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CKC (born Christian Adarkwa Nelson) is a Ghanaian Music Video Director, Editor and Cinematographer. He is the founder and CEO of CKC Africa and Memorial Ghana, a production Organization that specialise in the realms of new media arts, film, television, Photography, funeral home, and video.

He was ranked on Tanoe Ghana’s Top 100 Student’s Entrepreneurs in 2016 – 2018.He is named among Ghana’s Young Most award nominated Entrepreneur and Music Video Director’s List in Ghana and international Entrepreneurs’ and Music Video Directors list. In 2016, he was involved in Youth Web Campus Time TV as a Director.


CKC has directed music videos for recording artists across an array of genres and generations, including IWAN, Mohammed Awal, Prince Adebayo and K.B YIADOM. In 2017, he shot the TV commercial for Ayisaa Bitters, which was a product of Kwayisi Christian Herbal Clinic, Agombia Capsule Advert for U-LIFE Company, De- Chris baby Diaper’s and Frankies Food Commercials.


 Nelson has also shot a good number of documentaries and Corporate Videos. In August 2018, NAFTI SRC honoured Nelson for his creativity as the Best TV Commercial and Content Creator.




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“For I know the thought I have for you, good thought to take you through that perfect ending, says the lord.”
If you are like me, then sorry because you can claim and deceive yourself that you are multi-talented person, stop lying, Brethren you are not, THERE IS CONFUSION.
Growing up in a catering house made me feel like I can cook different food in few hours .I have always believe am multi-talented girl, like I flex with it, soon I realized am simply confuse about my purpose in life and that has been my weakness all this years.
I participated in all that comes handy. After my secondary education, my target goal was to be a nurse and that took me (7)seven good years to find myself but do you know how that seven years wasted could have help me, possibly to achieve a lot.

Staying at home for all this year’s made me do a lot of crazy things like pediatrics, early childhood education, diploma in computer secretariat, certificate in cake and sugar craft artistry, SQR in data base management, photography, I even went to the extent of teaching and establishing cleaning company.
Growing up, my life was simply tatted in two skills identified by my parent, my mom wished I study Television broadcasting or secretarial kind of profession whilst my dad wanted me to be a nurse. Honestly I had love the two suggested profession for me but I didn’t know who to look up to or someone to motivate me to be like. I struggled to choose my dad’s side because I thought it was a descent profession but destiny did not permit me.

This is to my fellow moms and dad, please don’t choose what kids have to be for them but observe their weakness and strength and help them to choose what they fit doing.

Life was totally confusing for me as a young girl trying to find my purpose in life, until February 2016.
My love for photography and talking to the camera generated my interest in talking to the camera as I funnily use to call it.
I recorded my first video on YouTube, it wasn’t perfect but it felt fulfilling and accomplishing, the passion and love grew more than I imagine, sooner people notice my works and advice I do television producing and direction.
Indeed they say time flies, seconds, minute, weeks, months and seconds wipe Two years like tinder swipe.
It’s wasn’t easy going back to school after my long absent in class, but through it all faithful is our God.
Am now a graduate of GHANA NATIONAL FILM AND TELEVISION INSTITUTE, doing my intern at multimedia limited.
Am happy doing what my life was made to be, Trust me there is nothing simplifying and satisfying in life like living a fulfilling life.
I don’t know what your struggles are in finding yours but one thing I can inspire you on is that, don’t give up on what you really want to do with your life but I can assure you to trust every step of it,grab each opportunity and channel every weakness into your strength.
I have not given up on my nursing career, even dou am comfortably enjoying my profession now.
Feel free to comment and share your journey and let inspire.
Life is tooooo long make good use of it.

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Cynthia Tima Yeboah (born 17th September) is a Ghanaian actress ,media practitioner and a Tv presenter (Adom Tv). She found mainstream success following her rousing performance in the Twi-language movie Asem Asa. Asem Asa was cited as the movie that most Ghanaians bought in 2007, a fact that is attributed to Tima’s lead role performance in the film. Although often overshadowed by her English-speaking counterparts across West Africa, Tima, in recent times has gathered a strong loyal following of her own among Ghanaians as the host of Kumkum Bhagya on Adom Tv.
Tima holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Jayee University college and a single mother of Two.


Early Life
Tima was born in Obuasi, Ghana, on 17 September. To Her Mother Mary Andzi Quainoo and her Father Mr.Felix Kwaah Yeboah
She is the first child of her Dad but the 5th of her mum.
Childhood was very Rosy for her because her dad was working with Ashanti Goldfields then and was a senior staff,she started  kidyland day care then proceeded to St.Magaret Educational Complex for her primary and Junior high in 2001 at Albert Sam  Memorial and  Ghana National College where she studied general Arts and proceeded  to the  Institute of Business Mgt and Journalism and graduated with a diploma in Journalism and later went to Jayee University College to do a top up and graduated with Bachelors degree in Journalism after she was posted to Multimedia group limited to do her National service and after service she stayed home for a year and was employed as a channel executive back at Multimedia where she still works currently. Her Career at multimedia started when a producer director called Yaw Sarfo assigned her to read voice and she impressed him, there and then she started reading everyday entertainment voice over stories for The Red Carpet show and one day she was asked to co host the show with ib ,that is where her presenting skills were been recognized, fast forward to today she’s the host of Adom TV’s 7:30pm Indian novella belt which has featured shows like kumkum bagya which earned her showbiz name Tima kumkum, kuch rang and now Kawach. Shes also the host of Aben show a cooking show also aired on Adom tv Saturdays at 10 am, aside that she host the late night chat show a radio love, sex and relationship show on hitz fm Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10pm.



Mainstream success

Yaa Tima stumbled into acting when her good friend and collegue in the industry now Prince Minkah saw the potential in her and invited her to Abrabo mu nsem as a panel and right at the minute she spoke Actress Naana Hayford told her shes bold and should try Acting and that is where her Journey Began ,she once had a call from her friend Prince Minkah to come for an Audition and when she went she was casted as a witch a minor role, now on set she was just talking on phone and the continuity man Asare Bediako heard her talking called her and told her to come for and audition hes holding for his first movie ,lo and behold she went for the Audition and was casted as the lead role Sandra for Asem Asa Movie and that was her road to success.

Her Performance in Asem Asa opened the road to roles, landing her a lot of supporting roles in countless Kumawood movies .
In 2017 Tima became a household name when she was made a temporal host for Kumkum Bhagya Chatroom on Adom Tv.


African Tetiary Enterpreneurs Awards (showbiz star foundation of the year 2018)

Ghana Outstanding women awards (outstanding woman, young TV HOST 2018)


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Nobody forget how bad they hurt you but the saddest part is how you are drain in your present about your past. When past calls don’t answer because it has nothing good for you.

It’s sad to hear when the bible say love your enemies. It the weirdest thing encounter in my life.

Trust me I believe if you say I want to but I can’t, just seeing them makes me frantic, I can still recall it like an hour ago. There is no thoroughbred to describe that total weakness.I won’t and nobody should because it a total self-forgiving process abashing sometimes but going through transform your life forever.

Everybody has a different dimension in their past experience and that the beauty of life.

Until you pray for understanding and take time off to analyze the situation, you will never forgive him, her or yourself.

You can take advantage, cheat, dupe, and do your worse, still she/he/them won’t count your past deeds but still open up to you like nothing has happen, I chose to be angry and ask why are you doing what you doing?

Miss claudette always say that, the basics of how bad you are hurt is you the individual, yes you heard me, isn’t that crazy ?how can I make someone hurt me this bad, let consider relationship matters since it the common among youngsters encounters today, I mostly chance praise for bad behavior.

He’s dirty, that all men are, he will change

He doesn’t care, he’s had relationship challenge and he will pull through

He always lie his way to get what he want from you, he will change.

Relatable? Continue, add on your experience………

I understood my sister’s principle to lay the issues before me and followed her process to let go.


There is no solution without problems and vice versa, sometimes our problems looks not physical remember my dad disappointed me on the early age of my life, he was my first love but hatred grew in me and I ask how my own dad could do this to me, I wanted to forgive him so I decided to let go, My way of letting  go was  by praying for him,  one day in my dream God reveal something shocking to me and from that day, my heart started to I ask God to help me to let go.


In letting  go of my disappointment I realize that, I  had a role and responsibility of understanding my dad on the situation at hand but I pictured it in a wrong way which made me crown myself in hatred. I  could have been patient  but I concluded the situation.

Stop being the victim and blaming others. See through that pain, enlighten your success with those poisonous past.

I played the victim and blame my dad severally that if he had paid that money for me to get admission to enter the nursing , my life would have been better by now, but trust me nothing happen for no reason, all things work together for good. Trust me, I feel accomplished now for what am doing now than that of the nursing carrier. Today I have something to inspire you my cherish a tv producer direction, and a blogger now. Its took me seven good years to stop blaming and playing the your turn to pursue that change and find yourself too.


I let go all the depressions and hatred after seven good years, focus on me and me alone, my life was here, now before my two eye to pick the pieces together and swipe the past like seeing unqualified guy on tinder, lol, took my future in focus and now enjoying.


One funny thing about forgiving your past start from you, you, you, and yourself before the other party, after that dream about my dad, I totally forgave myself and that of my father. The gratitude is unending, To God be the glory. Today I can talk to him like I use to with fun and enjoyment. It never too late to forgive our past and enjoy forgiving.

Trust me, your past dilemma is also affecting people who love you, your tears, depression and stress is becoming contagious, So do yourself and everybody a great favor, let go


Do something different today and welcome something different back into your life.

it’s always refreshing and relaxing doing something new and fulfilling, take a day or weekend swimming, going out of your town, see different things that can help you think, see and do new things that you can  channel your energy on.

I practically left my hometown to the city just to find myself and let myself go all the past and trust me ,it worth the move. After four good God blessing years,  I discovered my real inner Passion that is fulfilling. I can say this past experience has really shape me in all tremendous ways.

Don’t pick up the calls of your past, for they have nothing new to give you.

Enjoy your  new let go self.


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If you are looking forward to going for an interview, then this article is a must read. Many at times, job seekers qualify for a particular job based on their certificates, but in the course of an interview session, their answers to questions disqualify them.

Employers are smart, and there are some who intentionally drill job seekers just to know their reaction and type of response they give to questions.

In this article, we have put together the top 10 interview questions, every recruiter is likely to ask a job seeker.

Without wasting time, let’s get started.

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Award winning actor Prince David Osei disputed the fact that Nigerians are not better than Ghanaians as far as entertainment is concerned. He elaborated on the fact that Nigerians are highly populated than Ghanaians with no doubt about that but Ghanaians are far better when it comes to creative arts especially in the music and movie industry. He made this comment at the just ended Nigerian Most beautiful Ghana of which he chaired at the event as the judge of the pageant show.

This I think wont be new news to our Nigerian fraternity because Paul from the P Square fame in an interview on BBC confirmed that, Ghanaians are smarter than Nigeria but our problem is that, we don’t strive to build more in addition with what we do creative wise but the Nigerians copy creative pieces from Ghana and develop it into a big deal.



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Richard Asante is Comic actor who is popularly known in the entertainment fraternity as Kalybos. Boys Kasa hitmaker has re-echoed his earlier comment about never dating colleague comedienne Jacinta Ocansey, even though the latter recently told that they actually dated in the past.

Speaking on ‘Zionfelix Uncut’ during the launch of the latest property selling firm in the nation’s capital called The Signature, Kalybos corrected that, Jacinta should be asked about the sort of dating they had because there are many kinds of it. He disclosed that there is what is called friendship dating, the courtship dating and a few more.

He added that in his view, all he shared with Jacinta was a very good friendship dating and nothing more.

Kalybos disclosed that just like Priscilla, he only dated Jacinta at the friendship level but not what the comedienne told months back.

Although the two have not come out to confirm their relationship in agreement, there is a recent leakage of the two kissing each other passionately but Ghanaians are asking why the two matured and grown up adult will lie against each other or are they double dating that they don’t want their other partners to find out?


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SARK + EL 1_


Elom Adablah better known by his stage name E.L, is an award-winning Ghanaian record producer, rapper and sound engineer. EL has addressed the issue of the public tagging him as an arrogant person.

The award winning rapper on the day break hits show explained that,He is a person who has been disappointed so many times by friends and loved ones so it’s very difficult for him to simply mingle with people.

According to EL he is just careful of people who he accept into his life as friends and that doesn’t make him arrogant.

 Rapper E.L has also dispelled the existence of any feud between himself and rapper Sarkodie.According to him, contrary to public perceptions, he is very cool with Sarkodie.

There have been speculations that all is not well between the two artistes, who worked together to produce one of Ghana’s biggest songs, ‘U Go Kill Me’, for some time now.

EL further urged Ghanaians to watch out for a possible collaboration with Sarkodie early next year.











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Controversial rapper,Kwame a plus is a Ghanaian highlife artistes and a comedian(so to say) whose immense political expression  through his popular song ABEN B3 BOM expose  him in the lime light in  2016.

Moay3 late hitmaker who is legitimately know as national democratic party member in an interview with day break hit with Andy Dosty has revealed that he’s the talkative president of Ghana with one goal to speak for what is right for Ghana.

In his convoy, he discloses that, he has all it takes to make money from politics but his primary interest is to make Ghana his primary interest.

He also encourage his fellow celebrities and the media to contribute in any way they  can to support the agenda of the ruling party.He added.



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Nana Ekua Ntsiful, I am mostly described as the crazy driver. THE ONLY CAPPUCHINO SERVER ON THE RIDE. Lol because I have a severe drive to accomplish task, being the first of three beautiful hippie girls, I took all the task and responsibility, and I guess that how  the crazy drive came about.

I was raised in a small town at the roadside where vocation or higher education was less of priority, hard to find a role model to look up to.

I started carrying stuff on my head and walk 7 miles to sell as well as chasing cars on the road in the name of selling.

The beauty, the ugly and the fun not to consider my success and failure.

It took me seven years to fight my illusional dreams of becoming a nurse, I run away from home to the city in search for me.well you can imagine the sexual harassment, job search, hand to mouth living, sleeping outside, and free to add more if you can relate.



But through it all, God has been took me a day to discover the real love, passion and my destiny as a TV producer, director, and writer.

Its will be my greatest accomplishment to have you my lovely readers to build this journey together to share lifestyle, personal life experience, food and amazing personality that will blow your mind and to inspire you .

Don’t hesitate to stalk me on my platforms.

Thanks for passing by and see you again. Until then cheers to #capuchinoaddict.

Love yall.



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