Society awaits your 30 years with a man or at least a kid or two in an African setting. Majority get privileged to fulfill those purpose demanded by society. But how do you face your thirties without a permanent job sometimes, a man to show or a kid?
Don’t panic, it normal. I have got you covered.
Really! You better get out there and get yourself a man, when at all are you introducing him to us? Who is Mr right and when is he coming?
In African society, it a crime or it’s spiritual, how sad to think of that. It is worse when you are jobless or not independent, they can literally make your life miserable to the extent of making you feel useless, insecure and lack confident being single at thirty.
But the question is? when did being single at thirty becomes a crime?
Shouldn’t one live life at her thirties when not marriage?
A woman is a diamond until the pressure of heat transforms her to something unpredictable charcoal.
Someday, I will be thirty with confident, secure and articulate, yes that what I will be in my thirties. I have seen a lot of marriages collapsing because of the pressure of numbers and what society thinks is the right thing to do “pressure” you to marry.
Trust me what my eyes see, my mouth can’t say all but I have this few tips on how to be secure, confident and competent at thirty.
So without further due, let dive inn…

SELF LOVE: According to kuks dictionary (my meaning to self-love), self-love is an intentional, self-conscious effort to constantly be in the right frame of regarding your spirit, soul, and mind of loving one’s self regardless. The word regardless can never be compromised when self-love is displayed, regardless of who you are, how rich, married or single, successful or not. All you need is self-love.
How can you demand love from other people when you don’t love yourself? Have you wondered why people get everything in life but still not happy within themselves? They have simply disregarded the essence of loving their own self without apologies. Everywoman front the part of her body she feels secured with, how can a woman hide all her curvy “ass”, breast” when she knows it her spotlight to attraction and happiness? This is same as loving yourself.
Self-love is infectious, trust me. Some men even attribute a woman who is loved by herself to be full of herself of which is not the case. They are simply insecure of themselves base on how you appreciate yourself because their job to make you feel that way. They feel more of a man when you depend on them for love. (it a secret)
What at all is love if you personally don’t love yourself?


SELF OR PERSONAL BRANDING: Have you wondered why every company topmost priority is branding? This is because customers mostly focus on what in the outside before considering what is inside. The same thing applies to you. How do people see you, how do you present yourself? How you present yourself alone can suggest the type of people you attract. As a single lady, your way of life or energy alone can detect how lonely and insecure you may be. The first impression matters darling, tightening the brand, your appearance, and body language is the major key.
Look your best elegantly, walk your personality and talk with confidence and maturity.

CAREER STABILITY: Career stability can also be financial freedom. Are your finances secured? Are you doing something for yourself? How creative can you be to attract monetary freedom? In most cases, more pressure is exulted on single people just get help from me, but is that the solution? My dear men now want industrious women, financial stability brings self-confident, competence and mental freedom.

EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STABILITY: Malleability is the problem of a lot of single women, they are easily convinced or influenced. The slightest mockery of being single makes them feel like they are the only single person alive with unnecessary tears.
You have to be emotionally and psychologically stable in order not to allow anyone to intimidate you. You need to understand that, men are not toffees in the market or dress you can just pick up anyhow anywhere, try it on and decide whether or not to buy. So in Gods own time, he makes all things beautiful. Your time will come but until then live life.

SELF CONFIDENT: In my own experience, your self-confidence requires both knowledge and self-courage. When fear is too strong, the genius is suppressed. I strongly urge single women who are hitting their thirties to take a risk, to be bold, to make their genius convert that fear into power and brilliance. It works for some and terrifies others, I have come to realize that, for most people, when it comes to the subject of confident, and they will rather play it safe.
I have had to answer field question like how like: how do you maintain all that confidence, why should I bother developing my confidence? Why should I become confident and I answer, just to have more options? You can be smart but not confident, bold to step out but not confident to walk, you can be knowledgeable to raise your hands up but not confident to express yourself.
Mastering your self-confidence add up to your options.


BE SECURED IN AND OUT: I consider insecurity as to my greatest fear when I personally diagnose in others, insecurity makes people less appreciative, more complaint, overpowering, jealous and overprotective sometimes.
Everybody has a particular part of his or her body that he or she is insecure off, fear or they try to do things or become who they are not, just to cover their insecurity. But I always ask this question: for how long can you keep up with your insecurity? People live a pretentious life.
Single women, you need a man with big hands to handle our heavy jewel so don’t drop them down to make it lighter for them to carry just because you need a man to marry you. You will end up reducing yourself, thereby losing yourself.
Most often than not, people change their attitude to give some perceptions of who they are not, and I go like, for how long can your insecurity make you keep up with pretend?
Instead of hiding your insecurities through what you are not, rather channel your energy to another part of your life that you find your most security.
This article is dedicated to all my thirties single ladies out there.
Thanks so much for reading to the button, your comment, contribution and suggestion on my blog means a lot to me.
It will be my humble and single honor to hear from you.
Thank you.

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Hi lovely people
How was your week like? I hope it not as stressful as mine but anyway thank god it Friday hurrayyyyy.
Fridays are exciting everywhere and to everyone, unless you are not living, whether you going home or still in the office like me or planning some unsure hang out like me or not certain yet.
No matter the case may be, this girl writing this article will party to the brim tonight. End of topic.
It is quite uncomfortable when it Friday and you are alone and single. But is being alone or single has anything to do with your inability to party hard on Friday?
Of course not, previously, I use to tell my sister I will be hanging out with some friends and they mostly disappoint me but I swear and never not allow them to spoil my Friday so I gathered this strategy of parting hard myself and trust me it a whole new game altogether.
If you don’t ask, you will never know so let me tell you.


PLANNING: Planning is very important, especially when you are not living alone like you ask permission and plan how you want to chill, you know.
The planning involves what you have at hand, where you want to hang out and what you want to eat.
Unfortunately, ladies believe, it the man’s responsibility to go out with them and buy them what they want, OH MY GOD what a mentality? What a big mistake. Yelps sister! who told you that huh?
The budget on how much you want to spend, places or the joint you want to chill and how you navigate yourself home safely.

I am a freaky movie person. I can watch a movie every weekend, being it at home or cinemas. You might want to do other fun things like:
• Watching a football match if you love football of which I do. Yah !! I direct a football show why won’t I love football
• Eat and drinking will enjoying cool music
• Life band performance with indigenous music.
• Join friends on a night trip out of town for fun
• Have a drink at a beach while enjoying nature’s beauty.
• Have a talk on the phone with a friend at a coffee or ice cream joint.
• Movie night at home for yourself.
• Karaoke night in a pub or club.
• Have a night riding if you have a car for fun?

SAFETY SECURITY: It a bit risky when you are out alone, some bad people might want to take advantage of your idleness so be very conscious.
Don’t over drink yourself to the extent of falling in the arms of predators ready to devour.
Before you site anywhere to have fun, please alert someone to know where you are and observe your surroundings.its a way of helping the security when something bad happen to you.

After all, said and done, don’t do this girl, remember you went out to party hard so don’t:
 Over drink and drive
 Don’t site when a song is playing just get up and dance.
 Don’t go or dance with anyone you don’t want to.
 Be confident and bold enough in order not to signal loneliness.

When all the above mention is taken care off, then THANK GOD it Friday.
Party hard like nobody business with no regret. Be yourself and relax but don’t be too open nor too rigid, who knows? You might meet awesome people to even hang out with but that not your focus point.
Remember it still possible to party hard even when you are single, that the spirit people.
Step outside and make the best of the day. Remember not to do want I want to do.

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Am not bossy but am a boss in my own shoes,do you see yourself as a boss too? Then this my 15 lady boss habit.hope this helps if you are a lady boss or about to be,either ways enjoy.


POSITIVE CONFESSION:This is my first lady boss habit because every good achievement start with positive confession.when i failed my life some years ago,i mourn like a baby,but that didn’t stop me from picking my self from the pit.i said to myself “kuks you might have failed as an aspirant nurse but something greatness  await you.I never stop confessing greatness into my life.


GET ENOUGH REST: Resting is a basic necessity in the western world, people travel around the world in the name of resting but not in African setting, rushing for money we are not getting. Rest more when you have the means, resting refreshes the body, its put the mind in the right condition to function.


COMMUNICATE: Don’t over communicate or under communicate because your work involves people. I practically use to talk more but for some weird reasons, I realized it more effective when you do more listening and less talking.Ask the “W” questions to understand people well than thinking for them or jumping to conclusions.


EXERCISE: helps you to relax and it is the ultimate way to distress. I have lost almost fifty pounds in the last 7 month with confident, exercise boost your energy level and keeps you in shape.It also defines your personality and energy level,remember that positive energy obviously attract positive energy. Stay healthy and look healthy.

LISTEN TO LISTEN NOT LISTEN TO RESPOND: Pay attention to what others say (concerns), idea that you can get an inspirations from. As a girl boss, your main priority is to be creative and innovative, inspirations are mostly drown from people and things around you, don’t be malleable easily be a good listener.


UNPLUG: unplug all gadgets when working or when not. I will say unplug your mind too if you can; am saying if you can because not everybody is feasible to unplugging her mind. Social media has made us lost our sense of self and inner love, once a while let go all things around you and focus on yourself. Remember there is no love when you loss your self love.


BE KNOWLEDGEABLY UPDATED: Be better from who you are yesterday, learning to upgrade yourself in your field of expertise. Things are changing, new technologies, new ideas and new things are daily invented, so do you always have to be updated with what going on around you. Keep up with the world around you.Be always on top of your field or game.It signifies that,you know what you are doing.

LEAVE YOUR EGO BEHIND: I work with lot of people ,in my circles, human emotions are at risk because, allowing my ego to ruin the relationship you have built for year’s can easily be destroy without mending, Put away your heart and let your mind take over, in that case you avoid your ego from wasting others emotions.


PRIORITIZING: figuring out what most important and crucial at a particular time frame. I need camera, studio equipment, watch and bag. Which one do I need to buy first? Now am aware that, blogging with quality videos content attract more viewers which generate more money, at the other hand, buying watches I probably have more than one is a waste of moneys why don’t I make the money first by buying what can bring me money to buy the watch? it priority.


BALL ON BUDGET ALWAYS: over balling always break down business. People insanely rent house and act it theirs’, don’t buy if you can’t pay now, save for Gucci bag instead on credit.Dont create a brand you cant  consistently upgrade but start gradually outside and great in your mind and walk your way through out as your income grows.”As simple as ABC ”


INVEST IN QUALITY TIME WITH GOOD PEOPLE. Very essential, no play makes jack a dull boy,don’t ignore people all in the name of the word (BUSY),when people get use to your busy schedule, they adjust their lives and plans without you because you have made yourself busy everyday.A time is fast approaching when you wish for people to be close but will come when they will be nowhere to be found because when they wanted you  to hang around,you were busily chasing money. Plan quality getaways,picnics,movie night and have fun.shout out to BRIANT,LORRIE,CROW,MICHELLE AND AUGUSTINE,they know am the outing is good only with fun.


WAKE UP EARLY.I wake up as early as 4:30 am,my mind,soul and body is use to it,even without going or doing anything.waking up early helps to plan effectively and live within schedule.I will only be late at work only when I don’t wake-up late. You might not plan a day before but waking up early could at least help fix what you couldn’t do the night before.


DE-CLUTTER / TIDY UP: It’s a therapy for sound mind( descriptively)I am a cluttering freak,I love seeing things new always because I easily get feed up with things easily, don’t be chocked with your own filth,tidy up what not necessary,I will sweep and clear it as soon as I see on the floor. You cant be surround ed by me if you are not can also tidy up what in your mind,sometimes we keep unnecessary things in our mind to distress ourselves,meanwhile the person you worrying about doesn’t even remember what he or she did so she sees you and start playing with you and you feel foolish.decluter your minds too.As a label boss decluttering your email is a functional key in your daily routine,its help sort who you are done doing business with and who you have to or consider working stress releasing lovelies.


BE WISE WITH FREE TIME: I believe in privacy,Even in relationships.who says you only leave your life with or for people alone?That not true,make good use of your free time.I cant say am perfect with free time management but am not that bad,i produce for five television show and direct five show in a day,coupled with my business and website and radio.Time is something i don’t have in a day so it baffles me when i see someone being idle.My spear times are mostly for writing,I start an article during my free time,copy in my mail and continue in my next free time in a trotro when going home.every single free time is schedule for something beneficial.


EMBRACE FAILURE: I fail by time and bounce back with time. I don’t want to the living both not growing up and down. learn to fail fast and rise up fast.I have fail million time. In the early stage of my confused career haunting.I pursue nursing for years but all proved unfruitful but i just gave it time. Picked my self back and tried something different and that the outcome of sharing this practical life experience with you today. what will my life be if i had not kicked myself up from my failure and stayed there?will i have been here? Every failure is a step to greater height because your life will never be the same when experienced and failure teaches you a big lesson. Pick yourself up darling,it just a face that will varnish soon.



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“Do something today, that your future will thank you, than doing nothing at all  to say to the future. this words are often passed on to unemployed, you might not have a job but for how long are you waiting for white color jobs.”
Sometimes I wish I was born to a rich family like a lawyer and a doctor where I could have a nanny to take care of me, a driver to  drive me to school. come back from school, eat, sleep and enjoy every good thing at my beck and call.
I guess those wishes can be manifested  into reality with hard work and determination since I was born to a local cook and a farmer in the underdeveloped village.
But the question is, does where and who you were born to affect your destiny? of course not. Literally,80% of the below mention,i have done it before and am still doing it.i can testify so let dive inn.


pure water business is now the ishest buzz rocking town, everyone is selling water so is everyone buying water, a bag of sachet water is 2 gh cedes 50 pesewas from wholesale and retail is 3 ghcedis 50 do the calculation for just 50 backs in a day not even considering the cost of full bag which is 6 gh cedis,which leaves you a profit of 3ghcedis 50 pesewas as profit,maybe you are to shy to carry on your head, no problem distribute to retailers and make make some money. trust me this requires less or no money at all to start, you can even talk to the big trucks to supply you just 10 bags and come back for their money after sales, by the time they return, you might have finished selling it and then you pay them.
remember!trustworthy,honesty and good communication skills can take You places.



A friend of mine sold pastries in schools to take care of her two little siblings through secondary education. what is your complain here, when I completed cake school, I was making some money from my craft so she took over after I had left my hometown, learn on the skills and now she prepares pastries to shops, offices and school, I know you’re saying I can’t do it, dear you can,even if you don’t have the money to pay for the skills, look for someone in your area who does stuff like that,confront her politely  to volunteer,the truth is that, such people always need extra hands.



I Always prefer buying and selling daily use commodities which has a high demand, my first business after senior high school was selling recharge cards, this type of business demand high starters amount of cash to start,so talk to your parent or anyone  you know he or she mostly have cash that you can pay at the end of every day, mobile money is one of the booming business now, you get paid base on the commissions, being it cash in or cash.


BLOG! BLOG! BLOG! BLOGGING IS THE TREND OF THE DAY, you can do video blogging on you tube or social media or online blogging, trust me it not easy but hard work they say pays, if it’s website blogging or writing, get a committed developer who can help you throughout the process. find your niche and stay a lifestyle ans entertainment blogger myself so i know what am talking about.

“Broniwawu” commonly called in Ghana is now washed, ironed and hanged on a mannequin and posted on Facebook or Instagram for high cost, you might not even have the money but you can sell others staff and earn a profit of which I do in my line of business. what our excuse now.through this online business I discover ahenema slippers and now am a proud owner of ahenemavibzgh .


I was a secretary and a teacher at the same time with less than 500gh per month, I work from 6 to 7 pm in the evening, that even  when the last child leaves the school.
My salary was a chicken change, one day a friend told me he needs someone to help wash his stuffs for him, I grab the opportunity and earn 50gh in less than 3 hours…..i slept because I was tired,but  afterwards, I had a revelation when I work up, so I connected some of my colleagues and started doing kukus cleaning services. sooner than later I quite my job and employed people to supervise them to do the job with no loss or not less than 150gh or more in a day.
You might leave in a sub standard community but it will surprise you when you take a step forward.

7. INDOMIE JOINTOne egg crate, one box of indomie and some vegetables on a table. if you are like me, then, you will wait to save enough before you start because I dream big and porch and that has been my delay in life. start small and win big with focus and determination.


Water melon is a seasonal fruit and trust me people patronize it a lot, I drive through the stretch of sakumono and Nungua and it always baffles me how the woman always has an increasing number of retailers who carry on their head for sale.
You might not carry it on your head because you a graduate or too much certy like me, just arrange on a table at busy joint and making it


I use to join my next door neighbor who works close to my office, so I join him most often when your girl want to save some fuel or tired of driving sometimes. Its amazing how my neighbor consistently by from the women carrying groceries on their head.gum, mints toffees, shoe polish,handkerchief, batteries, inhaler etc.
Those items doesn’t earn much much  but it baffles me how people buy those things,I observed that,the women never go home with same items they brought in the morning, meaning they make sales and earn profit, my neighbors customer told me that, people don’t value such business but it profitable to them.if not for anything, it helps me to support my husband and my kids so I cant complain,one woman added


The least grilled tilapia joint in town is 8gh cedis, it goes higher and much as 40gh per a plate without banku at some restaurant, my regular joint was 16gh but just yesterday I went to my usual joint and I realized they have increased the price.corn is a cheap commodity in Ghana an you can never loss on that business.people are drifting away from meat to fish and that the trend in Ghana now.You can go wrong with this business.add office delivery,oh my sister,you life can never be same in Jesus name say Amen  to that

Don’t be a liability, by giving excuses to the economic situations in your country.dream high with unshaken drive and try my 09 business ideas you can start with 500 Ghana cedes or even no money at all.All the best.

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If you are looking forward to going for an interview, then this article is a must read. Many at times, job seekers qualify for a particular job based on their certificates, but in the course of an interview session, their answers to questions disqualify them.

Employers are smart, and there are some who intentionally drill job seekers just to know their reaction and type of response they give to questions.

In this article, we have put together the top 10 interview questions, every recruiter is likely to ask a job seeker.

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

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