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So I have been extremely busy on other stuff and I think I have been unfair with my food lovers on my blog, I love food but this year has been one of the food-conscious years for me because I have been on diet without carbs for almost five months now.
In other to feed my food lovers on the food corner, I have got a lot of national service personnel’s and interns so I decided to explore my love with food with them and easy steps you can prepare some amazing locally made Ghanaian dishes.
Food is something humans can not live without. As part of nature, food is what keeps living things alive and growing. Even with the smallest of all living organisms, they need to survive, and this has been a part of everyday life.
Humans give so much to food to the extent of taking cooking skills as art to device ways of packaging and improving its quality for consumption and sustenance of life. There are varieties of food we can choose from, differing from country to country, culture to culture, and etcetera.
One’s choice and love of a variety of food over another become his favorite. I for one like to eat beans and plantain; this food is a common staple in Ghana and usually preferred by people who have a busy day. I remember asking a colleague why he likes to eat beans and he told me that, he only needs to take in a lot of water after having beans and will not crave for food till he gets home from lectures. Aside it being a common food in Ghana, it is very easy to cook and can be made as a stew to accompany any main dish.


Firstly, to prepare beans with fried plantain per person, you need
There are two ways of cooking beans (kokoo and red red) and plantain
1: Beans stew (Prepared in a form of stew)
2: Just cooked beans with palm oil.
But today we will be looking at beans stew, yes, professionally you can eat it with rice, bread or yam.


¼ Cup of Raw kidney beans
3 Pieces of tomatoes
200ml palm oil
2 glove of onion
Cube of stinking fish
Green pepper
Salt to taste
Dry fish (optional)
2 medium size plantain
3 teaspoons gari
• Always cook your beans without salt because it hardens it to keep long when cooking. pour water into it but not full to the brim and let it boil for some time then put the beans into it and leave it to boil for some time, while checking subsequently check if the water level has dropped and. If the beans have become soft. Your beans are cooked when it feels soft and easy to chew.
• Fill another cooking utensil with the palm oil of about 200ml and place it on fire.
• Add stinking fish, fry until it can no longer be seen again.
• Add a step by step chopped onions, ground pepper, ginger, garlic and stir for three minute
• Add ground tomatoes and stir for 10 minutes until it’s thick and sticky.
• Add your pieces of dry fish and chopped green pepper and stir for 5 minutes.
• Add salt and seasons.
• Peel and cut plantain to your preferred shapes or sizes, add salt to taste.
• Deep fry plantain until a brownish color is achieved
• Finally, serve your beans with plantain.
• Best appreciated when gari is added
Bon Appetite!!!!!