Who is Nana Ekua? My daughter keeps mentioning her name every time,every day even in her dreams.
Hi! am Nana Ekua,nice meeting you.Contact were exchanged. That was how this beautiful relationship started.
Oh date n time check now is Monday 3:21
Once upon a I was just a little strong but naive girl.
I was your part time home cleaner n caregiver to your beautiful family.

Losing my teaching job was like destined for me to be fully part of your family.
The transitioning from a stranger to partime caregiver to a full time care giver to sister to mother n now family. Crazy transition right.
I know some times we confuse people from being your caregiver,to adopted daughter to

Not forgetting the pains,the struggles and the special memories we had.
It was strange how you saw the beauty n the future of who we are today from 5 years ago.
You strangely stood by me even when…….
Ok Nana ekua put yourself together,stop crying n pour your heart.
When the people you love most tried to get rid of me.

Am sure they foresaw this beautiful day.?
Blood they say is thicker than water but your love for me indeed signifies the essence of water in the lightening blood when thickness is of no need.?
Sometimes your love and sacrifice for us overwhelmed us to do crazy and silly things but one thing I pray for is not to take your love and kindness for granted.
You keep telling me I can never fail in live because I have seen it all from your experience and I thank God for how far he has brought you from grace to grace. Indeed the lines have fallen for in pleasant places.

The woman you were and the woman you have become always gives me hope of a fulfilled and great promising future that just excite me when I cast my mind back to “DAYS OF SOBIBO” LOL.
CLAUDETTE AHLIBA DIOGO,You are a good woman,selfless and kind ,dont let any unfortunate being talk you out of this grace upon your life.
You are that woman the world is waiting for,your love has no boundaries,your love has no “if” or “but”.
There is a prophesy on your life to use your heart and your past to change souls with the past you see no essence of it benefiting orders but not to worry time will tell.
Words cant describe the beauty of your heart..
I want you to know that we ( Naa,Nii and Nana) love you so much.
I know you cant take it if am to continue so to be continued….
Happy birthday sis.

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