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It only sucks when the only person who can make you feel better is the same reason to make you cry, Adulting life sucks”

Step into space where you can endeavor to become the best form of yourself. while, instantaneously accepting yourself exactly as you are. It a place for the optimists, the go-getters, the imperfectly perfect.it for you. that human being blossoming to progress.

A lot of thinking has gone into this quote, starting from the space to become the best form of myself. How do I get myself out of this suck adulting journey?

  It so hard when you know you need a change in life especially when adulting begins to kick your ass. You need the space to progress but how do you progress when you are clueless?

I am in that face of adulting where I feel so stuck and don’t know how to navigate through. and to tell you the truth, it feels suck up but it ok.

I have no idea:

  1. Should I change the current environment?
  2. Will a therapist help?
  3. Am I in the right state of mind?
  4. Can having financial independence help?
  5. Do I need career guidance or a new job?

Am I overthinking the situation? or I need to be patient? well, I think? Lately, I have been investing more time in learning financial freedom from Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and there are points or some chapters that ask “HOW DO I MAKE THIS” instead of I CAN DO IT.

According to the chapter, a poor dad says am broke because of my children and a rich dad says, I should be rich because of my children.

Two different brains. one working so hard to make things happen and the other lazing his brains.


I guess this is why I have been thinking deeply lately. hence the feeling of suckup.

Surely, my brains are not lazy. but, rather sucky. But the more I ask how do I  do something, the more I feel stuck, alone, and confused to the extent that tears me up sometimes.

Kuks, relax, get some water to drink, and take a day at a time. will surely do that. mind you, there is nothing wrong with how you feeling because ones in every adult stage felt stuck at a point. Waw that such a relief.

Now, I don’t have any strategy for starting any business or do something. apart from writing my feelings, recording YouTube videos, and editing them.

So am going to focus more on that, read more, and invest in some wisdom, it might help in the future.

You are talking to me! I know.

Girl, I know. we will pull through. So, stop focusing on your PROBLEMS. and put more effort into areas that currently make you happy.

Did you just rant your feelings with us? Yes, I did. In 2021, I will face ADULTING 101 with all consciousness and stop running away from my fears because I know am a strong woman, and that perfectly true.

sometimes, there are feelings that will haunt you for the rest of your life if you don’t handle them now.

This is my adulting experience or problems am sharing with you.

T.D.Jakes said when you know the solution to your problems. you surely don’t have a problem.


  • Am going to get back to cooperate job.
  • Being strong is asking for what you don’t have so asked for help.
  • move if the need be.
  • change your daily routine if it getting boring.
  • socialize more, meeting people is therapy
  • Maybe you should stop worrying about what you have no control over.
  • Getting that special person in your life can maybe reduce your burden.
  • I think it time to stop binging netflix and start doing something.
  • A little diversity of what you think about or how you process things.

Hopefully, these few tips help. l will share my progress with you. Knowing this inspires you not to feel like you are alone in this adult journey. feel free to open up your struggles in the comment section, and will surely reply.

If you have enjoyed my rant this far, thanks so much for your time. Remember, you are imperfectly perfect, a human being blossoming in progress.


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