What women really want from a men best(1)


Here is the challenge with women when it comes to what women really want. They say they want one thing but their actions speak otherwise, needless to say, it can be confusing.

Well today, we gonna get all cleared up by showing you how to read between the lines.

You learn the method to know exactly what a girl wants in a guy.

Let just dive in, but before then I want you guys to know that, these tricks are base on my experience and that of other’s experiences that are approved.


we know what it takes a keen ear to hear what a woman says. i wonder how hard it is for men to understand how valuable the little thing guys do mean the world to women. Listening close to what the ladies say and deciphering what she wants. It just one of the many tricks to get girls to chase you.that because all women want a man who knows how to listen,it shows how he simply cares,the power of small gestures goes a long way to a clear path to meet a woman’s heart. the power of unimaginably small staffs goes a long way to soothe a woman’s kind without asking for and win your three-points with the little things you do with the information you have learned while listening.



There is a saying that,the devil is always in the details,it always the reason to get in the moment ..the truth of the matter is that women engage guys who talk much but rather pay attention to the once that observe, men who catch runway(that intriguing gestures that blow the woman out of the clouds)instead of being a nice guy rather block the obstacle feeling ready to set the moment on your side. she talked about what on her birthday and, you kept quiet and got her the watch. That the moment a woman will ask you where have you been all this while? women were born to be surprised.


Being able to bench 250 pounds, build a house and fix your car doesn’t make you a man. A man’s inability to hack up simple means unsecured to women, women want to have a feel of that soft touch of a man, trust me it sexy sometimes.

Men who don’t hide their feeling, make changes, have morals and values, show his sensitive side regardless of what others think, has the passion and share his joy with others, men who are not scared of being vulnerable, intimidated or leveled down. don’t use some hearsay of women to make them feel less of themselves. A friend of mine showed me a trick that, telling a woman that “women like money” breaks their winds to even ask what they need, all in the name of being a gold digger.

If you love cat love it. if you want to cry, please do.


Stay true!great advice or the greatest? It takes years to build trust it just a second to lose trust. some men lose themselves when a girl show interest in them. This seems common now, but it will surprise you how men lose sight of who they are when it comes to staying true to themselves when a girl shows interest in them. they lack the principle to stay true to the challenge and the princilple a girl shows interest in them, including a girl who may or may not, likes them; don’t use a bunch of alpha male body language tricks unless you can make it part of your personality, dont be bony and cloud, be yourself as true as possible.

remember intelligent girls like me keeps records of what you say today and can relate to what you say in the next year, just to compare and catch the truth from what guy say because not all girls are dumb as you think , pretending to be who you are only leaving you a life long of loneliness.


someone will ask what is mentalligent? intelligent simply means one’s ability to learn and understand things easily according to Wikipedia so menatelligent is a man’s ability to learn and understand and that my topmost lookout when it comes to qualities in a man. I believe mentalligent is a total package of a good man because any intelligent man communicates exquisively,pay attention,learn and understand a woman.

Although some men may have good communication skills but lack intelligence.A man who is intelligent pick his next step or line of action from the mere word a woman says, he thinks deep before he replies a woman, he not bossy, he believe in the right of a woman, he knows a woman liberate her pains just through talking. As a matter of fact, I can write a book on”MAN” intelligence because that only thing that softens my heart.

DISCLAIMER: you might agree or disagree but this is what I have gathered and observed from m experience and that of others. Please feel free to drop your comment, experience, and suggestions and might drop part 2.

thank you so much for you time .PEACE OUT








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