Am not bossy but am a boss in my own shoes,do you see yourself as a boss too? Then this my 15 lady boss habit.hope this helps if you are a lady boss or about to be,either ways enjoy.


POSITIVE CONFESSION:This is my first lady boss habit because every good achievement start with positive confession.when i failed my life some years ago,i mourn like a baby,but that didn’t stop me from picking my self from the pit.i said to myself “kuks you might have failed as an aspirant nurse but something greatness  await you.I never stop confessing greatness into my life.


GET ENOUGH REST: Resting is a basic necessity in the western world, people travel around the world in the name of resting but not in African setting, rushing for money we are not getting. Rest more when you have the means, resting refreshes the body, its put the mind in the right condition to function.


COMMUNICATE: Don’t over communicate or under communicate because your work involves people. I practically use to talk more but for some weird reasons, I realized it more effective when you do more listening and less talking.Ask the “W” questions to understand people well than thinking for them or jumping to conclusions.


EXERCISE: helps you to relax and it is the ultimate way to distress. I have lost almost fifty pounds in the last 7 month with confident, exercise boost your energy level and keeps you in shape.It also defines your personality and energy level,remember that positive energy obviously attract positive energy. Stay healthy and look healthy.

LISTEN TO LISTEN NOT LISTEN TO RESPOND: Pay attention to what others say (concerns), idea that you can get an inspirations from. As a girl boss, your main priority is to be creative and innovative, inspirations are mostly drown from people and things around you, don’t be malleable easily be a good listener.


UNPLUG: unplug all gadgets when working or when not. I will say unplug your mind too if you can; am saying if you can because not everybody is feasible to unplugging her mind. Social media has made us lost our sense of self and inner love, once a while let go all things around you and focus on yourself. Remember there is no love when you loss your self love.


BE KNOWLEDGEABLY UPDATED: Be better from who you are yesterday, learning to upgrade yourself in your field of expertise. Things are changing, new technologies, new ideas and new things are daily invented, so do you always have to be updated with what going on around you. Keep up with the world around you.Be always on top of your field or game.It signifies that,you know what you are doing.

LEAVE YOUR EGO BEHIND: I work with lot of people ,in my circles, human emotions are at risk because, allowing my ego to ruin the relationship you have built for year’s can easily be destroy without mending, Put away your heart and let your mind take over, in that case you avoid your ego from wasting others emotions.


PRIORITIZING: figuring out what most important and crucial at a particular time frame. I need camera, studio equipment, watch and bag. Which one do I need to buy first? Now am aware that, blogging with quality videos content attract more viewers which generate more money, at the other hand, buying watches I probably have more than one is a waste of moneys why don’t I make the money first by buying what can bring me money to buy the watch? it priority.


BALL ON BUDGET ALWAYS: over balling always break down business. People insanely rent house and act it theirs’, don’t buy if you can’t pay now, save for Gucci bag instead on credit.Dont create a brand you cant  consistently upgrade but start gradually outside and great in your mind and walk your way through out as your income grows.”As simple as ABC ”


INVEST IN QUALITY TIME WITH GOOD PEOPLE. Very essential, no play makes jack a dull boy,don’t ignore people all in the name of the word (BUSY),when people get use to your busy schedule, they adjust their lives and plans without you because you have made yourself busy everyday.A time is fast approaching when you wish for people to be close but will come when they will be nowhere to be found because when they wanted you  to hang around,you were busily chasing money. Plan quality getaways,picnics,movie night and have fun.shout out to BRIANT,LORRIE,CROW,MICHELLE AND AUGUSTINE,they know am the outing is good only with fun.


WAKE UP EARLY.I wake up as early as 4:30 am,my mind,soul and body is use to it,even without going or doing anything.waking up early helps to plan effectively and live within schedule.I will only be late at work only when I don’t wake-up late. You might not plan a day before but waking up early could at least help fix what you couldn’t do the night before.


DE-CLUTTER / TIDY UP: It’s a therapy for sound mind( descriptively)I am a cluttering freak,I love seeing things new always because I easily get feed up with things easily, don’t be chocked with your own filth,tidy up what not necessary,I will sweep and clear it as soon as I see on the floor. You cant be surround ed by me if you are not can also tidy up what in your mind,sometimes we keep unnecessary things in our mind to distress ourselves,meanwhile the person you worrying about doesn’t even remember what he or she did so she sees you and start playing with you and you feel foolish.decluter your minds too.As a label boss decluttering your email is a functional key in your daily routine,its help sort who you are done doing business with and who you have to or consider working stress releasing lovelies.


BE WISE WITH FREE TIME: I believe in privacy,Even in relationships.who says you only leave your life with or for people alone?That not true,make good use of your free time.I cant say am perfect with free time management but am not that bad,i produce for five television show and direct five show in a day,coupled with my business and website and radio.Time is something i don’t have in a day so it baffles me when i see someone being idle.My spear times are mostly for writing,I start an article during my free time,copy in my mail and continue in my next free time in a trotro when going home.every single free time is schedule for something beneficial.


EMBRACE FAILURE: I fail by time and bounce back with time. I don’t want to the living both not growing up and down. learn to fail fast and rise up fast.I have fail million time. In the early stage of my confused career haunting.I pursue nursing for years but all proved unfruitful but i just gave it time. Picked my self back and tried something different and that the outcome of sharing this practical life experience with you today. what will my life be if i had not kicked myself up from my failure and stayed there?will i have been here? Every failure is a step to greater height because your life will never be the same when experienced and failure teaches you a big lesson. Pick yourself up darling,it just a face that will varnish soon.




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