The living legend,entrepreneur and Ghana’s  number made in Ghana ambassador Okyeame Kwame popularly known in the music world as “RAPDOCTOR,Last December lunch the made in Ghana album which he asserted as the album for Ghana because the album will one way or the other, feature amazing artistes from all over Ghana with the rich cultural diversities. Okyeame Kwame released  his first song from the album which was dedicated for all Ghanaians.

Okyeame Kwame has recently released of the music video of his “MADE IN GHANA ‘ Bra”of his ‘Made In Ghana’ album which featured Wuta Afriyie and the music video has received several positive comment on social media since it release date.
The Showbiz Now team got close to Okyeame Kwame to ask what really brought about the concept of such an amazing music video and this was his reply;

“the video was a post card that mimic the diversity and dynamism of the Ashanti kingdom with their Ashanti tool which simply represent a person soul which dwells in his soul and if the stool is tilted down ,it represent absence, death or chaos.

Okyeame Kwame further explain that, the song is an advice to women telling them to threat their men well and vice visa and ironically concluded that, no matter how your wife or husband is ,still threat him or her well because you can never get enough of them.




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