while I was trying to get it open, Mr was busily picking up my phone from my back.

He quickly stretched and opened the door easily.

Why will you watch me go through all this stress if you know you can open it effortlessly? I remark.

He remains silent, knowing what he has done.

I got out of the car and he took off at high speed, I was surprised so I watch the car till I couldn’t see him again.

With a bit of discomfort from his actions, I walked to the next available bus stop for a new car.

I stretched to pick up my phone from my bag to check the time, with a wide mouth open and shocked, I silently said, my phone has been stolen.

How, who stole it, and which car did you pick? concern citizens remark.

Awww! Am so sorry the next driver said.

well, that was how I lost two phones in one day unbothered.

Did you just say unbothered? yes because I didn’t even want to tell people but I obviously couldn’t be silent for long.

The funny part was that I had my UNDSS security briefing a day before I lost the phone and was told to check the number plate of commercial cars I take to trace in case of casualties

Waaaw! Oh yes.

So in simple words, that was my story.


  • Never sit in the front of hired taxi, bolt or Uber.
  • If possible, always keep car numbers until you are certain that you have not been robbed.
  • Never sit in a car whose door handle is broken.
  • Never attempt to open a car door that is broken, ask the driver to open it for you while being mindful of your belongings.
  • Never compromise your security for anything.

I believe you have learnt a thing or two and until we meet again.

Remember! I will laugh out loud at you if you don’t listen to my advice.

Be awesome!

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