Ignorance deprives people of freedom because they do not know what alternatives there are. It is impossible to choose to do what one has never heard of. Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. Ignorance is always afraid of change. Have you observed anything you doing or enjoying at this lockdown that might affect you mentally or physically after COVID 19 lockdown?

Can I ask you how your ears somethings feel as a mother, father or compulsory COVID 19 nanny? what about your attention and focus on the television,iPods, phone, etc. oh I nearly forgot about how you are occupying the kids with cartoons just to have some peace. mummy can I eat that, daddy have you seen so so and so pour water on me?

Oh, Jesus, I am not a mother but I can feel it as a compulsory COVID 19 locked down nanny, trust me. Give me six hours to cut a tree and I will use the first four hours to sharpen the ax, there is a saying that, by failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

There is a negative and positive side to everything, bearing that in mind to be cautious to plan your daily life is an expensive success, but failure to prepare ahead is an extravagant mistake.

So in today’s article, I am going to share with you 3 things you might be enjoying without considering its effect or few things you might consider or repair mentally or physically after COVID 19.



in this article am sharining with you how being inactive can cause over weight problems after Covid 19 lockdown

Weight gain has become a common silent pandemic both men and woman are struggling with,As little as two hours of TV, a day can increase the risk of weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease in adults. There are likely several factors to blame, including a sedentary lifestyle, less sleep, and generally bad eating habits when engrossed into a screen. but if you are just excited about having hubby and the kids home, cooking all good and junk food, sitting down all day, enjoying NetFlix and chill and inactive then get ready for weight loss Bootcamp after this pandemic.”As inactive people gain weight, they become more inactive, and as a consequence gain more weight. Research shows that, as people’s weight increases, their physical activity decreases, and in extreme cases, the bar to being active is so high that most morbidly obese individuals can only sit and sleep. This accumulated weight gains must surely be repaired Physically and mentally after COVID 19 if care is not taken.


In this picture i shared with you how excessive noise can affect your ears after covid 19 lock down

COVID 19 locked down has actually made people spend a lot of time home watching movies and listening to songs. Due to privacy policies, ear bugs, earpiece, headset are becoming a common phenomenon to maintain one’s comfort forgetting its effect. According to the center for disease control and prevention research, loud noise can damage cells and membranes in the cochlea. Listening to loud noise for a long time can overwork hair cells in the ear, which can cause these cells to die. The hearing loss progresses as long as the exposure continues. Harmful effects might continue even after noise exposure has stopped.


In this picture i shared with you how excessive noise can affect your ears after covid 19 lock down

Have you wondered why to much screen time or watching television can cause your eyes and expand to your brain? someone may ask what should we then do in this boring lockdown? we are not saying don’t watch but manage the rate at which you spend time focusing on the screen else you might need some repairs on your eyes after the lockdown. Looking at a screen for extended periods of time can cause “computer vision syndrome, symptoms like strained, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headache. Poor posture when using screens combined with can cause chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain.


Hey, lovelies!

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I don’t know what people are going to say about this title but, hey it the truth.18 out of 20 persons are homesick and bored already.but before we continue, let see the meaning of #BOREDOM. According to google, boredom is a state of being bored.

There have been uncountable audios and videos circulating about how this situation is getting serious day in and out, and the other mass too, expressing how beneficial is it for them. but this is strictly due to individual preferences, so I understand how yours is different, maybe you have an affected family member as a victim. May God see you through. Amen

But if you are like the rest of us, eating, watching television or Netflix and chill, and nagging of boredom then it ok, it time to take some beneficial daily routine or actions that won’t just control your memories as pandemic and boring only, but also have a happy ending by the end of this uncertainty.

So today am going to share with you,5 ways to stay out of boredom because am tired hearing it.


Believe it or not, rich people are mostly bored but only when they are idle. You will definitely get bored when you don’t plan to do anything the next day. I am honestly feeling sleepy right now as I am writing this article but I am held self-accountable to publish it before 8 pm today, so I have to do publish it. I can stop and go to bed but I am liable to achieve whatever I plan to do. Prep your itinerary, set a goal and ensure all your to-do lists are sorted before your day ends, that way you will have some sense of accomplishment and not boredom. when you feel bored, listen to your favorite song, dance and continue.



Omg, I can’t stretch this any longer than I wish at the beginning of this self-quarantine, I was waking up on my usual working time at 4:30 am, have my bath and prepare for work like any other day and trust me I was very productive until I realized am on self-quarantine so I can sleep more than usual so while sleeping more, I became less active and less productive, bored and nearly depress. So maintain your morning or working schedule to stay out of boredom.



You mostly give excuses on why you are always eating fast food, now is your time. cook home meal food for your family if you have, better still cook for yourself if alone, at least 3 to 5 times a week won’t quite boring if you are not used to it, so prep your meal on a meal board or in your mind before you get to the kitchen, no need for shopping because you already have kinds of stuff at home since you are on self-quarantine .listen to music or funny comic skit to release stress or boredom when cooking. thank me



Don’t even ask how to exercise while self-quarantine but if you are still asking then my dear, there are a billion ways to exercise at home. I had an idea of 10 *3 reps squat this week while fidgeting my phone and responding to blog comment, by the time I finished, I was done exercising and sweating like a catfish. I love social media, you might love listening to music so try watching Zumba dance and tack along, skip rope, do pranks, etc preferably join a sister or brother to exercise together, self-quarantine boredom away.



I was talking to a friend of mine on Facebook just a while ago and he said he’s bored so he’s going to his backyard garden to check the place up. quickly it clicks as one of the unusual ways to stay out of boredom, sooner than you think, this pandemic has stopped, he would be saving a lot on food because of his garden. You might not have a garden but you might as well water the flower in your house every day or cut the lawn or the bushes around your house to stay out of boredom.



At this very moment, God doesn’t have to do anything new in your life to stay out of boredom than you creating something something about what bothers you about love, success, savings, investment, self-development, etc. You can also learn something new like piano, guitar or French, by the way, am learning friench{dont tell anyone ok} lol.

Don’t allow Covid19 to hold back your passion and good memories and learn something new to stay out of boredom.

This brings us to the end of the week, stay safe, wash your hands under running water, use hand sanitizers and maintain social distance, better still stay home.

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Someone posted in my WhatsApp group yesterday and this is what the post asked.

Trust me…I laugh my heart out.

I quit my job early this year to work from home and you can too: if only you are ready to put in the work.
It takes time to make the dollars but it  5 times when change, so not a bad deal at all. I saw someone’s google Adsense paycheck last week of 706$ which is equivalent to 4,000 plus. Don’t be eye red because he worked for it.
We all know  Covid 19 brouhaha and the economy has taken an unplanned dive, all shops are closed…offices are close and many more.
You might have not planned for this pandemic financially but you can still do something to earn money at home.
So I have putten together these 6 home jobs that you can do yourself or apply in this social distance era.


In fact, blogging is now one of the cheapest and common job in the world…you do in the comfort of your home, write what you passionate about and publish online…thanks to google Adsense can be paid doing what you love without moving around to spread or catch Covid 19.



Are you interested in blogging…yes, fine, I will recommend you to a good responsible web designer. In few days, your website is ready. You love it, my job is done because am being paid for recommending you. This is actually my best job so far….you can do the same too just by looking for businesses who don’t have a website or needs someone to manage their site for them. I hook them up to a web designer and wala. You are socially distancing yourself but you are still making some money.
Press the WhatsApp button down below and let continue


If you are a graphic designer…Bongo but Someone will be asking…how do I design if I don’t have any skill? Good question babe…see we are in a global village where everything is rightly under our fingers and feet…all you need is the internet and Mr. Google and uncle YouTube will do everything by just following their commands.
There are a lot of apps(Unsplash, canvas, etc) you can use to design certain things for free without paying.
You charge, design it on the app for free and walaa…COVid 19 making money get lite
The fun part is you don’t need to see the person physically but email.


Currently high demanded job online…there is a lot to write, share, high demand for Covid  19 . I am very surprised why Covid 19 has spoken all this am sure he will come out sooner than expected because the way google search engine is combobulated with Covid 19 issues and saga.
Social distancing is making almost everyone all over the world search for an update…so the blogging industry doesn’t have hands and as such needs more workers.
You finish your project and forward it to the chief editor and wala…bucks in your pocket.


If you are a social media gem, then your chance is here, now and forever.don’t stay home and ask me how to get the job, submit a succulent Cv and a proposal to companies and one might need your service.
What was this social media manager thing a few months ago? Absolutely not valued but now, a lot of companies are shut down and can only operate via social media. Apple is still launching new technologies in Covid 19, what are you saying.
I received a prompt from Zenith bank today about Covid 19 and I was like…shut up! Do not send me messages on Covid 19 again…I need a job that can give me money. lol

Companies today are all on social media feeding Covid 19 info to their clientele just to make them feel they care and for that reason…they should still do business with them when coronavirus pandemic ends.
One trick about managing a page is to earn more readers, viewers and likes that can be turned into a business after coronavirus saga.


Trust me, even if you don’t get paid to share your self-quarantine experience videos, you sure have some memories to look up to in the near future.
Are you bored at home? take ur phone record something and share. I shared how I stay out of boredom in this pandemic on my WhatsApp status yesterday about me checking my emails, replying to blog comments and many more on my phone while squatting and I got over 130people watching within an hour.
Share your journey on youtube, you might even become a star or popular before you know it, you are signing big ambassadorial deals.
Don’t waste all the time sleeping and eating.use these few tips to make some money and stay safe.

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Remember to click on the WhatsApp down below to chat with me and I will answer all your questions.

Stay safe.

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Hello and welcome back to my online community where we own our good lives, mind our business and our happiness.If today happens to be your first time on my blog please give this article a thumbs up in the comment section and let give you the kukslicious welcome.

So in today’s article I am going to share with you 10 ghana made side hustle you can do to earn some cedis with or less money or skill and am going to share with you my personal journey so far.

The background story, I have not really work for a fixed salary since 2014. Yes, sis. But before then I was a teacher in a public Christian school with a heartbreaking salary fewer than 400 Ghana cedis. If you didn’t know, now you know. I have always been doing my side business since age 12.

Side hustles are my trademark so I didn’t really fit in a fix salary job. Honestly, I love to have my space and not to be pressured so I try as much as possible to create my own job, I had my own eatery as young as age 16. This brings me to my first side hustle in the city of Accra.

CLEANING SERVICES; So whilst teaching I came about a cleaning idea for the busy parent in the school, trust me the skill of cleaning starts from home and there is no well-structured school for cleaning, so you can clean without skills or money. Start gradually and make your way to the top.Yes, some cant clean bathroom but you can washcloth or shoes without a challenger, hear me well, there is something you can clean very well that nobody can beat you to it.i love cleaning, my nose is always a thief as I usually say, the slightest smell or dusty corner gives me cold so I have to make sure my surroundings are well tidy while teaching, I suggested this Saturday cleaning to my student’s parents and they bought into the idea and wala, I started making money. This cleaning thing became huge that I now had to employ others to help me do it and it was fetching me more than my teaching salary so I had to quit my teaching and focus on cleaning.Forget about what people will say, people will say crazy things when you start but until you get enough to borrow them, they will shout up.



AFFILIATE MARKETING: eeeiiii kuks what a big grammar, so affiliate marketing is simply recommending others to buy goods from others, so in simple terms, you are selling others things for a commission or profit depending on the contract. for example, I have other people’s advert on my website that attracts some commission to my account when anyone seeks their service from the advertisement on my website.



BLOGGING. In Simple terms writing anything from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, motivation and many more on the internet through your own website. For example, I have a website called which was birth from my epic youtube failure[story for another day].i love to be on top of everything I do, wanting it all glam and perfect is kuks for you but life is not all glossy, sometimes you have to start it anyway and make it to the top so you can have a success story. so when google puts ads on my site and when people click and visit the adds, I automatically get some cent, google gather these coins and pay me when I get enough to be deposited in my ad sense account.



BUYING AND SELLING. when I started my internship, my sister was supporting me financially, thanks to her but at some point in time, I realize I can’t put all the burden on her of which I still do, so I started trading my weekly allowance with quality ladies and gent wallet and purse in my office. I love quality things with name, you cant buy me a pair of a shoe without a name.okurr! due to the quality of the things I was selling, people were buying. I literally added small profit because I needed to sell so I can get my principal money and my profit in order to get money for fuel if am driving my sister’s car or using commercial cars. Business was good, later on, I started ahema slippers{@Ahenemavibzgh on stagram} because I was producing a local show so I will give my presenter some to wear and give me a mention which attracts more customers. Am I not smart? Look around you and find something someone needs but finds it difficult to do themselves and render that service for extra cash sis.



CHILD CARE: if someone had believed in me to teach kids or take care of kids, I would have said ‘tofiakwa'{God forbide}because I was very impatient with kids and the way I use to see people in the city pamper and spoil their kids was very uncomfortable to me in the early stage but gradually I came to understand that gab between my era and that of today and trust you me, whoever I am today is due the favor and blessing that comes with taking care of others kids.i will recommend child care if you are new in the city without anyone or anywhere to stay, consider child care or nanny job because you get paid, free food, free accommodation, and other free benefits if you diligently put in your best at work. Don’t let pride take the journey to your success from you and say ‘how can I be a caretaker or nanny? Who knows if that where your breakthrough can come from?


Take chances, focus and never give up, you can make it too. I am a proud caregiver who have travel almost everywhere in ghana, slept in lot of five-star hotels, been to places by airplane, known big people in higher ranks more than someone in suit and tie, educated and drive nice cares without a tag of a caregiver or a nanny but a’ daddy bee”.

I know the title was 10 side hustles. But I don’t want this article too long so I will continue in part 2, thanks so much for reading to the end, you are indeed kukslicious.

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There is no problem when there is a solution TD JAKES.I hope you guys are doing awesome. I know I have been kind of down in spirit, hold on, is this really negative or I was just ranting because of unfulfilled wishes. In my previous post, I shared how God granted me my wish of getting a MacBook Pro on my 30thbirthday which was just last week Friday.I can’t be ungrateful to God even though I have traveled all around the regions of Ghana supervising training on medical abortion.

Surprisingly am at the Kumasi airport watching Chelsea football while I waste time off, I decided to share why I was stressed at my 30thbirthday. I was favored with some dollars, MacBook Pro and other things.

sometimes we celebrate special days in our lives feeling all excited and disappointed at the same time because we might not really get what we really wanted at the end of the day, not necessarily gift from people but you reflect on your unfinished goals, aims, and aspiration. That was the genesis of my stress.

I wish am done with school, fully independent, I wish I can take my blog and my YouTube channel to the next level as so on.Unfetteredly there is always a “but” at the end of every wish.

Honestly speaking I was hell stress and exasperated because my whole life has taken a stern dimension from my plans but my advice to anyone who crosses path this article is that, worry less because our plans are always different from God’s plan.

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a good future.The bible says all things work together for them that love God. I might not know what you skirmishing with, but be assured that, whatever you going through is part of God’s itinerary.

Reflecting on my stress and thwarting, I concluded that, it was all because of uncompleted wishes, dreams or future plans that seem not to take its rightful path and time of completion.

How silly was I worrying myself with all that Jeribs? Sometimes our delayed prayers make us forget who we are as children of God.


Sometimes some feelings are just for the devil to sway you off God’s goodness in your life and focus on all that you think you really need.Do you know what would have happened to your life if God had actually granted you all you really want?

#Count your blessings: Reflect on God’s goodness, where you were and how far you have come.

#BE COMPETENT: Accept who you are now, what you have and be satisfied.

#KEEP YOUR FAITH HIGH: faith is simply believing in what you don’t have as though you have them.

#KNOW THAT, LIFE IS ENOUGH: why worry about what you need and want when you have a life? everything is possible with life.

Hope this article goes a long way to reach that one person that truly needs inspiration.Your comment inspires my writing, please don’t forget to like, share and comment down below.





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6 things to declutter in your life before you plan for 2020

If there is any last important cleaning to do before the year takes a spade, then it better be your soul, body, and mind decluttering, trust me.

Decluttering simply means removing items from an untidy or overcrowded place. Some of us are walking around with untidy hearts and minds. so before you try to plan for the next year, it will do you good than harm to get rid of all baggage overcrowding around you to allow greater things to have its rightful space.

We clean and organize our homes, it is actually sad that we ignore the most important things in our life and focus on unnecessary things which in return comes back to destroy us.

so before you plan for 2010, try this decluttering tips

 ACCESS AND ANALYSE YOUR SELF: were you able to achieve all your aims, target, and goals in 2019. Oh, how far with your 2019 resolutions? Pulse here! I don’t want to go there. oh, why? I can’t even find my memo or the journal I wrote my resolutions in. Pity you, but nevertheless there are more days to go so don’t give up babe’s search through yourself and acknowledge your weakness and strength and work at it.

FORGIVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS: I loved him/her but he/she disappointed me, betrayed me and broke my not normal but not deadly darling, jobless because of some mistake you seem not to forgive yourself, he/she promised to help but deleted or blocked your number, I know he or she can help but refuse, how sad? all these are awesome excuses but it time to forgive yourself for a fresh start. The bible says to air is human but to forgive is divine. Forgive yourself and others to allow greatness for 2020 to manifest itself in your life.

 LET YOUR PAST GO: The truth is unless you let your past go, you forgive yourself, you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you can’t move forward. There is a saying that, forget what hurt you but never forget what it thought you. The bible says for all things are gone and new things have come. So, if you want to fly, you better leave the earth. Our past always has a part to play in our destiny, if your past doesn’t kill you, it strengthens you, don’t soil your greatness in the shadows of your past. let it go.

IMPROVE YOUR PRAYER HABIT: prayer is simply a personal relationship with God. Sunday school teaches us that prayer is the key. I am a living testimony of prayer. This article will be long if I share my testimony with you. I was sponsored to school by a stranger through prayers, I got what I wanted on my birthday, I got a job to do without an interview. Beloved prayer works. Pray without ceasing and he will answer by faith. Stop talking too much in 2020 and talk to GOD, he is the right answer to all problems commit your ways to him and he won’t disappoint you.

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: A vision without a mission is fruitless, it like a dog without bones, it roams and makes unnecessary noise just to disturb, such as a journey without a destination. Search through your inner heart and know what you want and the set realistic target to achieve your plans. life has its own way of treating individually so don’t follow the crowd {FTC}. Have Focus, be determine and work hard.

EXERCISE: My 50Ib weightless has actually thought me the essence of the exercise, my focus was just to lose weight not knowing I will benefit from sound mind and peace. add mind exercise to your routine in 2020. meditate more, walk more and learn how to pay less attention to things that are less of importance to you.

LOVE YOURSELF AND PRACTICE “I DONT GIVE A “F” HABIT: loving yourself is not selfishness’ so learn to love yourself, focus on building yourself. don’t give a fuck to that guy who careless about you babes, get to that stage that every nonsense in your life must stop. it’s time to love yourself, babes, you deserve it 2020.











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10 basic travelling essentioals.psd wk

Guest what,its less than 24 hours to my birthday but I dont want the noise my colleague @Barbie_Derbie is giving me so I am going to destruct my self like nobody’s business, because that’s the only way she get out of my nerves in the office,guess what, she’s even counting down to her birthday which is 4 months, 29 days days away. She is just crazy.
let focus here guys!
So I have been tuning, buzing in cars and flight around Ghana.
I went to Central,Eastern,Greater Accra and will do Ashanti region next week.
i am actually inspired to do this to help men specifically because my doctor friend keeps disturbing me with basic essential whenever we travel.He should have carried on his trips but as a man as he is,he didnt see the essence of carrying those essential.
so I spent less than two to three days on every region and  I didnt need to carry much around so just a bag pack was just awesome and perfect for the trip.
it actual cute to have a spacious sexy bag pack that  you can also use as a simple ladies bag so the bag is two in one guys.

HAND CREAM:my number one travelling essential is hand cream,guys honestly speaking,if i dont have hand cream in my bag and i visit the washroom i wont wash my hand,that how crazy i can i practically carry hand cream with me on my trips.My last trip to the west was a bit wired because i left my small hand cream home and carried the big one so i was told it more than 100grams so my backpack was checked in the cargo.

QUICK NOTE:Some hotels outside accra dont have tooth brushes,creams and combs like that of accra hotels so take note.unlike Royal senchi,Kimpiski and other 4 to 5 stars hotels have.

POWER BANK AND PHONE CHARGERS: literally think this two goes hand in hand,especially as a content creator. On my fist trip to central region i left my power bank and my charger says am done with you at the very time I need it the most on the very day i had to return.

Its very sad when you travel by car and your phone battery goes blank.OMG!on this trip,we had a flat tyre on our way so we had to delay on the road and you can imagine  if your phone is goes blank.

My  friends and family knews how terrible i am when am on a road trip so they literally communicated till i got home,that was lovely right? blusing.

MULTI SOCKET: If you care to know! the basic socket in other countries differ from one place to the other.

Mind you,technological equipment too differ so your phone charger,laptop camera chargers and many more may not work in other carry your extension along.

Most hotels dont even have bed side socket to even charge your phone.I naturally hit carrying extension because of space but what can you do? I have to, because it also enable you to charge multiple gadget within a short period.That great right?

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER:Skip this essential if you are not a music fun but finger in the air if you are a music lover.sometimes television channel in some hotel are simply crazy.Dstv channels are mainly spot so if you are not a sport fun,you bed.

some do have other channels but it get boring when time passes by.let the party begin when there is speaker,you listen to your own songs,watch movies online if the internet is solid.

Its super fun when friends come around and the party  start jamming,that when you  understand the value of speaker.

GYM WEAR:On my recent trip,I nearly cried because  I didn’t go with gym wear,i have not really been to the gym the whole of  year but still lost fifty pounds- down but it super amazing when you sleeping close to a gym that just a walk away and you dont have or didn’t bring your gym wear.Most often than not,I struggle when it comes to sleeping in hotels and eating,if it a workshop you sit more  without really being i struggle with the eating time interval and going to the gym helps to buckle the food down.

SWIM SUIT:I was tricked on my last two trips to central and western region,central region hotel had a big swimming pool but I was sad because didn’t go with swim suit.

Trust me it really awesome when you chilling in the pool after the long time sitting part of the accommodation so  please  make good use of it.It was rather tricky that burst my bubble in  Takoradi,my hotel didnt have swiming pool the day I took some.very teary.

SUNGLASSES:it time for glam,do you know me when am on my sunglasses? no you dont Mr lol. You can never drift with sunglasses on your trip.

Its practical rock all day runs like site seeing in the afternoon,beach or pool side and even helps you to swerve some people you accidentally  meet on your trips.can you relate?

EARPIECE: Can you tell me what travelling will be like without earpiece?Whaaaaat? You dare not live without know, sometimes there are some WhatsApp group that post naughty staffs that if you mistaken open in public,wahala!!

Earpiece is privacy saver.I just love being in my one corner enjoying my movies and songs…Earpiece is a banger!

SNACKS:My friend called me at 11pm and listen to what he said.

Nana am hungry ooo,I thought I was ok with my lunch so I didnt order super but……I ask but what? Am hungry ooo. I ask him, dont you have any  snack like biscuit or almonds? No! Am telling you am hungry and you here asking me of snack…what a responds.

I nearly hung up on him..if you had at least packed  some snack in your bag,you wouldn’t have even called me in the first place.Mtcheeew

Sometimes we feel satisfied when tired but after you have had enough  rest you will be hungry again at night so travel with your preferred healthy snacks when the need be.

I hope you guys find this helpful,please let me know what your favourite travelling essentials in the comment section.










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Hi everyone, welcome to kuksonline, I hope all is well?


This and many more  are few questions I also ask myself when am about to venture into  a new world,what is love without sharing?lol Yeah sharing  practical life experience you can relate through writing is my passion.

Today  am here again to  share a delicate topic that am a victim, still being a victim and it saddens my heart  that someone I love like  you might also breed pain in such uncomfortable working space.

 Let talk about how to cope with the new work environment.

You have received your appointment, oh my God!the deal is great and your head keeps swelling and hearing heartbeats in your mind, yes not your heart.

God be with you if you have not prepared your mind with the change of environment, the people and “the in house culture” of the new environment.

When I was moving to my new office, I had awesome orientation with a hearsay of the establishment but I discover some strange news on the day of my interview.

I was asked why I want to join that reputable company.

The people,I answered. She replied, what has the people they love each other and live like families,I said.

She said,don’t be,deceived, she remarked.And she quote” the trees in the forest are not together but it seems together when you are far” an African adage.

After a year of my stay there, I realized indeed what he said was true.

A gentle reminder of some people you are going to meet at your new office.



3.The ones they think you are educationally inclined than them and you might take their position.

4.The ones that are simply jealous of your personality.

5.The ones that everything you do irritate them

6. And finally, the ones that are simply dumb

My favorite among the above mention is the ones they think you should learn, catch the fire and all that they have learnt in 2 to 4 years and still think you should pick them in seven days. I  call them “dumb” because their intellectual teaching skills and learning ability are on a low IQ ratio. There are different ways through which people learn and a good teacher is the one that teacher’s to his or her student understanding no matter the student learning impairediment.

Remember how many years you have learned what you are comfortably doing now that sometimes you still make mistakes. You might not be a teacher or the mother of the student who you are tutoring but remember, he or she is learning under you so automatically you are the teacher and he or she depends on you.

The success, happiness and the progress of your department depend on how exquisite, maturity and strategical ways you use for your advantage. Why won’t I consider you dumb if you are a leader and you lack  this basic knowledge.Trust me you are  better off useless  of a  leader.

When I first started work,I faced a lot of challenges but my utmost goal was to learn to be the best at the little I do. Mind you,sometimes its not about the much you do that qualifies you as the hard worker,it type little you do best.

For your information, I was considered the useless one among my group.

Someone madee it her job to make people know that am the worse when it comes to pronouncing words,

Ofcouse I had pronounciation challenge,I felt it better of keep quite that to talk and make mistakes but I didnt see it from that angle rather I invested my resources in books to bettering my english pronounciation skills.

Sometimes it not about your weekness,it about the persons way of feeding up his or her weakness with you. Take note here ,when people are intimidated about you, they try to point out your weakness to other people to prove you are not as good as they think you are,I have seen people point out what I don’t have on my body that they lack just to feel good that, atleast they are not that bad and I get it. I have seen and heard people say a good thing about me that others chipped in my weakness just to feed their insecurities

That was devastating but one thing I found solace in was that, my field of specialty is not of use, if am not around, and moreover no body does it like how I do it.

NOTE, make a great commitment to the slightest contribution and leave a mark  that can never be erased from peoples mind.” very important trick”

I remember my former boss called me a prompter specialist. Thanks to my immediate boss for giving me that challenge.Believe you me,I will forever be known for that.


1:CONQUER YOUR FEARS AND INSECURITY:Everyone make mistakes,insecurities comes in a different forms and preventions,you don’t wallow and die when you make them, you pay attention, focus and better yourself. Trust me: you can never run away from making mistakes but you can mentally manufacture a way of preventing them and that should be your focus.

2. FIND HAPPINESS IN WHAT YOU DO:ind something that makes you happy at your new office, it could be someone you are crushing on, yes sister crush on someone, please it normal to crush on someone, don’t ask who? Or simply love what you do.You can never survive or stand the test of time if you don’t love what you do. lack of passion drives away people from what they do, so be passionate about what you do and do it with all dedication.

3.BE POSITIVELY MINDED: Be positively minded to the extend that people can even get annoyed of how your positive mental constructions are tune.It takes maturity for a leader to be positive when it comes to work mishaps but is easier  said than done because people find ways to justify their mistakes and rather make people’s life miserable by being negative and all boujie just because they are the leaders. Yes, we know you are the leader and you will answer to all the queries and take all the blames, it’s sometimes sad but trust me, your only cure is team work and encouragement and  not shouting and captioning blames. some leaders are ignorant so work it out yourself to avoid breaking down.

I know there is more I can talk about on this issues but I dont want this article to be long so please let me know if you want me to do a part 2 on this topic.

I hope this article goes a long way to help a gentle soul, PEACE OUT




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Society awaits your 30 years with a man or at least a kid or two in an African setting. Majority get privileged to fulfill those purpose demanded by society. But how do you face your thirties without a permanent job sometimes, a man to show or a kid?
Don’t panic, it normal. I have got you covered.
Really! You better get out there and get yourself a man, when at all are you introducing him to us? Who is Mr right and when is he coming?
In African society, it a crime or it’s spiritual, how sad to think of that. It is worse when you are jobless or not independent, they can literally make your life miserable to the extent of making you feel useless, insecure and lack confident being single at thirty.
But the question is? when did being single at thirty becomes a crime?
Shouldn’t one live life at her thirties when not marriage?
A woman is a diamond until the pressure of heat transforms her to something unpredictable charcoal.
Someday, I will be thirty with confident, secure and articulate, yes that what I will be in my thirties. I have seen a lot of marriages collapsing because of the pressure of numbers and what society thinks is the right thing to do “pressure” you to marry.
Trust me what my eyes see, my mouth can’t say all but I have this few tips on how to be secure, confident and competent at thirty.
So without further due, let dive inn…

SELF LOVE: According to kuks dictionary (my meaning to self-love), self-love is an intentional, self-conscious effort to constantly be in the right frame of regarding your spirit, soul, and mind of loving one’s self regardless. The word regardless can never be compromised when self-love is displayed, regardless of who you are, how rich, married or single, successful or not. All you need is self-love.
How can you demand love from other people when you don’t love yourself? Have you wondered why people get everything in life but still not happy within themselves? They have simply disregarded the essence of loving their own self without apologies. Everywoman front the part of her body she feels secured with, how can a woman hide all her curvy “ass”, breast” when she knows it her spotlight to attraction and happiness? This is same as loving yourself.
Self-love is infectious, trust me. Some men even attribute a woman who is loved by herself to be full of herself of which is not the case. They are simply insecure of themselves base on how you appreciate yourself because their job to make you feel that way. They feel more of a man when you depend on them for love. (it a secret)
What at all is love if you personally don’t love yourself?


SELF OR PERSONAL BRANDING: Have you wondered why every company topmost priority is branding? This is because customers mostly focus on what in the outside before considering what is inside. The same thing applies to you. How do people see you, how do you present yourself? How you present yourself alone can suggest the type of people you attract. As a single lady, your way of life or energy alone can detect how lonely and insecure you may be. The first impression matters darling, tightening the brand, your appearance, and body language is the major key.
Look your best elegantly, walk your personality and talk with confidence and maturity.

CAREER STABILITY: Career stability can also be financial freedom. Are your finances secured? Are you doing something for yourself? How creative can you be to attract monetary freedom? In most cases, more pressure is exulted on single people just get help from me, but is that the solution? My dear men now want industrious women, financial stability brings self-confident, competence and mental freedom.

EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STABILITY: Malleability is the problem of a lot of single women, they are easily convinced or influenced. The slightest mockery of being single makes them feel like they are the only single person alive with unnecessary tears.
You have to be emotionally and psychologically stable in order not to allow anyone to intimidate you. You need to understand that, men are not toffees in the market or dress you can just pick up anyhow anywhere, try it on and decide whether or not to buy. So in Gods own time, he makes all things beautiful. Your time will come but until then live life.

SELF CONFIDENT: In my own experience, your self-confidence requires both knowledge and self-courage. When fear is too strong, the genius is suppressed. I strongly urge single women who are hitting their thirties to take a risk, to be bold, to make their genius convert that fear into power and brilliance. It works for some and terrifies others, I have come to realize that, for most people, when it comes to the subject of confident, and they will rather play it safe.
I have had to answer field question like how like: how do you maintain all that confidence, why should I bother developing my confidence? Why should I become confident and I answer, just to have more options? You can be smart but not confident, bold to step out but not confident to walk, you can be knowledgeable to raise your hands up but not confident to express yourself.
Mastering your self-confidence add up to your options.


BE SECURED IN AND OUT: I consider insecurity as to my greatest fear when I personally diagnose in others, insecurity makes people less appreciative, more complaint, overpowering, jealous and overprotective sometimes.
Everybody has a particular part of his or her body that he or she is insecure off, fear or they try to do things or become who they are not, just to cover their insecurity. But I always ask this question: for how long can you keep up with your insecurity? People live a pretentious life.
Single women, you need a man with big hands to handle our heavy jewel so don’t drop them down to make it lighter for them to carry just because you need a man to marry you. You will end up reducing yourself, thereby losing yourself.
Most often than not, people change their attitude to give some perceptions of who they are not, and I go like, for how long can your insecurity make you keep up with pretend?
Instead of hiding your insecurities through what you are not, rather channel your energy to another part of your life that you find your most security.
This article is dedicated to all my thirties single ladies out there.
Thanks so much for reading to the button, your comment, contribution and suggestion on my blog means a lot to me.
It will be my humble and single honor to hear from you.
Thank you.

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Hi lovely people
How was your week like? I hope it not as stressful as mine but anyway thank god it Friday hurrayyyyy.
Fridays are exciting everywhere and to everyone, unless you are not living, whether you going home or still in the office like me or planning some unsure hang out like me or not certain yet.
No matter the case may be, this girl writing this article will party to the brim tonight. End of topic.
It is quite uncomfortable when it Friday and you are alone and single. But is being alone or single has anything to do with your inability to party hard on Friday?
Of course not, previously, I use to tell my sister I will be hanging out with some friends and they mostly disappoint me but I swear and never not allow them to spoil my Friday so I gathered this strategy of parting hard myself and trust me it a whole new game altogether.
If you don’t ask, you will never know so let me tell you.


PLANNING: Planning is very important, especially when you are not living alone like you ask permission and plan how you want to chill, you know.
The planning involves what you have at hand, where you want to hang out and what you want to eat.
Unfortunately, ladies believe, it the man’s responsibility to go out with them and buy them what they want, OH MY GOD what a mentality? What a big mistake. Yelps sister! who told you that huh?
The budget on how much you want to spend, places or the joint you want to chill and how you navigate yourself home safely.

I am a freaky movie person. I can watch a movie every weekend, being it at home or cinemas. You might want to do other fun things like:
• Watching a football match if you love football of which I do. Yah !! I direct a football show why won’t I love football
• Eat and drinking will enjoying cool music
• Life band performance with indigenous music.
• Join friends on a night trip out of town for fun
• Have a drink at a beach while enjoying nature’s beauty.
• Have a talk on the phone with a friend at a coffee or ice cream joint.
• Movie night at home for yourself.
• Karaoke night in a pub or club.
• Have a night riding if you have a car for fun?

SAFETY SECURITY: It a bit risky when you are out alone, some bad people might want to take advantage of your idleness so be very conscious.
Don’t over drink yourself to the extent of falling in the arms of predators ready to devour.
Before you site anywhere to have fun, please alert someone to know where you are and observe your surroundings.its a way of helping the security when something bad happen to you.

After all, said and done, don’t do this girl, remember you went out to party hard so don’t:
 Over drink and drive
 Don’t site when a song is playing just get up and dance.
 Don’t go or dance with anyone you don’t want to.
 Be confident and bold enough in order not to signal loneliness.

When all the above mention is taken care off, then THANK GOD it Friday.
Party hard like nobody business with no regret. Be yourself and relax but don’t be too open nor too rigid, who knows? You might meet awesome people to even hang out with but that not your focus point.
Remember it still possible to party hard even when you are single, that the spirit people.
Step outside and make the best of the day. Remember not to do want I want to do.

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