Realism is the key to self discovery,you worry less and live life when people around can piss you,annoy you and laugh at every single mistake you make and never leave you uncorrected.

She called  me fatish girl when I posted a funny video of her on my status this morning.

We fight,argue and disagree but one thing is for sure…we will bounce back again and have fun and that the beauty of love and life.

She started making noise over her birthday many many months ago but was shock when she finally realize it just two or a day to her birthday,trust me yesterday was crazy,shouting and making noise of her birthay,I bet will be astonished or baffled to see her.


I remember in my early weightloss journey,she will practically eat clean and stay motivated just for me…I remember some of her  food tags on instagram”I love myself, I just  want to eat clean” I guess she doesnt have much  flesh on her ass to get rid

OMG there is so many things I want to say about this birthday girl.

She is optimistic,when she set up her mind to do something.

She always want to shine and that normal”everyones desire”

She is  selfless and always want to help and serve,wonder why she is not rather called phibe.

Trust me this girl can manupulate! I keep telling her that attitude makes my life better..

Its helps me to always see life from different angle and love her more.

She always expect me to know everything and make fun of it and that always makes me be on my toes.

Barbie Debie! you might not understand her if you are not a positive person because she is one realistic person I have come accross.

I remember telling her,Barbie you are kind,you geniuely love to go all out  for your love ones but you will never be  appreciated and that your gift and calling to serve,give,change lives and leave a mark in people’s lives but you are not obligated to recieve that fulfilment of appreciation in return.

She sat quitely,nod her head,left for some minute,came back and said “I have taken your advice”geniuelly.

She is full of life and smiles,but dramatic,she is indeed.

I am a real prompter specialist but this one is a mega  American tv series prompter and downloader specialist.

Oh before I forget,you didnt give me the “bow tie”see her…she laughing at

Its actually “THE BOLD TYPE” her love for series and how she love to share them and emotionally discuss scenes are crazy like my inpatience.

Seriously,those are my fun moment with her.

I am supper happy for  writting this article whilst you are alive and celebrating you on your birthday.

I know am inpatience and annoying sometimes but I want you to know I love and appreciate all your drama and smiles.

I decided to document  this article On this day of your birthday as a remembrance of our aquintance or path crossing for your unborn generations and  I will read this someday at your wedding…hahahahaha I know what you thinking……funny huh?

I can go on and on but let me stop here before ….u know right?

On this special day of your life,I Share my blessing and favor with you.

I Pray ending strength of accomplishment and divine elevation into your life.

I declare blessing into your life that you may return those blessing to your community and nation as a whole


You will face the hills and mountains in attaining your purpose but you will surely overcome because the lord loves you.

On behave of the showbiz team.





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