Hello everyone and welcome to the new section of my life where I share everything about my 6 YEARS nanny job experience. For your information, I have not profitably work corporately for a salary since 2014, but I have made over 25,000$, travel through all the regions in Ghana, AND fly through anyway plane can go in Ghana, maybe waiting to go internationally which I would have been stacked because of the corona. although I have been seen in the cooperating working all was either voluntarily or internship or freebies.

This whole journey of being a nanny started in 2013 when a dream I had one day came to the reality of working in a school, to be honest with you, working with kids was my last option because my in-patience level was on a different pedigree.

I run away from kids but am sure God funnily channel my breakthrough from working with kids and 6 years down the nanny journey, I can’t count the blessing, struggles, lessons, and the level God is still taking me through dealing with kids.

In order not to be greedy and selfish, I decided to share with you my nanny journey, the trick, how to, what to, and when to with you my ever awesome  and cherish readers to see the joy and lessons in taking care of other people’s kids than just changing diapers and carrying kids.

In my quest to achieve this, I have strategized over 45 topics just for your startup consumption base on my experience as a nanny and the general perception of the average mum.

So are you kids lover, want to mature with kids, do you wonder how mother do the magic tasking all through or considering taking nanny job to the next level? There NANNY JOB MADE EASY DIARIES BY KUKS is the place.


On this same journey we will explore different experiences from mothers around the globe to tell us their experiences with nannies and what to expect when considering the nanny job.

Hope to see you around.



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