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Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog hope you guys are doing pretty kool.sorry, I have been off for a while now.I went home for a short visit to see the old woman.

Its been quite a while visiting home and trust me I have actually changed a lot over the years and I just found out that I have tremendously changed, but is it good or bad? can you runaway from calling.That is the topic for today.

I use to be that girl who never wears makeup, trousers and has not experienced a lot of ‘worldly things” because am born and breath from a typical African and pentecostal home.

Do you think the pentecostal believe has changed now? comment down below if you grew up in a pentecostal home or spiritual home.

A little background on pentecostal deep-rooted family, I actually grew up going to catholic once in a year.Growing up as a child I didn’t see catholic as a church for me because it was a bit chill and relaxed for me depending on how I see myself to be.

Due to that I normally go to church ones every year or sometimes twice just to show off my beautiful Christmas dress.

My auntie actually took my mum to catholic but my mum didn’t really make fax to even inspire us to go to church regularly.

Mind you, my uncle from my mums’ side was am elder, my auntie married a pentecostal pastor, my uncle from my father’s side is a pastor and I have a lot of cousins who are also pastors.

I can’t actually describe the process in which I became a full-time pentecostal as a child. But I remember my cousins sharing a lot of God’s word(memory verse) from the bible of the head and that was very fascinating tO me and always wished I could also say such verses.I remember telling my mum that I want to go to my uncle’s church.

Somewhere in early 2000, my mum fell sick and we ended up in a preyer camp for several years.After my mum had recovered and got back home, I made it known that am going to church with my cousins and that was how it all begun.

Rewinding back to the prayer camp days, we use to pray frequently and as young as I was, I started seeing things in my dreams that just manifest itself in reality like a prophetess without understanding.

In as much as it was very scary, there was this peace in my heart, because I could see what can happen in the days ahead of me and that actually saved my life countlessly from food poisoning, accident, stroke and many more. I remember waking up with a deadly disease called “ananse”

Whiles kids are enjoying their holidays, I was seriously fasting and praying to safe a life I know nothing about but kinda jobed to intercede without pay lol

I started sharing my dreams with my mum thinking  things can change.,I mean to stop seeing dreams.

Sometime around 2010 things in my dream worsen drastically without any help, things got out of hand to the extent that, things I see in my dreams just full of like watching Indian movies.

As childish as I was, I thought running g away from home will stop me from dreaming dreams so I run away from home. Did it stop there? No?

So my next move was to break my virginity at age 22 thinking I will be less holy for God to leave me alone. how childish and silly was I? forgetting that what God said in the book of Act 2:17


‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Act chapter 2:17

With this revelation, I realize I have been a fool all this while trying to change that part of my destiny

Exalted, then, to the right hand of God, He has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear.Act 2: 33.

At this very juncture, I have first of all run away from home but not away from God and his dream giftings.i have foolishly broken my virginity but still seeing dreams.

Two days ago, a former colleague at work asked me if I know” I have a calling? I knew perfectly that I do, but I said he should tell me, then he started sharing some revelations with me. I started seeing the end-time age 9, fighting fetish priest who my mum has been summoned to kill in the sky, I received the holy ghost baptism early morning on my way to school without a touch.

Now the reason why I am sharing this is not to put my personal or spiritual life out there and who even cares if I do but this article is purposed to bring to book that girl or boy who is running away from his calling. Is it scary, challenging and sad/happy sometimes? I want to assure you that, your life can never be as you wanted if you don’t surrender yourself to the source. trust me it comes with a lot of rewards and excitement.its as simple as a doctor who heals.

I one time needed a job and a place to stay, so I went to the beach with a cousin and something in me didn’t want to go, so I ask her to leave, in less than 2 hours, two guys approached me and said”you have a problem so tell us and we will help you.they took me to their house and gave me a place to stay, feed me till I got a job through my dreams.

I remember praying for a 2years old girl whom her parent took me in when I lost my job, provided until I needed no more, paid my entire tertiary education fees without my parent’s knowledge.

so am asking, if I can blame God for losing my virginity.


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IF I WAS A BOY, I’D BE THE BEST SORT AFTER WOMANIZER WITH GRACE? lol, what will you do if you were are girl or boy?

If I was a boy, I will roll out of the bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go, drink beer with the guys and chase after girls. I’d kick with who I wanted n I’d never get confronted for it because they stick out for me.

If I were a boy, I think I could understand how it feels to love a girl, swear I’d be a better man.

I’d listen to her because I know how it hurt when you lose the one you wanted Cause he’s taking you for granted And everything you had got destroyed.

If I was a boy I would turn off my phone and tell everyone it broken so they ‘d think that I was sleeping, just to be with her.

This is what Auntie Beyonce will do If he was a boy but now I think it my turns to live like a boy for a day so let do this.

If I was a boy, I will definitely be the best and awesome womanizer  Guinness book of records ever record as” that womanizer ladies still want to be with because of these 5 qualities. Although I don’t want to be a womanizer or have a lot of women floating on me, my awesomeness will call for it

First thing first I will

5 things i will do if i was a man


if I was a boy, I will listen to my lady like Mtn call center respondent, be polite, romantic with a respectful voice and attentive ears even though they won’t solve all your problems, have you wondered why most rich men’s wives cheat? It simple, their hubbies are often not attentive to listen to their rubbish so they just get carried away with some broke naga who is smart, list to all their problems without solving them and still, she gives him more money to solve his problems rather than hers. Do you know the secret to a successful marriage as a man? Allow your wife to release 2 million words when she is angry and listen than shouting her up.#youaredoom?.Don’t call it madness it normal with women as same as cheating is normal with men.? 


If I was a boy, I will understand my woman because they don’t sometimes know how valuable they are until they are reminded by men. A whole stadia of women can praise a woman, but she will only understand and believe herself when it comes from a guy. Women do unimaginably great when they have great partners for support. Shut up it a curse by God?



Be emotionally available as a lesbian(Emphasis ‘as’). I am not in any way patronizing lesbianism but lesbians are two women with equal goals and mindset of love. they understand how important it is to be emotionally dependent on each other?.so if I was a boy I will always be available even if it just a second because I know how women value their partner’s presence when needed✌️


Do you have a partner? If yes then what is your partner’s love language? Do you see yourself? Lack of observation so you don’t know. Love languages are an act of service, gift, physical touch, quality not quantity time and words of affirmation. With these tricks and implementation, your love life will be like a scent of the fragrance in every lady’s nose. the truth of the matter is, women don’t actually need all the time in the world and am number one.yels?.Women actually want just a little but quality time with their partners’ little WhatsApp saying good morning sunshine is all they I will give my woman little but quality time if I was a boy


I hurt to say money but every woman gad deem likes money. Money answers all problems but doesn’t solve all problems, don’t get it twisted. Now the truth to your curiosity of that rich girl in your community following that dirty but cutie and broke guys is not because of money but because the guy is available emotionally, understands and believe in her, he listen and knows her love languages so stop envying and follow my leads, sit back and relax while the girls keep floating on me.?so I will give my girlfriend money without her asking if I was a boy

Hey, y’all! This has been my enjoyable article for 2020 and thanks to T.I.A page for this awesome “what will you do if  you were a boy.hope you love it, please don’t forget to like share and subscribe to my blog because I post on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND ON FRIDAY. let me know what you will do if you were a girl or a boy in the comment section. If you don’t see my post on these days then I am enjoying love and life

please like, share and subscribe to my blog. See you on Wednesday and remember you are blessed with all heavenly blessings. PEACE OUT!❤️?


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Is it normal to have doubts after break up? Should you avoid your ex after break up? How do you know is it really over? What should I do immediately after a break-up?

I know there are billion and one questions that need answers right now, to sympathize with you I have been there, I broke up with my first love after a whopping four years of finding his way into my life. sometimes people say men who persist in loving someone may not be genuine, but trust me mine was awesome.i was physically, emotionally and psychologically secured but we broke up because our younger siblings(my sister and his brother ) feel in love and we had to sacrifice our love to make them happy just because of some tradition, yours might be disappointment, betrayal, cheating and many more, still I can feel your pain. In all, kick that wall, bruise that finger, cry your heart out but don’t do these 6 things after a breakup.

don’t  ignore or force the pain to go

I call it “defensive mechanism”, this attitude is mostly common with so-called strong women or men of which I am a victim, we turn to ignore the pain by consoling ourselves with all the bad things he \she did to us and ignore the good part of the person. William Shakespeare said life is a stage, we create our own characters and roles. when your characters don’t live to expectation, we create new roles to fix or change them by analyzing the situation, finding a solution and moving on to the next chapter of your life.alot of people are carrying luggage from one breakup to other just because they didn’t allow the pain to go gradually for healthy mental state after breakup, deal with pain, don’t force or ignore it.

don’t be idle, socialize

If you want to overcome breakup easily don’t be idle but rather socialize, idle minds are the devil’s playground or workshop. Idleness is the only refuge of the weak mind, make yourself and your mind busy, listen to motivational messages, join friends on a picnic, outing or not kill yourself because life is too long and lonely to be idle, have some fun for yourself and not for anybody because every chapter in your life either add up to future blessings or take something bad away.

don’t waste time on revenge, invest your energy to better yourself.

Turn what the devil meant to be bad for your good if he or she left you for a graduate, take a step further from where he or she left you. Period! I have seen people lost everything after a breakup and ten times multiple gains what they lost. some breakups sometimes are meant to make you stronger, prosperous and healthy. don’t give them the pleasure to see you losing weight all in the name of always thinking of your next move to destroy him or her, channel that revenge into positivity.

don’t listen to love songs

Anyone who listens to love songs after breakup automatically wounds his or herself trust is life, it brings back memories of the life you have lost, therefore causing you more pain and heartache. ? love is a beautiful thing, don’t get it twisted, but instead of listening to love song, listen to inspirational messages.

don’t block them

Opinionatedly, everyone has a way of handling pains so feel free if blocking your ex helps soothe your pain.but what is the use of blocking my ex while my close friends still keep them, thereby seeing my ex on my friends feed? think about it. in the game of love, anyone who block the other is bitter and looser. who even knows what the future hold? there might be a second chance?.unblocking also helps you to appreciate the lesson learned from who you were and how you have matured to be…honestly, some people will curse the day they actually met their ex after 5 years of a breakup when they are on a different level in their lives. don’t block them, let them see who you have grown to become today.

never say never, give love a chance

have you listened to never say never by Justin Bieber? go check it out, never say never, fight till forever, whenever love knocks you down don’t stay there, fight back. A lot of people are still crawling and hiding their loved ones just because of what they said when someone broke their heart, the table always turns, being it good or bad, watch what comes out of your lips when hard times knock at your door.give love the chance when you find one after a breakup. funnily, people who enjoy best love life comes after terrible heartbreaks and is a beautiful thing so enjoy it.

I have really enjoyed myself sharing this article with you and I believe you will in one way or the other help you see the other side of love and enjoy it. please don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to this website if you like to see more articles like this.


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how do you lose weight and maintain weight loss?

Open any weight loss book or visit any website on weight loss and you will be surprised what pops up, extreme mind-blowing diet plans from the ketogenic diet, OMAD(one meal a day) IF(intermittent fasting), juicing, herbal life nutrition and what have you. It really gets scary sometimes right?

Now the question is:

  • How do you achieve your weight loss goal when you have no idea about it?
  • How do you even maintain the weight you have struggled to lose?

In today’s article, I am going to take you through two ways to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

To lose weight in a layman’s language is eating clean and exercise yeah? You are one thousand percent right but what we keep missing is how to keep the diet plan and the scary exercise popping up every day from fitness gurus to lose and maintain the weight.

The truth is, there is no one size fit solution to all permanent healthy weight loss. What works for someone may not work for you since our body responds differently. When I started my weight loss with my sister, she uses to lose 1.5kg while I lose 1kg. trust me, it was very discouraging but I didn’t give up.Finding a method that works for you requires time, patience, commitment and some experiment with different food and diet plan.

My sister responds well with a ketogenic diet while I respond better to having freedom in planning my own weight loss diet plan. Being free to simply avoid fried foods or cut back on refined carbs helps me to don’t get too discouraged if a diet that works for someone looks smiley at you and don’t beat yourself up when a diet proves too stubborn for you to stick with.

This two tricks helped me to lose and maintain 50IBs.


Remember, while there is no quick fix to losing weight, there are extremely different steps, try on, reading and questions you can ask to develop a healthy relationship with food. I have tried ketogenic diet before but I didn’t like it, eating once a  day didn’t work for me, going to the gym didn’t work for me because I couldn’t go every day but intermittent fasting, walking and jumping rope at home worked the magic for me but hey,it might not work for you.dont kill yourself. Now, trying to discover what diet plan or exercise works for you can take a turn on your inspiration to discourage you if not focused and mentally psyched I mostly advise 100% mentally prepared before you even plan to start a weight loss journey.


In order to lose and maintain weight loss, one must be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge on all  “ H’ and “W” questions.

  1. What blood type am I and what food is healthy for me to lose weight?
  2. Is my health history going to restrict me from some dirt plans and exercise?
  3. What diet plan works for me?
  4. What is my body type and what exercise is good for me?
  5. Do I need a lifestyle or a nine-day wonder?
  6. what inspires me to lose weight?
  7. Do I need any weight to lose the community to keep me going?
  8. Is this weight loss journey solely for me or to please someone?
  9. How can I achieve my weight loss target?
  10. Who do I consult if I face any challenges?

This and many more are exclusive questions I wish I had researched, discover and learned before starting my weight loss journey ten years ago but I walked my way out to lose and maintain 50IBS in a year.


Ultimately, a diet is only right for you if only you can stick with over time. In order to lose weight and maintain it, one million times the confession of a lifestyle will be your savior. The one thousand weight loss failures of which I was the number years ago is due to a lifestyle.

Remember, there are some diet plans that are scientifically proven not healthy over a year example is water fast over 40 days, ketogenic diet over twelve months, you can stop and continue after some time but not a lifestyle. But low carbs, intermittent fasting, one meal a day can be developed as a lifetime way of life. I gain almost 4kg after the Chrismas season because I went a little out of my lifestyle but thanks be to God I fell back to my lifestyle easily because it has actually been part of me almost a year.


Developing a lifetime style helps to curb emotional triggers to overeating and achieve a healthy weight loss and maintenance.I sometimes get emotional triggers to overeat and I do eat but the good news is that my lifestyle doesn’t even permit me to keep unhealthy food in my fridge so anytime I open my fridge I see probiotic Greek yogurt which has no sugar and no even if I am overeating, it a healthy food.

I hope these tricks on how to lose and maintain weight loss inspire you never to give up on your weight loss journey.

Please don’t forget to like share and subscribe to my blog if you like to see more articles on weight loss.





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So in today’s article am going to share with you how I lose 2kg with this detox juices in a week, fast forward to when I started my weight loss journey. I started this journey in 2010 without knowing where to start from, I started and failed miserably for years until I researched on proper ways to start an effective weight loss journey. I have a full article on my 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU START WEIGHTLOSS coming soon.??

I was weight a whopping 106.3kg, yes that a lot of loads until my sister introduced me to these juices. Initially, we use t buy this for 249 GH cedis which is equivalent to 46.69$ in a week. preferably it is advised to detox at least once every month which comes with a lot of money so I decided to prepare this juices myself and to my surprise, it cost me less than 20$.

I am not in any way trying to collapse their business but I will always do it for myself and recommend them if you need the program, besides it saves time and energy so no big deal here.

This is the basic NEEDS: PLS note all ingredients are based on my own preferences so you can choose your preferences as well.


  1. Dandelion
  2.  Garlic
  3. Cucumber  ?
  4. lemon ?
  5. Carrots ?
  6. beetroot
  7. Celery
  8. Water


  1. Wash, cut, peel and chop all ingredients.
  2. Blend watermelon ? and sieve to get a smooth juice if your blender can’t blend it smoothly.{BOOSTER}
  3. Blend dandelion and garlic together.{FAT ESCARLATOR}
  4. Add chopped cucumber ?, lemon?  , and ginger together in a big bowl ? and let it settle for an hour or more and per boil it for 10 minutes.{DETOX WATER}
  5. Blend carrot to obtain a smooth consistency as preferred .{FLUSHER}
  6. Blend beetroot to your preferred consistency.{MIGHTY BOOSTER}
  7. remember to leave some amount to chuff in all the juices since it helps facilitate easy metabolism.
  8. Blend celery to your preferred consistency { CLENSER}



  • This could be done in 5 days or 7 days and can achieve the same weight loss if followed.
  • You can eat green salad for the 1st and the 2nd day for stamina and momentum whiles drinking the juices but drink only the juice on the 3rd,4th,5th,6th and the final day.
  • Don’t forget to DRINK ALOT OF WATER in between.

?You can check my full youtube video on how to prepare all the detox

I have lost 50ibs in my weightloss journey drinking detox and eating healthy with a low carb diet.please remember, weight loss is a lifestyle not a nine-day wonder.

Please dont forget to like?, share? and comment down below with your experiences.ENJOY?



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Singlehood is often defined as the state of being unmarried. However, since it is common for people to be in a romantic partnership yet not married, this term also applies to the condition of having no romantic partner at all. There may be assumptions out there that to be single means to be unhappy. Can we just focus on the last word ‘UNHAPPY’ don’t get it twisted, living a single life can sometimes be quite challenging because we were created to cohabit with each other in harmony, not ignoring the challenges that come with individual differences? Let be honest, some night. OMG! Eeeeeiii you like it! lol

However, singlehood has no notation with unhappiness unless you have not claimed that ladder from just being single to being single on purpose. I might not know your past relationship experiences but I might say I have really been blessed with my past experience with even the worst people I have come across because I believe that, everyone you pathways within life has a portion of character to play at that particular point in time. I strongly believe in love, love is a beautiful thing no matter the face you went through, see the other side and be grateful so in today’s article, I am going to share with you guys my personal 5 lessons I have learned being single since 2014.

DISCLAIMER; I have been friends with guys amidst those years just that, I don’t engage in any sexual act with them.thank you.

  • SELF LOVE AND INNER DISCOVERY: My first ever relationship was everything that a woman will pray for in a man but I blew it all off because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to accept and even appreciate myself to be loved by him.i felt undeserving of him because I didn’t see myself to belove that way. After years of building myself love, I wish I could turn back of my number one insecurity was my weight and after losing 50ibs, I can confidently say I am where I was not years back. I know what I want now in a man that won’t call for pity party when he’s not given me because I have now discovered my physical, mental and social needs. don’t give me, I will provide myself, don’t take me out and I will do it myself, don’t care or call me and am deem not complaining because I love and know myself.


  • SELF- ESTEEM AND SELF CONFIDENCE: having no or little self-esteem or confidence is simple as having a beautiful dinner dress wrapped as a gift to you and due to the beauty of the package, you decide not to open the gift and crying for a dinner dress. period! According to Google, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself. Being alone with yourself gives you the revelation to achieve self-worth, I am illiterate but I would like to marry a doctor someday, this is what you want, fine!but do you have what it takes to be with that doctor even when he accept you? Life is about adding what you have with the other person to make balances, not always taking from what you know not how it came about and that how being single can swing you to discover and thanks be to God, I am there.


  • INNER COMPETENCE AND SATISFACTION: I am crazily in the different world of living within my means, have you ever ask yourself when iPhone will stop upgrading from iPhone 0 to iPhone eternity? Trust me one day you will say, enough is enough, it the same thing I won’t buy again, I will use what I have. exact level singlehood has made me thrust out in life. I drive my sister’s car without being able to afford fuel for long-distance when I am to hang out with my friends so I take commercial car.i don’t have enough to fuel the car for this long-distance when they ask where is my car,period.there is this. The craze of young girls changing different types of iPhone and cars,  am way happy and full of life than them, not in human wise but in sound mind, because nobodies husband or wife is spoiling my mood when am living my best life and that is what singlehood can elevate you to.


  • MENTAL STABILITY AND MATURITY: Mental health is a level of psychological wellbeing or an absence of mental illness, it is a state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment. a lot of adults are in toxic relationships, committed and dying slowing with verbal and emotional abuse. I dated a guy who has a personality disorder called victim mentality, he does silly things and comes back acting was hard in the beginning but I took time to discover his deficiency and researched an antidote cure when he says I will pick you up at 7 pm, I leave after 30mins, if he says meet me here at 4 pm at this restaurant, I go there, buy my own food and drive home or uber home without worrying and complaining.ladies that maturing, look, men know our weakness and some use that as a soft sport to take as for granted.mature up. I call when you call back, I text when you don’t text back, not that am a fool it just that am mentally psych up as my human responsibilities not that I supper love you and I mostly do that to persons I mostly don’t love, so I can win your love and leave you when you are in love with me to prove to you that I am maturely in love with myself.


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Woman! I have given you my time, my body, my soul and still, you don’t appreciate my effort? I guess am done here! OMG. I sincerely love it when real men deproud themselves and voice out their feelings. Bra! sis! don’t worry He/she doesn’t deserve you. YOU ONLY DESERVE YOURSELF Hold on ?, that is not selfishness ma’am. A minute to inhale this banger alert while I stretch a little.?

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It’s your favorite girl kuks on kuksonline. Welcome back to my online community where we share practical experiences, personal development and hustle through the journey of life without struggle. We all about owning our good lives, business and our happiness as the captain in our own boat…

In order to be convicted that deserving and loving yourself has no symptoms of selfishness, let do this honest analysis. Your whole life, you have been a patron of kindness and compassion. That cool right? You are a true warrior, and you are not afraid to defend what you love. But the problem is, does this admirable goodness in you makes you believe everybody in your life is worth fighting for? In reality, there are only a few who truly deserve your devotion. A minute to reflect.

You have a heart of gold that’s big enough to fit the whole world but unfortunately, this heart of yours is too fragile and vulnerable, always remember that. This fragility makes it an easy target for the indecent people you let in your life.

Now, how many times has your reality been destroyed by toxic people who did nothing but take advantage of you? To me taking advantage has nothing to do with having sex with someone because sex is only sex when two persons are involved and since it not considered as rape, there is nothing like someone toke advantage of you. {my opinion,#gangstaer thinking✌️}

What you need to do is accept the fact that not everyone in your life has genuine intentions towards you. Some people only want to manipulate and play deceitful mind games with you. In fact, the ones you love the most might hurt your feelings in the most painful way you have never experienced. This is one of the hardest truths you need to realize. Eventually, after many pity and sleepless nights, you will learn how to protect yourself from toxic people. Toxic people sometimes help speed maturity tho.?

You will become aware of who is genuine with you, and who is only temporarily using you. The hardships you might experience will help you see that not everyone deserves your kindness. Not everyone is worthy of your respect so you deserve you than anything.?

Make sure you don’t lose yourself while giving your love away to people who might not deserve it. The best way to do it is by making yourself your top priority. Love yourself first.chup chup, that not selfish hello. At the end of the day, we are all alone. Besides, no one knows you better than yourself. That’s why you need to learn how to take care of your own wellbeing. With the same strength, you defend what you love, you should guard your own heart.omg can’t stretch this enough sis. Become the hero you desperately need. this way you will learn how to forgo people who don’t deserve you. Bhimmmm!

Anyone who doesn’t value your authentic nature is not worthy of being a significant part of your life. I remember someone telling me to stop driving and dress down if I want to get married because men are intimidated with classic women. in fact, I looked at him and answered ‘I don’t need small hands to carry my jewels, I rather need heavy hands to carry my load, very poetic answer. I think I should consider poems lol.

Once you let go of people who don’t respect you enough to be real with you, you will achieve a higher level of emotional intelligence. let them ‘GO’ Every challenge you go through will bring along a valuable lesson. This will help you realize that your heart is too precious to give it away to undeserving people. You will finally see that just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean they love you back or they feel the same way for you.Stop underestimating yourself. You deserve so much more than what you settle for. Just have a little faith in yourself. And most importantly, be aware of the people you let in your life and the ones who truly deserve to be a part of it. With no regret, I assure you that there is a  special someone who will love you with the same passion and authenticity is out there. The one who will treat you like the priceless human being you are is coming your way. Unfortunately, you might need to go through several heartbreaks until you meet this someone. But it will all be worth it. Valentine’s day is fast approaching before you start a pity party because you are single, remember someone genuinely wishes to be single like you to live his best deserving life.


Thank you so much for reading my articles and believe it has been beneficial, please give this like! share and comment down below, please your comment down below means the world to me, don’t deprive me of your feedback because I get connected to you through the comment section. until then, love yourself and see you on Monday. 





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IT THURSDAY! LET TALK ABOUT ABUNDANCE #MOOD”Abundant life” refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for mind, body, and soul. “Abundant life” signifies a contrast to feelings of lack, emptiness, and dissatisfaction, and such feelings may motivate a person to seek for the meaning of life and a change in their life. The question is, which part of your life do you feel empty and dissatisfied?

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It’s your favorite girl kuks on kuksonline. Welcome back to my online community where we share practical experiences, develop ourselves and hustle through the journey of life.We all about owning our good lives, business and our happiness as the captain in our own boat…
I especially want to welcome you all to the month of love{febuary}and hope the waves of love locate you and me as we focus on our self-love, enjoy it and live the best of singlehood until we meet Mr.Right.but come to think of it oh! Is there a thing called Mr. Right? Please educate me on the comment below because am lost, Thank you.

Let focus now, there is a lot of things going on in my life right now that I think it will be great to share with you guys on how I have been feeling recently, its been two weeks now without a post as you guys know I post three times in a week but for two weeks now I don’t feel like doing anything.

I have actually quit my 8|5 internship job, currently working on my youtube studio\office. I won’t say that is the reason why I don’t really feel like writing or posting any articles because this is the only thing that makes me feel that am doing something.

I am that blogger that sleeps with her MacBook, jotter, pen and trust me I have a lot of stuff to a journal on but I didn’t feel like touching my laptop. I woke up like 3 am today because of unusual catarrh I mostly have at night and couldn’t sleep again till now and as usual, I went online researching and lazing myself on social media until I came across one of my favorite bloggers who inspires me, although we are on a different niche as bloggers but I love that woman soo much that I don’t even want her to see how inspiring she is to please check her blog.she is consistent and an amazing writer.

I am that next door girl who doesn’t relax when she’s has an unfinished better I finish it and live my life or I consistently become restless until everything on my checklist is done. formally, I use to think it madness and am on this journey alone until I discover that the trait of Sapio woman{spirit of completion with intellect}

I was Listening to Lupita Nyongo on Oprah the last time and she said. ‘In drama school, they teach you how to accept no because there is always going to be a consistent voice saying ‘NO’ but they don’t teach you how to make room for the ‘Yes’, acceptance and the abundance along the journey and I strongly believe so because am a film school graduate. I literally stopped my job because for 2 good years of my life I have been working for free.we wait for yes to employment every year but never showed up. but looking afar from the abundance of YES possibilities can also come from what am passionate about. the real me always take a chill pill when there is a lot to accomplish, so I guess that why I went off for two weeks but am back to embrace the full abundance to the ‘YES’ with our own terms and conditions.

However, humans as we are, we forget the abundance of life which is the ultimate gift that one could ever ask for and worry about the least things. I might not know what you going through but I want to assure you that, after the giant list of unfinished dreams and aspirations, remember the ultimate:’ABUNDANCE OF LIFE’

CONFESSION: I have everything in an unmerited favor and blessing of abundance and I am swimming in the pool of an unimaginable abundance in strength, favor, blessing, grace, peace and all spiritual giftings to fulfill my purpose in Jesus name. Say AMEN.

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It’s your favorite girl kuks on kuksonline. Welcome back to my online community where we share practical experiences that awaken the sleeping potentials in you. We all about owning our good lives, business and our happiness as the captain on our own boat…
Not to brag but your sister has traveled in all 10 regions of Ghana in less than 50 days with a lot of amazing experience.

However, this article is purposely for people who love to travel in Ghana someday and how you can also get this opportunity.Oh my God! I love traveling, regardless of where we are going, being it in Ghana or outside. Who cares if it is the next town of the same region, I careless, am 100% game with overwhelming planning and packing excitement? so, let call this exciting traveling chapter in my life traveling wasn’t for pleasure but for business, hope I have not burst your bubble? So, in this chapter, we will digest, 

 ·       how I got this fully paid trips.

·       what you need to know before you take such opportunities or jobs

·       my personal experiences 

·       what I have learned and the benefit in subsequent articles.


Wow! Something just pops up in my mind and I want to ask you guys, do you guys believe [I or you} will someday travel 10 countries outside Ghana? To me my answer is yes because, it so much possible, little did I know that this can happen to me here in Ghana. I guess this was possible because I have no kids nor husband or boyfriend {believe it or not} lol. It all started on the 14th November 2019, barely 18 days to my birthday. infect I was praying for a miracle to raise funds to buy MacBook on my birthday. Initially, it was a laptop but it suddenly revised into MacBook. {God was at work then; Level was about changing}.

 So, my role model ask my plans for my birthday and I told her, all I wants on my birthday is MacBook.she proposed this legal medical abortion training which was supposed to be held in all the 10 regions of Ghana and you can’t imagine how I jumped at the voice of {will you be interested}

So, on the 14th November 2019, I started the journey in the central region of Ghana with a doctor, midwife and 30 field midwives.

The purpose of the training was to train 60 midwives in every region to provide safe, legal medical abortion in Ghana and my job was to ensure the smooth running, facilitate, coordinate and the payment of the participant. The last training ended in the upper west region of {WA}.

All too soon, this is how I got all trips paid to travel all 10 regions in Ghana.

Yes, just like that. travel and see indeed.




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Hello and welcome back to my online community where we own our good lives, mind our business and our happiness.If today happens to be your first time on my blog please give this article a thumbs up in the comment section and let give you the kukslicious welcome.

So in today’s article I am going to share with you 10 ghana made side hustle you can do to earn some cedis with or less money or skill and am going to share with you my personal journey so far.

The background story, I have not really work for a fixed salary since 2014. Yes, sis. But before then I was a teacher in a public Christian school with a heartbreaking salary fewer than 400 Ghana cedis. If you didn’t know, now you know. I have always been doing my side business since age 12.

Side hustles are my trademark so I didn’t really fit in a fix salary job. Honestly, I love to have my space and not to be pressured so I try as much as possible to create my own job, I had my own eatery as young as age 16. This brings me to my first side hustle in the city of Accra.

CLEANING SERVICES; So whilst teaching I came about a cleaning idea for the busy parent in the school, trust me the skill of cleaning starts from home and there is no well-structured school for cleaning, so you can clean without skills or money. Start gradually and make your way to the top.Yes, some cant clean bathroom but you can washcloth or shoes without a challenger, hear me well, there is something you can clean very well that nobody can beat you to it.i love cleaning, my nose is always a thief as I usually say, the slightest smell or dusty corner gives me cold so I have to make sure my surroundings are well tidy while teaching, I suggested this Saturday cleaning to my student’s parents and they bought into the idea and wala, I started making money. This cleaning thing became huge that I now had to employ others to help me do it and it was fetching me more than my teaching salary so I had to quit my teaching and focus on cleaning.Forget about what people will say, people will say crazy things when you start but until you get enough to borrow them, they will shout up.



AFFILIATE MARKETING: eeeiiii kuks what a big grammar, so affiliate marketing is simply recommending others to buy goods from others, so in simple terms, you are selling others things for a commission or profit depending on the contract. for example, I have other people’s advert on my website that attracts some commission to my account when anyone seeks their service from the advertisement on my website.



BLOGGING. In Simple terms writing anything from beauty, lifestyle, fashion, motivation and many more on the internet through your own website. For example, I have a website called which was birth from my epic youtube failure[story for another day].i love to be on top of everything I do, wanting it all glam and perfect is kuks for you but life is not all glossy, sometimes you have to start it anyway and make it to the top so you can have a success story. so when google puts ads on my site and when people click and visit the adds, I automatically get some cent, google gather these coins and pay me when I get enough to be deposited in my ad sense account.



BUYING AND SELLING. when I started my internship, my sister was supporting me financially, thanks to her but at some point in time, I realize I can’t put all the burden on her of which I still do, so I started trading my weekly allowance with quality ladies and gent wallet and purse in my office. I love quality things with name, you cant buy me a pair of a shoe without a name.okurr! due to the quality of the things I was selling, people were buying. I literally added small profit because I needed to sell so I can get my principal money and my profit in order to get money for fuel if am driving my sister’s car or using commercial cars. Business was good, later on, I started ahema slippers{@Ahenemavibzgh on stagram} because I was producing a local show so I will give my presenter some to wear and give me a mention which attracts more customers. Am I not smart? Look around you and find something someone needs but finds it difficult to do themselves and render that service for extra cash sis.



CHILD CARE: if someone had believed in me to teach kids or take care of kids, I would have said ‘tofiakwa'{God forbide}because I was very impatient with kids and the way I use to see people in the city pamper and spoil their kids was very uncomfortable to me in the early stage but gradually I came to understand that gab between my era and that of today and trust you me, whoever I am today is due the favor and blessing that comes with taking care of others kids.i will recommend child care if you are new in the city without anyone or anywhere to stay, consider child care or nanny job because you get paid, free food, free accommodation, and other free benefits if you diligently put in your best at work. Don’t let pride take the journey to your success from you and say ‘how can I be a caretaker or nanny? Who knows if that where your breakthrough can come from?


Take chances, focus and never give up, you can make it too. I am a proud caregiver who have travel almost everywhere in ghana, slept in lot of five-star hotels, been to places by airplane, known big people in higher ranks more than someone in suit and tie, educated and drive nice cares without a tag of a caregiver or a nanny but a’ daddy bee”.

I know the title was 10 side hustles. But I don’t want this article too long so I will continue in part 2, thanks so much for reading to the end, you are indeed kukslicious.

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