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Woman! I have given you my time, my body, my soul and still, you don’t appreciate my effort? I guess am done here! OMG. I sincerely love it when real men deproud themselves and voice out their feelings. Bra! sis! don’t worry He/she doesn’t deserve you. YOU ONLY DESERVE YOURSELF Hold on ?, that is not selfishness ma’am. A minute to inhale this banger alert while I stretch a little.?

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In order to be convicted that deserving and loving yourself has no symptoms of selfishness, let do this honest analysis. Your whole life, you have been a patron of kindness and compassion. That cool right? You are a true warrior, and you are not afraid to defend what you love. But the problem is, does this admirable goodness in you makes you believe everybody in your life is worth fighting for? In reality, there are only a few who truly deserve your devotion. A minute to reflect.

You have a heart of gold that’s big enough to fit the whole world but unfortunately, this heart of yours is too fragile and vulnerable, always remember that. This fragility makes it an easy target for the indecent people you let in your life.

Now, how many times has your reality been destroyed by toxic people who did nothing but take advantage of you? To me taking advantage has nothing to do with having sex with someone because sex is only sex when two persons are involved and since it not considered as rape, there is nothing like someone toke advantage of you. {my opinion,#gangstaer thinking✌️}

What you need to do is accept the fact that not everyone in your life has genuine intentions towards you. Some people only want to manipulate and play deceitful mind games with you. In fact, the ones you love the most might hurt your feelings in the most painful way you have never experienced. This is one of the hardest truths you need to realize. Eventually, after many pity and sleepless nights, you will learn how to protect yourself from toxic people. Toxic people sometimes help speed maturity tho.?

You will become aware of who is genuine with you, and who is only temporarily using you. The hardships you might experience will help you see that not everyone deserves your kindness. Not everyone is worthy of your respect so you deserve you than anything.?

Make sure you don’t lose yourself while giving your love away to people who might not deserve it. The best way to do it is by making yourself your top priority. Love yourself first.chup chup, that not selfish hello. At the end of the day, we are all alone. Besides, no one knows you better than yourself. That’s why you need to learn how to take care of your own wellbeing. With the same strength, you defend what you love, you should guard your own heart.omg can’t stretch this enough sis. Become the hero you desperately need. this way you will learn how to forgo people who don’t deserve you. Bhimmmm!

Anyone who doesn’t value your authentic nature is not worthy of being a significant part of your life. I remember someone telling me to stop driving and dress down if I want to get married because men are intimidated with classic women. in fact, I looked at him and answered ‘I don’t need small hands to carry my jewels, I rather need heavy hands to carry my load, very poetic answer. I think I should consider poems lol.

Once you let go of people who don’t respect you enough to be real with you, you will achieve a higher level of emotional intelligence. let them ‘GO’ Every challenge you go through will bring along a valuable lesson. This will help you realize that your heart is too precious to give it away to undeserving people. You will finally see that just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean they love you back or they feel the same way for you.Stop underestimating yourself. You deserve so much more than what you settle for. Just have a little faith in yourself. And most importantly, be aware of the people you let in your life and the ones who truly deserve to be a part of it. With no regret, I assure you that there is a  special someone who will love you with the same passion and authenticity is out there. The one who will treat you like the priceless human being you are is coming your way. Unfortunately, you might need to go through several heartbreaks until you meet this someone. But it will all be worth it. Valentine’s day is fast approaching before you start a pity party because you are single, remember someone genuinely wishes to be single like you to live his best deserving life.


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