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Singlehood is often defined as the state of being unmarried. However, since it is common for people to be in a romantic partnership yet not married, this term also applies to the condition of having no romantic partner at all. There may be assumptions out there that to be single means to be unhappy. Can we just focus on the last word ‘UNHAPPY’ don’t get it twisted, living a single life can sometimes be quite challenging because we were created to cohabit with each other in harmony, not ignoring the challenges that come with individual differences? Let be honest, some night. OMG! Eeeeeiii you like it! lol

However, singlehood has no notation with unhappiness unless you have not claimed that ladder from just being single to being single on purpose. I might not know your past relationship experiences but I might say I have really been blessed with my past experience with even the worst people I have come across because I believe that, everyone you pathways within life has a portion of character to play at that particular point in time. I strongly believe in love, love is a beautiful thing no matter the face you went through, see the other side and be grateful so in today’s article, I am going to share with you guys my personal 5 lessons I have learned being single since 2014.

DISCLAIMER; I have been friends with guys amidst those years just that, I don’t engage in any sexual act with them.thank you.

  • SELF LOVE AND INNER DISCOVERY: My first ever relationship was everything that a woman will pray for in a man but I blew it all off because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to accept and even appreciate myself to be loved by him.i felt undeserving of him because I didn’t see myself to belove that way. After years of building myself love, I wish I could turn back of my number one insecurity was my weight and after losing 50ibs, I can confidently say I am where I was not years back. I know what I want now in a man that won’t call for pity party when he’s not given me because I have now discovered my physical, mental and social needs. don’t give me, I will provide myself, don’t take me out and I will do it myself, don’t care or call me and am deem not complaining because I love and know myself.


  • SELF- ESTEEM AND SELF CONFIDENCE: having no or little self-esteem or confidence is simple as having a beautiful dinner dress wrapped as a gift to you and due to the beauty of the package, you decide not to open the gift and crying for a dinner dress. period! According to Google, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself. Being alone with yourself gives you the revelation to achieve self-worth, I am illiterate but I would like to marry a doctor someday, this is what you want, fine!but do you have what it takes to be with that doctor even when he accept you? Life is about adding what you have with the other person to make balances, not always taking from what you know not how it came about and that how being single can swing you to discover and thanks be to God, I am there.


  • INNER COMPETENCE AND SATISFACTION: I am crazily in the different world of living within my means, have you ever ask yourself when iPhone will stop upgrading from iPhone 0 to iPhone eternity? Trust me one day you will say, enough is enough, it the same thing I won’t buy again, I will use what I have. exact level singlehood has made me thrust out in life. I drive my sister’s car without being able to afford fuel for long-distance when I am to hang out with my friends so I take commercial car.i don’t have enough to fuel the car for this long-distance when they ask where is my car,period.there is this. The craze of young girls changing different types of iPhone and cars,  am way happy and full of life than them, not in human wise but in sound mind, because nobodies husband or wife is spoiling my mood when am living my best life and that is what singlehood can elevate you to.


  • MENTAL STABILITY AND MATURITY: Mental health is a level of psychological wellbeing or an absence of mental illness, it is a state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment. a lot of adults are in toxic relationships, committed and dying slowing with verbal and emotional abuse. I dated a guy who has a personality disorder called victim mentality, he does silly things and comes back acting was hard in the beginning but I took time to discover his deficiency and researched an antidote cure when he says I will pick you up at 7 pm, I leave after 30mins, if he says meet me here at 4 pm at this restaurant, I go there, buy my own food and drive home or uber home without worrying and complaining.ladies that maturing, look, men know our weakness and some use that as a soft sport to take as for granted.mature up. I call when you call back, I text when you don’t text back, not that am a fool it just that am mentally psych up as my human responsibilities not that I supper love you and I mostly do that to persons I mostly don’t love, so I can win your love and leave you when you are in love with me to prove to you that I am maturely in love with myself.



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