I-irresistible, N-nutrition, D- delicious; oh yeah I know you now have a hint about the food I like best. Yeah my favorite food is indomie. I love indomie because of just two reasons: it is very delicious and preparing indomie saves much time. Some people “lazy people like indomie”, that’s never true; we just love it because it tastes great. My indomie fans are you there. Let’s get started now;
• Uncooked indomie (super pack 1)- optional
• Tomatoes (2)
• Cabbage
• 4 sticks of carrots
• Green pepper (1)
• Spring onions
• Star kiss
• Canned beef
• Sausages
• Meat,
• Eggs(3)
• Powdered pepper
• Water
• Ginger
• Salt and pepper to taste.
• You will first wash, chop your vegetables, and put each into different plates. For me, I prefer to chop the veg into different shapes, to make the indomie attractive.

• You will fill your pan with a little amount of water and drop the meat into it. add ground ginger, onion, pepper, and salt to make it taste.( you can add other spices)

• After 15 minutes your steamed meat will be ready, you’ll then pour oil into your pan.

• Deep fry your meat until the brownish color is achieved.

• The next thing is to fill a pot with a little amount of water but more deliciously with the meat stork, put it on fire to boil.

• Put the uncooked indomie into the boiled water or stork. In 5 minutes your indomie will be ready. It shouldn’t be cooked for very long, you then drain the water from the indomie.

• Fill your pan with a little amount of the oil you used in frying the meat.

• Drop the sausages in to in, wait 2minutes and add your whisked eggs.

• You’ll turn the egg and add your vegetables.

• Stir for some time and add your meat, the canned beef, and the star kiss, stir for some time and add your indomie.

• Add the indomie spice and stir, and finally add your pepper.

• Stir for about three minutes. Olala we’re done.
Serve your indomie whiles it’s hot, and get a glass of LEMON juice to aid digestion and burn fat.