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Guest what,its less than 24 hours to my birthday but I dont want the noise my colleague @Barbie_Derbie is giving me so I am going to destruct my self like nobody’s business, because that’s the only way she get out of my nerves in the office,guess what, she’s even counting down to her birthday which is 4 months, 29 days days away. She is just crazy.
let focus here guys!
So I have been tuning, buzing in cars and flight around Ghana.
I went to Central,Eastern,Greater Accra and will do Ashanti region next week.
i am actually inspired to do this to help men specifically because my doctor friend keeps disturbing me with basic essential whenever we travel.He should have carried on his trips but as a man as he is,he didnt see the essence of carrying those essential.
so I spent less than two to three days on every region and  I didnt need to carry much around so just a bag pack was just awesome and perfect for the trip.
it actual cute to have a spacious sexy bag pack that  you can also use as a simple ladies bag so the bag is two in one guys.

HAND CREAM:my number one travelling essential is hand cream,guys honestly speaking,if i dont have hand cream in my bag and i visit the washroom i wont wash my hand,that how crazy i can i practically carry hand cream with me on my trips.My last trip to the west was a bit wired because i left my small hand cream home and carried the big one so i was told it more than 100grams so my backpack was checked in the cargo.

QUICK NOTE:Some hotels outside accra dont have tooth brushes,creams and combs like that of accra hotels so take note.unlike Royal senchi,Kimpiski and other 4 to 5 stars hotels have.

POWER BANK AND PHONE CHARGERS: literally think this two goes hand in hand,especially as a content creator. On my fist trip to central region i left my power bank and my charger says am done with you at the very time I need it the most on the very day i had to return.

Its very sad when you travel by car and your phone battery goes blank.OMG!on this trip,we had a flat tyre on our way so we had to delay on the road and you can imagine  if your phone is goes blank.

My  friends and family knews how terrible i am when am on a road trip so they literally communicated till i got home,that was lovely right? blusing.

MULTI SOCKET: If you care to know! the basic socket in other countries differ from one place to the other.

Mind you,technological equipment too differ so your phone charger,laptop camera chargers and many more may not work in other carry your extension along.

Most hotels dont even have bed side socket to even charge your phone.I naturally hit carrying extension because of space but what can you do? I have to, because it also enable you to charge multiple gadget within a short period.That great right?

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER:Skip this essential if you are not a music fun but finger in the air if you are a music lover.sometimes television channel in some hotel are simply crazy.Dstv channels are mainly spot so if you are not a sport fun,you bed.

some do have other channels but it get boring when time passes by.let the party begin when there is speaker,you listen to your own songs,watch movies online if the internet is solid.

Its super fun when friends come around and the party  start jamming,that when you  understand the value of speaker.

GYM WEAR:On my recent trip,I nearly cried because  I didn’t go with gym wear,i have not really been to the gym the whole of  year but still lost fifty pounds- down but it super amazing when you sleeping close to a gym that just a walk away and you dont have or didn’t bring your gym wear.Most often than not,I struggle when it comes to sleeping in hotels and eating,if it a workshop you sit more  without really being i struggle with the eating time interval and going to the gym helps to buckle the food down.

SWIM SUIT:I was tricked on my last two trips to central and western region,central region hotel had a big swimming pool but I was sad because didn’t go with swim suit.

Trust me it really awesome when you chilling in the pool after the long time sitting part of the accommodation so  please  make good use of it.It was rather tricky that burst my bubble in  Takoradi,my hotel didnt have swiming pool the day I took some.very teary.

SUNGLASSES:it time for glam,do you know me when am on my sunglasses? no you dont Mr lol. You can never drift with sunglasses on your trip.

Its practical rock all day runs like site seeing in the afternoon,beach or pool side and even helps you to swerve some people you accidentally  meet on your trips.can you relate?

EARPIECE: Can you tell me what travelling will be like without earpiece?Whaaaaat? You dare not live without know, sometimes there are some WhatsApp group that post naughty staffs that if you mistaken open in public,wahala!!

Earpiece is privacy saver.I just love being in my one corner enjoying my movies and songs…Earpiece is a banger!

SNACKS:My friend called me at 11pm and listen to what he said.

Nana am hungry ooo,I thought I was ok with my lunch so I didnt order super but……I ask but what? Am hungry ooo. I ask him, dont you have any  snack like biscuit or almonds? No! Am telling you am hungry and you here asking me of snack…what a responds.

I nearly hung up on him..if you had at least packed  some snack in your bag,you wouldn’t have even called me in the first place.Mtcheeew

Sometimes we feel satisfied when tired but after you have had enough  rest you will be hungry again at night so travel with your preferred healthy snacks when the need be.

I hope you guys find this helpful,please let me know what your favourite travelling essentials in the comment section.











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