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A  wise woman once said, When we are stuck in rut, we are invited to grow and expand when I saw this very quote I suddenly became sober because of how my life has been. we normally ask questions like why me God, why are my friends living their best life but things don’t seem to push forward with me?

You might have a fuzzy idea of the person you want to be or the kind of life you want but you don’t really know how to make that happen, this is where the feeling of dissatisfaction roll in.

But the good news is that you can, in fact, get out of the rut you are stuck in-even if you feel the complete opposite.if you feel like you can’t move forward in life, chances are, it has something to do with the following reasons.



Your perception of yourself is your power, a key to yourself esteem breakthrough. As young as I was my passion, interest, and hobbies where my identities when growing up, certain things changed along the growth process that is actually when I started asking myself who really am i in life, the moment answers to such questions refuse to manifest themselves for a long time, that is when one feels he or she is stuck in life. I had known myself to be that girl who loves to sacrifice me to make others happy, I didn’t like seeing people leave my life the same way they came in so per others observations nursing was a perfect job career for me but life really became miserable when I applied nursing school for the 11 times in my life without getting admission. the feeling of uncertainty now set in to find who really am I .sometimes the search for your identity as an individual can make you lose the keys and powers to your self-esteem because without a concrete actualization of who you really are hold back your sense of living rendering you stuck in life.



A lot of people don’t realize that they could be so much closer to their ideal future if only they spent real time thinking about what that future actually means. They only have a vague, lack define ideas of the things that they want. Without a clear idea of what to aspire for, those plans and goals will be just as half-baked.there is mostly confusion when it comes to what people really want to what they need, your needs survive you while your want sustain you. And so, one’s inability to have a well-defined idea of what your “Point B” is – a.k.a. Where you want to be..then work your way back to “Point A”, which is where you are now.That means you have to have a well-defined “Point B” before you can start plotting your course towards that destination of knowing what you want. I have been fighting myself for almost a decade and still searching for what I really want in life. it sometimes tricky because I put in my all to enjoy every bit of anything I have hands-on from editing videos, producing television shows, learning cake and sugarcraft, and still confused about what I want in life rendering me stuck on my life journey. you might have also done everything you want but I want to assure you not to give up.



A lot of people tend to just accept their situation and get used to feeling stuck. This is often because they have been so beaten down that they felt like there’s nothing to do but give up.

They become desperate and think that there’s really nothing else for them to do. It’s like they are in an endless tunnel with no light to look forward to but what they don’t realize is that they lack a solid plan to get out of the rut they’re in. That’s why they never achieve the escape velocity to overcome the gravity of their situation. Worse, they’re afraid to come up with a plan in the first place. Treading water and staying afloat is a lot less scary than trying to move forward and fail. The struggles to finding ways to get what we actually want to become tied back. I didn’t have any role model growing up, no financial back support, talkless who to or where to go for what I really need in life and in most cases, one’s inability to how to get what he or she wants to, neglect the power to fight the stuck rut in life. But in the long run, “protecting” yourself from failure has far worse consequences than making a plan to get un-stuck.


I hope you enjoy today’s article which am sure has given you insight on why you feel stuck in life and believe with this observation, you will take time to find solutions to your stagnation in life and wish you all the best as you start your journey, be assured that kuksonline well bring few tips on how to get yourself rolling out of the stuck, in order not to lose our next article please allow the notification to be notified with our next post.

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The World Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
In the beginning, the world we know was in a void, shapeless and dark; devoured of all possible life-sustaining conditions. The Almighty God in His wisdom and power commanded light, form, and order into this world. He again breathes his Holy Spirit to hover the earth, possessing and bringing it to life. In the beginning, animals and plants were the first custodians of this earth, our air space, and water bodies.

Out of love and for the purpose of order and dominion God created you and I (Man).
Man is God’s creation as well any other things breathing on earth but Man was created differently and for a higher purpose. A man was made in the image, likeness, and power of God with a touch of love, therefore, Man became ruler over the earth and it’s inhabitants and this is God’s plan from the beginning.


Today the world has revolved and evolved in many ways. Times have passed, seasons changed and Man grew more hungry for the quest of seeking knowledge from both Creator and creation. Throwback to the beginning when Man was created by God; The Master Architect of the Universe yet He gave man also the spirit of Free Will to live life best to our discretion but with the guidance of God the Father. Fast forward, Today Man’s quest for knowledge and power has opened doors, if not Secrets of the world.

In present times our free will as Human Beings has made us intelligent and supreme which makes us almost forget the source of our life whereas Man now sees themselves as “God” and that The Creator is no more relevant in matters of His creation.
The world we know today has been thrown into shambles; Nations rise against each other, Some are killing others just to gain power over many, Diseases and plaques breaking out wiping out God’s most cherished creation; Man. In all these dark moments God hasn’t abandoned us to suffer and perish in the world he created for us.



Nonetheless, He has given us free will and expects us to discharge it to the best interest of the world entirely.
In the year AD 2020, Man has fallen again, Man couldn’t possess the earth to make it prosperous as the Creator would have it. In the stubbornness of Man’s heart, we neglect our Creator in all these tragedies in the world.
He’s the Alpha and Omega and he alone has the healing power upon his creations yet we still insist on doing it on our own.
In the world today we are battled by many forces and they come every day in different forms and energy. This time we’re crippled by the Coronavirus which is wiping out Men from the face of the earth. Remember God loves us unconditionally for us to think He has neglected us to suffer and die; lest we forget he created Man granting us Freewill and Wisdom and that what the world face today is the fault of man, not God, however, He’s there to redeem us when we call on Him. Amidst the horror of these Pandemic people of different Nationalities, Race, Class, and ideologies have been sobered and overwhelmed. Each day passing by most of us alive today have been reconnected to a higher power for help and refuge. The whole world has not been in a normal state in these few months. The fear of a short but painful death has brought Man to the realization that we can’t do this on our own, especially at the point where Medical experts prescribe rather prayers to the infected persons because at this moment there is no cure for CoVid-19 except by the grace of God.
Human activity all over the world is almost coming to a shutdown, it is as though we are being wiped out to be replaced by another batch of humans. Today in many parts of the world, governments have ordered for lock-down of cities, businesses and social gatherings which brings human activities to a halt and in confinement rather animals on the land, in the sea, and of the air are reoccupying the space just like it was in the beginning; This brings to mind that maybe Mother Earth is healing herself from all the atrocities we have caused her. For the first time in a long while the world has become a quiet place as it was in the beginning. This is the time we need to slow down, reflect and appreciate Life as we are still clinging to it, bearing in mind that death is inevitable therefore it is pointless to wallow in fear and anxiety.

The earth is cleaning up and unfortunately, some of us will be brought down in the raze while some live to tell the story, either way, we both agree we are not in normal times and we can not live normally as we used to so long as Coronavirus remains incurable. Why worry about what you have no absolute control of. As earlier recorded in the creation story; God created us in His knowledge and with Wisdom which is needed today as a guide in living our lives in these uncertain times by observing all preventive protocols spelled to us by our health experts who are working tirelessly around the clock to make vaccines for the cure.

This question keeps coming to mind, “How careful can you be”! .This pandemic has hurt our hearts but it should instead open our eyes to see and appreciate the love of God rather than trying hard to hold unto life; The life which has been rented to us and can be taken away any day without our consent.


Tomorrow, when the sun smile on us once again, Man would have gone through some positive transformation. People will now appreciate the little things in life, treat one another with respect and love. We will now know our survival as humans can never be sustained by power, influence, wealth, political stands nor social class. Inequality will be wiped out hopefully and every Nation in the world will be one another’s Keeper because we now understand how neglecting the basic needs of others can turn around to affect everyone. We will begin to see the world as the global village it is with open arms to accept one another with love, respect, and appreciation. In the light of tomorrow, after most of us are gone and resting, our children will take up our mantles and lead the new generation into a world free of hate, atrocities, plaque, suffering, except the fear of God.

We have lived and survived eventualities others couldn’t and we stood to tell their stories, tomorrow we may not have the chance to tell our own experiences of today. The best we can do is to let each day of our remaining life count, show mercy as the Father has for you, express Love without holding back and give generously expecting nothing in return. By this, we make our lives peaceful and the world a better place.

In conclusion, this is another phase of life that shall also pass. Just as Jesus Christ had his sorrowful moments in the Garden of Gethsemane before His crucifixion; We also have our Gethsemane moments in various ways. As Jesus did, this is the time to cry and call on God to help and strengthen us to carry our crosses. God never abandons His children in times of grave or danger, although Christ suffered till His glorious death God was always with him all the way till His resurrection as He is with us this day and forever.

For our fallen brothers and sisters we pray for God’s merciful judgment and peaceful repose of their souls.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s article is going to be a little bit personal and real. I really wish I can cross my legs on my bed and align my laptop on my lap but I guess my 53 inches hips can’t sit on my legs properly so let manage the stretched legs.

I am that productive girl who always wants to be on top of her game when it comes to my profession but I really suck when it comes to relationships.

Let do some background dating history ok. alright, I let my guard down at age 22 years and I don’t care about whatever you going to say because I did more than well at that age.

I had dreams and aspirations but you know life happens, Fast forward three years later I was done dating. I was spoilt and pampered didn’t know how the next person is going to treat me. wink!🤫

I have had pretty interesting date thou, well not all that Rosie but I cherish all my experiences.

I am a free-spirited person and anything that hold me back from doing what I want or say is an obstacle and that why I chose to be celibate.5 years down the drain, I have learned a lot about myself, from personal growth, self-development, self-love, and self-control.

My absence or celibacy journey has actually opened my eyes and heart to what I wanted for myself in life when it comes to relationships because that is where the case is, I can really tolerate some crab and that what people think it crazy.

Life experience with men and people around me has been an eye-opener for me to truly access and position myself for what is ahead of me as far as marriage is concerned.

I  never get bothered with what others do when it comes to my emotions and I think that action was developed from where I grew up. I grew up in a two-story building with a lot of tenants, marriage and single, cheaters, honest, and womanizers. I saw a lot of fo things that made me psyched my mind on humans in general as young as age 12. I saw good women that served their husband’s side chicks ignorantly, good and responsible men loved with their all but never get loved.

I know perfectly well that, my life is far different from what I saw growing up as long my destiny concern, although it made me see more self-love that really foregoing myself.


Honestly, womanizers fascinate me because they are very smart, they know what to say and do at the right time that sounds a bit crazy but take it or leave it, its the truth.
I grew up to be that girl that loves challenging herself to defeat anything she valued, cherish, and that my integrity and pride, that really sounds like a guy right? Yes, I think so. I have a little masculine ish in my bloodstream.

Ok enough of me, the main reason for this article is to share with you why some women are scared of loving because am also a victim AM I REALLY SCARED OF FALLING IN LOVE? Ask yourself again if you are still not sure.

I love the experience of love but all my plugs turn of the moment I sense love in someone’s eyes. This is mostly men Delima and so do women too.

  •  The fear of being hurt: of course I have been beautifully hurt but the hurt I have seen people go through in the name of love is shocking and unbelievable.
  • The fear of losing something that once cherished: nobody wants to lose what he or she is enjoying or make her happy. I lost my best friend last year and I lost appetite for friendship again.
  • The fear of unknown identity: Everyone knows his or her name but not their identity SOMETIMES, Where you are coming from, where you are going to an individual, who you really are and how you feel plays a major role in defining once choice. This is mostly a critical stage in the life of a man. until he is fully convinced to give himself out, everything marriage, commitment, and love are other matters to him.
  • The fear Of trust: I believe life is dynamic and so are humans, people grow, things change for good or bad, but the most important thing is to be the best trustworthy for yourself and it will be reciprocated.

with the above mention and many more are fears that prevent others from falling in love, but someone may ask why should you fear to fall in love because love is a beautiful thing trust me but in one way or the other this fear has shaped me to reach some potential level in life but I still believe there are amazing people out there who are honestly waiting for your acceptance to show you more than love if you only let them.

My past or your past was just part of the script to guard times to get rid of that fear and open your heart out am on the paths of working on myself  and we can do it together if you can relate.

#STAYHOME#STAYSAFE. See you on my next time but don’t forget to turn on the ALLOW notification to have prompt anytime I post an article. PEACE OUT.

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Let me Gist you! but before then just answer this question for me. Are women really being paranoid, nagging, impatient or just telling the truth? Are men of today romantic enough to make a woman fall in love via dm messages? Has any man swept you off your feet in your dm before?

The social distance and this lockdown issues have really vibrated a lot of noise on social media, some men are complaining women love or like money, some women are complaining that some men don’t know how to start a convoy on messenger.

So am in this group called “TELL IT ALL“, a vibrant young men and women group that allows both sexes to share their feelings and misunderstandings and welcome all sorts of opinions from both sexes. Men don’t like to call cheat neither are women showing their front teeth to women love money.

In all this misunderstanding, remember that we all have a role to play in making each other happy than always finding ways to be communicative and controversial.Every woman feels secure with a man that puts their needs into perspective and that the trick both sexes are refusing to embrace, understand and learn.

So in this article, we are going to suggest certain tricks that are welcome in the woman’s dictionary that can make them feel secured than attacked, keep in mind, women communicate differently. Example: when a woman says she is hungry to a man, she meant to say I will be glad if you buy me food, but when a man says I am hungry, it means, there is food but am feeling lazy to go get it. These tricks below are believed to sweep a woman off her feet to like or fall in love with you based on what over 1k comment from women suggested on how men should behave in their DMs.



7DM TRICKS TO MAKE HER FALL FOR YOUFacebook has made it easier to get countless information on people through their personal profile, like name, marital status, place of living, educational level, schools attended and many more. A lot of women get offended just because they feel, some men are not serious or smart and I use to think so too.

This is because, a white man will show up on my dm and talk about how my career is developing as a blogger while a black man will send me hi, hello, what do you do for a living and many more, meanwhile that same person has been liking my business page.

Honestly, I don’t feel like asking questions that are not found in one’s profile will look more annoying than going to the extreme of asking the person” what is your name and what do you do for a living while all this info are there in the profile.



7DM TRICKS TO MAKE HER FALL FOR YOUEvery woman’s number one priority is to feel safe and secure with the person he is charting with, someone commented in tell it that, someone got pissed with just asking how are you.

There is actually nothing wrong with that question, but what comes out next could be disastrous.example is a guy asking a girl how are you every day and they lady telling him how his day went and bounce, come back again and ask that same question how are you again?

So the woman says my day has been boring just being home, and the guy goes like can I be your singing teddy bear to sing for you and send her a video to a bear singing.

Judge this, who will this lady feel secured with? Remember, everyone has his or her own love languages and that alone, makes her feel safe with you because her needs are met.



YES!!! How do you feel when you ask someone to write about herself and after writing them, you look through and ask some questions you have answers to, put yourself in this situation for a minute, am naked so will get something to wear and be right back?

Am back, let continue, how is the feeling like? Oh, you see. So you hit a ladies dm and ask hey girl wosop with you? And she goes like I am really bored at home. trust me to be the happiest gentleman on earth because she has a problem that needs to be solved and when solved, she becomes happy.

At this very moment, she loves to be out of this boredom and a funny sung with a terrible voice can even hit her gigs to laugh out loud than asking her personal questions like where do you stay and what she does for a living. women actually get annoyed when you beat around the bush than going straight to the point to give them what they love to hear. When they are feed with what they really love to hear, they voluntarily tell you more about themselves and get curious to know more about you. did  I make sense here?





Every woman wants to be with a man who has a great sense of human and not that guy who finds issues or faults with whatever joke she put across. approach her with something she can be laughing about, there are countless friends who met on social media because of their great sense of humor, so instead of asking what do you do for a living, try saying, do you mind pounding you fufu or preparing you your favorite food tomorrow? Knowing perfectly that you don’t know her favorite food and that can crack her up.






Every young girl want to be involving in someone’s life and being consistent makes one feel like he or she’s literally part of your life, don’t be that guy that makes a woman feel comfortable chatting today and go on a  sleeping mode for a week and come back acting up like all is well, men actually like doing stuff like that, they can just go off without notice or explanation and come back acting all find guy, brah! Someone somewhere has taken over that space you left. remember it quarantine, people are bored so every guy is looking through his phone for prey to suck on SO the slightest mistake, she is gone forever.



7DM TRICKS TO MAKE HER FALL IN LOVE99% of women process gifts as their love language, so don’t go promising her money while she hasn’t asked for it and when she reminds you of your own promise, you start ranting like all women like money.there are intelligent women out there who make out how a man’s personality is just by his choice of words.for example, a guy I met on Facebook promised me of some money to get some grocery for the lockdown, I told him not to bother but he insisted. A week later, he told me I have passed his text because he was looking forward to me asking him of the money he promised me himself, can you imagine that? Honestly, I gave him my piece of mind, there are guys who rant around ladies all in the name of texting them to see whether they like money or not, beloved! Women like money and men like women so stop saying what your mother and sisters have been doing and just keep to your wordS



7DM TRICKS TO MAKE HER FALL FOR YOUSo one guy sent a snapshot of a guy and a woman who met on Facebook, dated, got married and had a baby. Interpreting it like he was there when the guy was giving her time when he was supporting her need when he was observing her love language when he was surprising her with a little gift even when he was not close.

I have come across a lot of people and can say a lot of people have made a lot of difference in my life.i have received a lot of support from people I have not seen personally, but has gone a long way to make difference in my life, so don’t just say sorry when she’s bold enough to say she is hungry, she doesn’t have data or she is not feeling well.

Find a smart way to find what restaurant around her and surprise her with food, get her that 5gh cedis data you can afford, get that your friend or brother to send her the drugs she needs and check up on her if you are out of the country.

Don’t do it for a woman, do it for your mum and future generation and she will forever keep that memory of difference.

Good luck!!


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Ignorance deprives people of freedom because they do not know what alternatives there are. It is impossible to choose to do what one has never heard of. Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. Ignorance is always afraid of change. Have you observed anything you doing or enjoying at this lockdown that might affect you mentally or physically after COVID 19 lockdown?

Can I ask you how your ears somethings feel as a mother, father or compulsory COVID 19 nanny? what about your attention and focus on the television,iPods, phone, etc. oh I nearly forgot about how you are occupying the kids with cartoons just to have some peace. mummy can I eat that, daddy have you seen so so and so pour water on me?

Oh, Jesus, I am not a mother but I can feel it as a compulsory COVID 19 locked down nanny, trust me. Give me six hours to cut a tree and I will use the first four hours to sharpen the ax, there is a saying that, by failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

There is a negative and positive side to everything, bearing that in mind to be cautious to plan your daily life is an expensive success, but failure to prepare ahead is an extravagant mistake.

So in today’s article, I am going to share with you 3 things you might be enjoying without considering its effect or few things you might consider or repair mentally or physically after COVID 19.



in this article am sharining with you how being inactive can cause over weight problems after Covid 19 lockdown

Weight gain has become a common silent pandemic both men and woman are struggling with,As little as two hours of TV, a day can increase the risk of weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease in adults. There are likely several factors to blame, including a sedentary lifestyle, less sleep, and generally bad eating habits when engrossed into a screen. but if you are just excited about having hubby and the kids home, cooking all good and junk food, sitting down all day, enjoying NetFlix and chill and inactive then get ready for weight loss Bootcamp after this pandemic.”As inactive people gain weight, they become more inactive, and as a consequence gain more weight. Research shows that, as people’s weight increases, their physical activity decreases, and in extreme cases, the bar to being active is so high that most morbidly obese individuals can only sit and sleep. This accumulated weight gains must surely be repaired Physically and mentally after COVID 19 if care is not taken.


In this picture i shared with you how excessive noise can affect your ears after covid 19 lock down

COVID 19 locked down has actually made people spend a lot of time home watching movies and listening to songs. Due to privacy policies, ear bugs, earpiece, headset are becoming a common phenomenon to maintain one’s comfort forgetting its effect. According to the center for disease control and prevention research, loud noise can damage cells and membranes in the cochlea. Listening to loud noise for a long time can overwork hair cells in the ear, which can cause these cells to die. The hearing loss progresses as long as the exposure continues. Harmful effects might continue even after noise exposure has stopped.


In this picture i shared with you how excessive noise can affect your ears after covid 19 lock down

Have you wondered why to much screen time or watching television can cause your eyes and expand to your brain? someone may ask what should we then do in this boring lockdown? we are not saying don’t watch but manage the rate at which you spend time focusing on the screen else you might need some repairs on your eyes after the lockdown. Looking at a screen for extended periods of time can cause “computer vision syndrome, symptoms like strained, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headache. Poor posture when using screens combined with can cause chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain.


Hey, lovelies!

I hope you have enjoyed and learned a thing or two, please do well to SHARE|LIKE |COMMENT |SUBSCRIBE and click on the “ALLOW’ notification to receive kuksonline first article alert so you don’t miss any of our posts.




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Someone may ask,what does celibacy get to do with finance? I can confidently say that 70% of women in relationships, including the toxic relationships, are based on a void within them. some could be loneliness, some the need to be loved and cared for and highly due to financial support. Our part of the world has “I LOVE YOU-YES IF YOU HAVE MONEY-THEN WE ARE IN RELATIONSHIP Pattern. Do you agree or not?

I have worked with young girls, been on the street with girls and heard a lot of young girl’s stories. Don’t judge them, but rather help them.

I ran away from home to the city as a virgin at age 22, mingling with men was hard work for me, talkless taking money from men which sounded like prostitution to me {ignorantly]. Until the real struggles of life hit ride on my face when I was thrown out of the house by my auntie. please don’t judge any girl until you have listened to their stories.

Fast forward to 2014, I experience some challenges in my life and career that lead me to depression and devastation.
I lost a job I presume God gave me,  five years today, God made me realized that his plans are not mine and they are always for the good. So I told God that I need a stable life without any sexual relationship, I didn’t practically have this mentality of having sex or going into a relationship because of money, I was rich{Rethink if you think only money makes rich} and confident without a man, So to say. I am not in any way saying that men are trash or love is not beautiful, trust me, I am a cheerleader for intelligent, responsible and  God-fearing men. I love… love and I love men.
In my love life, I have to experience love in tremendous ways, until I made this one crazy sacrifice, yes I did sacrifice my true love with useless traditions(pardon my language), I guess that will be a story for another time. let me know if you want me to share it in the comment section.
Fast forward, God answered my prayers and gave me a testimony without sweat and every Christian will say it was the doing of the lord and it was marvelous in my sight.
From that day, all my needs were miraculously met, it was from that day I promise God to stay off all immorality, not judging tho.
I have been getting these frequent questions from my own friends and people around me,  asking how I been surviving this celibacy journey financially, sexually and personally. So in today’s article, I am going to share with you the three ways I have been surviving celibacy over 5 yrs without a man.


Every man knows women like money, but what most man doesn’t know is that their success is somehow intertwined with a woman. if you know me well, you will probably know that am a jake of all trade. In 2014 when I started my celibacy life, God gave me an idea of establishing a cleaning company where I render cleaning services for busy working mothers in the school I was teaching.this creative idea seized my time for men and roaming around unnecessarily. This cleaning job was 3times profitable compared to my teaching job. Fast forward, I have been running online businesses, blogging @, buying and selling @ahenemavibz, etc. I have also been helping my sister on her consultancy job which has been a blessing over the past few months. Now tell me if I had any financial reasons to chase men? I am not saying I don’t need money but am competent with where I am. This helped me to hold on to the promise of celibacy over the years.


Where can I start from when it comes to God’s favor and kindness upon my life? Tremendously favored, I hard a free tertiary scholarship education and a free total self-care benefit which inturn confirmed why I should be a celibate.  I never lack anything to seek from men by God’s grace.

I had a free apartment to stay in, was favored last year to travel all over Ghana to work of which I made quite a lot of money, met a lot of people who have been a blessing to my life, who gifted me almost ten thousand Ghana cedis (10,000) to purchase whatever I needed within the time frame. shocked right?

God actually honored his promises and kept mind, deal sealed. Lovelies, I have never regretted this journey with its related issues if you know what I mean.
I experience the love that was hard to get from mere men from the family God gave me.
I have uncounted a lot of amazing gentlemen that my decision has drifted their purpose, possibly not of God, but I am still pushing forward.

I want to inspire you today if you have a strong feeling to put a stop to something you keep regretting after doing, then commit it to God, keep your promise and he will keep his.

I hope this article inspires you to take that bold step in life, Please don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe by clicking on the “allow” notification pop up to receive first-hand articles from


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